2015 Turkey of the Year!

Every year, I scroll through the last twelve months or so of teaser picks and look for one that really stands out as the stinker of the bunch, to be called the Turkey of the Year and hold that place of honor at Thanksgiving time. Hopefully, we can all give thanks that we didn’t own […]

Thoughts from Myron—Buyable Dip As The Market Roller Coaster Ride Continues

[Ed Note: Myron Martin writes for the Irregulars primarily about junior miners. As always, he has agreed to our trading restrictions, chooses his own topics and his words are his own. Myron is Canadian, and most of the prices and dollar amounts cited are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise noted. Enjoy!] With 4 months’ accumulation of data, […]

“How Neural Imprinting will wipe out pain and generate $2.86 trillion in new wealth”

The Money Map Press folks seem to have replaced Stansberry (both are Agora affiliates) in the position of “quickest to saturate the known universe with email ads” — the two they’ve been pushing this week, the solar spiel from Dr. Kent Moors that we talked about earlier in the week and this new “Neural Imprinting” […]

Kent Moors and his Magical Sand Power (part two)

This ad has been simply unavoidable over the last couple days, and we covered the “headline” stock that Moors says has its tentacles in everay aspect of solar energy in yesterday’s piece… but the teaser pitch from Energy Advantage says there are two other stocks to be bought as well. What are they? Well, time […]

“The Greatest Leap of Mankind… Unlimited FREE Energy” (Dr. Kent Moors’ Picks Revealed)

This email pitch from Dr. Kent Moors for his Energy Advantage newsletter seems to have hit just about every inbox in North America. It has come in under a bunch of different subject lines, from “stunning breakthrough set to make OPEC obsolete” to “$5 stock make OPEC obsolete” to “Say ‘Goodbye’ to Your Electric Bill… […]

What the heck is the “Tesla of Medical Devices?”

The ad one everyone’s asking about today is from Louis Navellier, it’s a pitch for his Emerging Growth newsletter (currently $995/year) — and this might be the first time we’ve seen the “Tesla of XXX Sector” marketing spiel. Perhaps it’s a changing of the guard, we used to be told we were looking at the […]

Is a “World-Class Mine Well Outside the ISIS Conflict” Setting a Company up to skyrocket 2,448%?

This latest pitch from Keith Kohl and the Angel Publishing folks, for the Oil & Gas Trader newsletter, is all about a rare element that’s mined in relatively few places, and which they say is both threatened by ISIS and about to make a small mining company wealthy (and us, of course, since we’ll no […]