Explaining: “The Poisoning of America” and the “Natural Antidote, RUBY-A” teased by Robert Williams

Lots and lots of folks have been asking about this one — all about a “hidden poison” and a company with a “wonder powder” that the ad says could “starve cancer at its source… save countless lives…” and, of course make us all rich. So what is it? Let’s dig into the clues in the […]

Navellier’s “No. 1 Technology Pick” — $35 to $70 in 2015?

Newsletter ads always sound a little familiar — the same cabal of copywriters are putting together most of these spiels, and they all copy from each other when some new “hook” is found that seems to work to reel in new subscribers. But sometimes it’s a stronger feeling of deja vu than others… and that’s […]

Annual Review

All of you, dear Irregulars, know that Stock Gumshoe is not a “tip sheet,” and I don’t operate a portfolio for other people to emulate or copy, or even attempt to track the stocks we cover as if they were a portfolio of buys and sells with consistent trading advice… but I do keep a […]

Introducing: Psychiatry Simplified

[ed. note: This is an introductory piece from longtime reader Peter Tilton, who has proposed writing a regular column for Stock Gumshoe readers about psychiatry. Not an investing topic (though the behavior of many of us in the markets may well be something that's in need of a diagnosis), but we thought you might find […]

“This New Apple Innovation Will Be Bigger Than The iPod, iPhone, And iPad” (StreetAuthority)

Apple is my largest personal equity holding, and that makes me a little bit worried again now about short-term jumpiness — it’s not an expensive stock, to be sure, but it is huge and often trades with wild volatility unbecoming a megacap dividend growth stock… … and, perhaps more worrisome, I’ve had my first post-Steve-Jobs […]

“End of Ebola… This Technology Has the Power to Halt ANY Pandemic in its Tracks”

This pitch comes in from Alex Koyfman as an ad for his Penny Stock Millionaire, which has demonstrated a delight with tiny little medical technology stocks — so we’ll warn you up front that there’s every chance that this is a sub-$100 million company that could easily be jolted higher or lower with just a […]