“Get in on the ‘Ground Floor’ of America’s Next Great Royalty Business”

It’s like the Stansberry folks know what appeals to your friendly neighborhood Stock Gumshoe… and they just can’t get enough of our coverage. Every time I turn around lately they’re teasing and promoting a different kind of “royalty” company. And I loves me some royalties. Royalty companies are pretty well understood by most investors — […]

“Ellis White’s $12 Billion Oil Map” revealed, plus some portfolio updates and thoughts

For our Friday File fun today I’ve got a couple udpated thoughts and check-ins on some companies that I follow and have written to you about before, but I also always like to toss in a teaser solution as we go along — so first we’ll have a look at the latest pitch from Keith […]

“Real Gasoline Without Oil” for 90% Returns?

Sean Brodrick is touting a company that can create much cheaper gasoline — and, of course, he’d like you to sign up for his Oxford Resource Explorer newsletter to learn all about it. So he provides some hints and clues that serve to whet your appetite — enough to make it seem real, and to […]

“A Gold Royalty with a 10% Yield On Deck” (Dan Ferris)

I hate to continue to write about this small company with great frequency, since it smacks of “talking my book” (it’s a major personal holding), but we have received a lot of questions from readers today about Dan Ferris’ latest pitch, so we’re re-running our previous free article about this one. Last time around, it […]

“One Company Poised to Dominate the Wearable Tech Ecosystem”

Michael Robinson has been a big booster of tech ideas for his Nova-X Report, and lately he’s trying to sell his newsletter by using a special report that he says will reveal “The Wearable Tech Investment Opportunity of a Lifetime.” So naturally, Gumshoe readers want to know who it is. The spiel starts off with […]

Crisis and Opportunity’s “Breakthrough technology turns air, sunlight, coal, even water into precious gas”

[ed note: We got a lot of questions about this pitch after we solved a different DeHaemer teaser yesterday, so we've brought it up for all to see again. The stock spiked up in the Spring, a few months after this article first ran back in January, but has come back down to a bit […]

Circular T336, Idaho’s “Wonder Vein” and the $2 Company Leading the “New Era of American Power”

Christian DeHaemer has a new ad out about a revolutionary new form of energy that he says will net you massive gains thanks to a “wonder vein” energy discovery in Idaho. It’s really not about this “wonder vein,” though — the discovery of this fuel in Idaho is perhaps a big deal for other companies […]

Gold “Disappearing” For 300 Years? Badiali says own these “‘Gold Banks’ and Miners that Will Benefit Most from Higher Gold Prices”

Matt Badiali has a new promo out for his S&A Resource Report, and it’s all built on the eventual resurgence of gold. He teases a few stocks for us, and we’ll get to identifying them in a moment — but first, he goes through the long rationale for gold’s rise over the next five years […]