Woman With Westport

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I meant to commend an article to you a few days ago … and I forgot.

So here it is. Longtime Gumshoe reader WomanWithPortfolio wrote a good piece on a company that I also own shares of, Westport Innovations, and that was brought to my attention originally by a teaser ad for the Alternative Energy Speculator (like a good Gumshoe I researched it and waited a while while I learned more before buying, of course). While that’s endorsement enough, I should think, it’s also a big T. Boone Pickens holding, as the oilman tries to convince the world that natural gas is the next great transportation fuel (he’s also building a windmill farm in Texas … we’re going to have to stop calling him an oilman soon).

The article’s here, in case you’d like to learn a little more about the company than I have shared. The stock has moved up dramatically in the last month, I’d like to see the shares get some bad news or apathy and come in a bit before I bought more, but perhaps you’ll think it’s worth a tumble today:

Clean Energy Trifecta: Trucks, Tweaked Engines, and a Tycoon’s Natural Gas.

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