“Chinese Penny Stock Lands Deal with Wal-Mart”

“What happens when a tiny Chinese Penny Stock lands a deal with Walmart? “This tiny company’s amazing new product line will be sold by the world’s biggest retailer (with 4,258 U.S. stores). Similar deals have rewarded early investors with gains of 1,838%… 748%… and even 10,775%. “‘Our factories are working overtime to keep up with […]

“Top Secret ‘Project Bronco’ Probes Ocean of Oil in the U.S.”

Matt Badiali runs the S&A Resource Report newsletter, which recommends mostly energy and commodity stocks. The teases he uses to promote his newsletter are usually pretty compelling and hyperbolic, and from what we’ve heard at Stock Gumshoe Reviews his letter is one of the favorites in the commodity space, so I always like to take […]

“Buying 50 Shares of This Diversified Tech Play … Today” (Amy Calistri)

I haven’t written much about Amy Calistri’s newsletter, Stock of the Month from StreetAuthority, but her latest teaser caught my attention — and it’s a stock she says she’s buying for her “real money” portfolio this afternoon, so it’s at least timely. Stock of the Month is currently one of the top-ranked newsletters over at […]

Tomorrow: “The Biggest Gold Story of the Last 50 Years Hits the Press?” (McCoach)

“This tiny gold outfit already tripled investor’s money since we first alerted you one year ago! But over the next five minutes, find out how Wednesday’s historic news could triple your money… AGAIN!” That’s how the latest missive for Greg McCoach’s Insider Alert gets started — McCoach also runs a wider-circulation newsletter called Mining Speculator […]

“Perfect Storm Driving This Commodity Skyward”

On this beautiful Monday the skies outside are blue, the chill breeze just a reminder that you’re alive — but according to Nicholas Vardy, who’s pitching his Global Bull Market Alert, there’s a “perfect storm” brewing that will send prices of his teased commodity flying … … so this time we get a sort of […]