“Activist Investor Betting Everything on This One Stock”

I’ve been getting more questions about this “Billionaire’s Portfolio” service lately, so we’ll get you a quick answer to one of their teaser pitches today. The newsletter itself is essentially one in a long line of “whale watcher” services — those who follow big investors, mostly through SEC filings, and try to either mimic their […]

Friday File: Putin, Nickel and Oil

Christian DeHaemer was an eager evangelist for “blood in the streets” investing many years ago, when we first started covering his hyped-up hints about earthshaking discoveries and — but it’s not the the Rothschild “buy when there’s blood in the streets” dictum, it’s quite a bit more literal. He has long talked of buying stocks […]

“Biggest IPO of 2015″ — Who’s getting rich from those “575 Million Gold Chips?”

This article was originally published when the ad started running in mid-August — nothing has changed about the ad, but now that the company primarily being teased is actually going public on Thursday, October 8, the ads are running hot and heavy again. What follows has not been updated since we first published it on […]

“The Next Royalty Company: A Low-Risk Shot at a ’10-Bagger'” (Dan Ferris)

Dan Ferris is out with a new ad for his Extreme Value newsletter at Stansberry, and he’s again promising great gains and a realistic shot at a “10-bagger”… in fact, he says it has “more than a dozen” paths to 1,000% gains. So, naturally, Gumshoe readers are curious… what is this “Next Royalty Company” that […]

Friday File: Checking in on SharesPost, plus some updates

A fairly quiet week in Gumshoedom — we’ve also got a new column from Dr. KSS today, which you can see here, and what follows is my “Friday File” thoughts on a few investments I’ve written about recently. I spoke with Sven Weber, manager of the SharesPost 100 Fund (PRIVX) on the phone earlier this […]

The Postman Always Rings Nice

[Ed. Note: Dr. KSS writes about medicine and biotech stocks for the Irregulars. He has agreed to our trading restrictions, and his words and opinions are his own. You can read his past articles, latest comments, and bio here.] We love when readers write in, and most of the questions, even though privately put, are […]

Backus’ “One Stock You Need to Buy Today”

Manny Backus has perked up some ears around Gumshoedom this week with his widely-emailed pitch for Triple Digit Returns (his $300 newsletter) that there’s “One stock you need to buy today” … followed up with an ad whose headline is “Buy, Buy, Buy.” As usual, not a lot of subtlety or nuance here. But, well, […]

“The ‘5 Cents to $109 a Share’ Insider Deals You Never Hear About…”

Nick Hodge is out with a teaser pitch for another “upgrade” newsletter he’s selling — this time, the upgrade is only available for folks who already subscribe to his Early Advantage newsletter, which is where he used to pitch his speculative microcaps. Early Advantage is $999/year, and that’s the one that’s still pitching “Obama’s Secret […]