“The US stock That Benefits Most From all the Canadian Oil Coming into America”

Keith Schaefer has come up in questions and discussions here at Stock Gumshoe quite a few times in recent weeks, but this pitch of his that a few folks asked about lends itself to a quick answer — and it’s an interesting space in the markets right now — so I thought we’d get you […]

Tiny $3 Tech Stock: “Make 8x Your Money from the Death of Cable”

I haven’t written about a Christian DeHaemer pitch in a while, so this one popped to the top of our list today when a few readers asked about it. And part of the pitch is similar to others we’ve seen about the “death of cable” — all about the cord cutters, and about the fact […]

What’s the “Queen’s Shocking Private ‘Account'”

The latest ad from Ryan Cole for his Unconventional Wealth newsletter has been pushing a lot of questions our way — and I can understand why. He throws around examples of extraordinary wealth created from very small beginnings, of big-name folks who benefited from these “Queen’s Account” investments like Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Bill Gross, John […]

The “Green Light” Trade Again, Uranium Update, and some Buys and Sells in my Portfolio

Did you notice that Dr. Kent Moors is out again with his “trade has hit green light status” teaser pitch for his Energy Inner Circle newsletter? The ad is about an options trade he’s recommending on the US Oil ETF (USO), and we wrote about it back in May when the ad first started circulating. […]

Wyatt’s “I’ve found a way to get into a company worth $3.5 billion… For less than $4 a share.”

Ian Wyatt has teased “venture capital” style investments before for his Million Dollar Portfolio newsletter, but this one has at least one name that hasn’t popped up before… so I thought I’d take a look for you. (And from what I can tell it used to be the $100K portfolio, so I guess he’s doing […]

Marc Lichtenfeld’s “GMS” Stock revealed — “Most profitable stock opportunity I’ve found in my 20 years in the markets”

A lot of readers have chimed in with questions about this latest ad from Marc Lichtenfeld — it’s a pitch for his higher-end newsletter service called Lightning Trend Trader, published by the Oxford Club, and he’s got a nice big promise to get your attention — not only does he “guarantee” that you’ll have (the […]

What’s Keith Schaefer’s “Energy Loophole” Triggered by “America’s Most Hated Company?”

Keith Schaefer, who I mentioned in passing the other day when one of his colleagues was teasing a small cap stock, is mostly an oil and gas guy — and his latest ads say that he’s putting 1/5th of his own personal wealth, $400,000, into a single stock. So, naturally, our readers (including Gumshoe columnist […]

“‘Sky-Fi’ — Silicon Valley’s $2.2 Trillion Breakthrough Bigger Than The Internet As We Know It”

The latest pitch for a “forever” stock from the Street Authority folks is all about how the next wave of internet adoption is going to make us all filthy, stinkin’ rich — and we don’t even have to buy an iffy little small cap wonder stock to bet on it. Sounds good, right? Well, plenty […]