Anyone Remember Aussie Soles?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, July 20, 2008

Aussie Soles (AUSE) was the focus of a concerted stock promotion/advertising campaign a couple months ago, centered around an “analyst for hire” letter by Tim Fields at Untapped Wealth. I was just thinking about them again in preparation for a talk I’m giving, and I ran across a good follow-up article about the company, the promotion scheme, and the shares. If you want to see what I wrote about them back in May, that article is here.

The follow-up article appeared as a column by David Baines in the Vancouver Sun just about a week ago, and I think it’s well worth a read. Remember, the most important rule that I know of when it comes to investing comes (at least, as I heard it) from Warren Buffett: There are no called strikes.

Even if something sounds like a can’t miss, fabulous idea in the heat of the moment, when your world is still halfway-warped by the skill of a top-notch copywriter, it won’t cost you anything to ignore it. Or at least put it down for a couple weeks … even a day or two … and look into the company dispassionately. Even the best companies don’t charge you money for not buying their stock, so step back and think about what the other options might be: Do you want to buy the “next Crocs,” a company whose claim to fame is a deal with the Canadian Football League and a product that looks absolutely identical to the regular Crocs but costs more (not less, which seems to be the strategy of the ten thousand Crocs imitators we see every day) …

… or do you want to maybe sit back and wait a little, and see if there isn’t perhaps a better way to prepare for your retirement?

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