“A few of this small company’s lucrative patents could turn into kingmakers.” (Patrick Cox’s Quantum Computers)

When I saw the recent ads for Technology Profits Confidential, edited by Patrick Cox, I almost passed them by — after all, the language and hype is quite similar to the several ads of his (for the more expensive Breakthrough Technology Report) that I wrote about in recent years, most of which touted stem cell […]

“Chinese Gold Could Pay 100% More than US Gold over theNext Two Years”

If you’ve been a citizen of Gumshoe Nation for more than a year or so, this latest teaser from Matt Badiali for his S&A Resource Report might sound a bit familiar, it’s all about buying Chinese gold miners because of China’s voracious appetite for gold – and because these particular miners have the state’s backing. […]

“$45 Japanese Juggernaut to Hit $65 by February 1 GUARANTEED”

Well, as you can imagine, the “GUARANTEED” part of that headline isn’t my word — nor are the rest of ‘em, for that matter, I borrowed it all from the latest teaser for Robert Hsu’s Asia Edge newsletter. In that ad, Robert (or his intrepid copywriters) tell us about a Japanese exporter that will jump […]

“How A Tiny Company That The SEC Forced To Go Public Could Hand You $50,000″

Here’s how this latest teaser ad begins: “On April 30, 2011, at a small gathering near Los Angeles… this little Agribusiness will make an announcement that could catapult its stock from $28 to over $150 in the coming months… “On May 27th, 2010, a private California-based company quietly went public. “Not because it wanted to […]