Friday File: “Lock in 7.2% Dividends and 15% Gains from the Biggest Demographic Shift in U.S. History”

I didn’t do anything with my portfolio this week, and I don’t think we’ve had significant news that changes my opinion about any of the stocks I wrote about in our Annual Review about ten days ago, so today I’ll just dig into a teaser pitch for your Friday File edutainment. Here’s the intro to […]

“New Texas Oil” from Nick Hodge

The ad we’re looking at today is, of course, a pitch for solar power and for some specific solar technology companies… but we don’t get that info up front. If you look at the transcript of the pitch for Nick Hodge’s Early Advantage newsletter ($799/yr), they don’t “let the cat out of the bag” that […]

“If you want to ride a 13¢ oil stock to $1.61, now’s the time to do it” (Czeschin)

The ad that we’re feeding into the Thinkolator today is from Bob Czeschin for his Penny Oil Speculator, and it’s about finding opportunities in “penny oils” that he thinks will “go berserk” when oil rises significantly… as he seems to think is inevitable, given that oil is currently well below the price that most major […]

What’s the “Miracle on Mount Ararat” Drug?

[ed. note: This article originally ran on October 6, 2015. The ad is circulating again and generating questions here at Stock Gumshoe, and it appears unchanged. The article that follows is also unchanged and has not been updated. The stock being teased by Money Morning is essentially unchanged in price from when this article was […]

“‘Sky-Fi’ — Silicon Valley’s $2.2 Trillion Breakthrough Bigger Than The Internet As We Know It”

This ad has been running again and generating a lot of questions from Gumshoe readers, so we’re re-posting the answer here. The article below has not been updated or revised since it was published on July 20, 2015, other than an update to the Irregulars “Quick Take” box and an updated disclosure at the bottom […]

Motley Fool’s “Top Stock for the Fourth Industrial Revolution”

No, it’s not 3D printing (that’s what the Fool was pitching for the next “industrial revolution” a few years ago). Thankfully. That hype parade seems to have been left behind for now, though maybe it will come back if the business opportunity in 3d printing is better someday. Today the pitch is about “Machine Vision.” […]

Schaefer says he “Mortgaged His House” to buy this “Solar Royalty” stock — what is it?

Several readers have asked me about this pitch in the last few days, so I’m taking a look — it’s all about solar power, and about how the big surge in green energy interest will drive us to use much more solar energy… which, he thinks, will make him (and us, if we Subscribe Now!) […]

Irregulars Annual Review

Each year I go through all of the stocks that I either own personally or have brought to the attention of the Irregulars (there’s quite a bit of overlap on those lists), and I make sure to update my thoughts and opinion on that stock in an organized and, hopefully, disciplined way — that helps […]