And the stops strike again … cutting Intuitive Surgical position

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, November 21, 2008

With the market continuing to plunge, I stopped out of half of my position in Intuitive Surgical. Yes, that’s right, the same ISRG that I bought just a few days ago. I continue to hold on to half of the position, and I’m comfortable holding this much at the moment — I believe Intuitive Surgical should have strong performance for the next few years even if the economy is weak, though if we’re really going into a depression then there will be precious little that works.

I remain tempted by a number of companies that are solid and low-debt, and in many cases that pay growing dividends. I temper my optimistic outlook by being a bit more cautious with stop losses these days, for at least half of most positions that I put on, and I continue to hold my short S&P 500 ETF as a partial hedge. Crazy days, indeed, but I keep looking forward to that light at the end of the tunnel … and listening to make sure that’s not a whistle in the distance.

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