“Tap Into the Market’s Fear” with FUTR Stocks?

I always try to take at least a quick look when one of the major publishers pushes a new newsletter — this time, it’s Matthew McCall, who has written some tradng books and is apparently a money manager and a bit of a Fox Business News personality, with what he’s calling the FUTR Stocks letter […]

“For Less than $8 a Share, You Can Buy the Best Tech Stock”

This ad for Jim Fink’s Roadrunner Stocks isn’t brand new, a very similar ad was circulating last year… but the company teased then doesn’t exist anymore, and the spiel has changed a little bit, so we’re going to take a fresh look at it. The ad starts, as so many do, with a promise that […]

Solved: ’29-Cent Stock just finds $4.12 billion of gold, Forward P/E of 1′ (Chuck de Castro tease)

We write about Chuck de Castro teasers every now and again, and this one caught the eye of quite a few Gumshoe readers — as you can guess from the headline, it’s about a junior mining stock, not exactly the headline favorite for today’s markets… though you never know when the “currency wars” might help […]

More and Yet More Secret Miracle Cures That Are Being Concealed From Us

[ed note: Michael Jorrin, who I dubbed “Doc Gumshoe” years ago, is a longtime medical writer (not a doctor) who shares his non-investing thoughts with Stock Gumshoe readers a couple times a month. He selects his own topics, and his words and opinions are, of course, his own — you can see his previous commentaries […]

When to “buy the dip?”

When looking into “buy the correction” ideas, a key problem is getting your head around when a stock has finally “blown off” any excess valuation — fundamentals aren’t falling for most stocks, at least not for the stronger, growth-oriented names in the market, but the stocks are falling anyway… why? Well, obviously we have the […]

Why did Grenville drop 20%? Are we Triggering Stop Losses Now?

It’s been a heckuva week, eh? I have no idea whether this is really the “capitulation” washout that so many investing pundits have been looking for, or whether we’ll keep falling on Monday or will bounce back after the week ended so roughly, but I do have a couple thoughts to share with you about […]

What are the “Three Best Secret Perpetual Retirement Income Plans?”

Mitchell Clark edits Passive Monthly Income for Lombardi, and an ad of theirs this week promises great gains from “PRIP” investments… … so, naturally, we want to know what those are. Right? I don’t know if we want to subscribe to Passive Monthly Income or not, that’s one of dozens of newsletters published by Lombardi, […]