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By tcolmer, December 27, 2011

So, I’m sitting here one day, poised in front of the computer, wasting time, when I get an email explaining in detail the upcoming ”End of America” Being American for 54 years now, my curiosity was piqued. What seemed like 2 hours later, i found myself subscribed to a multitude of Newsletters, most of which I do not have enough money to participate in, nor the technical prowess to understand. Dumb yes, but in every new experience, there are pratfalls. And those experiences are what makes one grow, poor, that is. So now that I am heavily invested in Newsletters, websites, and blogs to make me rich, I don’t have any money to play. Fortunately, I stumbled upon 2 Websites, one of which was free ( Pumps and and Ta Dah>>>>>>>. Stock GOumshoe!!!. Out of all of the pay as you go websites that have not made me a dime, yet, Stock Gumshoe has been without a doubt the most informative site I have found. It is difficult to sort through the multitude of money mongers looking to pick your pocket. I appreciate the honesty of His Gumshoeness, and continue to learn and save money and time by not sitting through monotonous drawn out sales pitches, only to learn you have to subscribe to another newsletter to get the ”Only Stock Guaranteed to make you a Brazilian %!!” I would like to hear from other ”newbies” and listen and learn from your experiences.
Thank you, thank you very much.

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Yes, I feel your pain. I too have sat thru a few too many boring videos and scanned numerous letters to find that my ultimate fortune of a lifetime will cost me just 99/89/76/39 dollars today only. They all talk about the end of life as we know it. The end of America, The end of the dollar etc etc. Buy gold, buy guns, buy my book etc. It seems that the Great Gumshoe is the only one who actually offers rationality at a price I can afford. I did subscribe to Outstanding Investments, and believe that it is a… Read more »

yeah i read so many but i need too way up if the stocks that are aligned by at least two gurus before buying..i do like the aussie newsletters as they dont fluff around..the best i use are…THE DIGGERS AND DRILLERS>>>BY PORTPUBLISHING INMELBOURNE>>>also THE AUSTRALIAN SMALL CAPS>>MY latest addition is THE LINCON INDICATORS>>>great this one but pricey but i get my money back with one of there recommends.THE MOTLEY FOOLS have one out in australia and i have that and its the gumshoe is taking an interest in us aussies im back in…

Yup, Been there, but done that. I don’t listen to bored-sounding readers of “videos”. I cloe the video and then “Stay on page”. That way I can read if I want. I don’t get all the percentage recitations, etc. Maintains my 1000 wpm reading capability and helps me to decide what to dump, i.e. about 90 %. I read widely, have acquired the program “VantagePoint” to help me with keeping track of possible moves and use the Stock Gumshoe to elucidate many of the teasers so freely thrown at me. Better than going to the movies … and makes me… Read more »

I too, would like to close out the videos and maybe read the text, but I don’t know how. Can you help me? I have an Apple , using MacIntosh system. Thank you.

I just found Gumshoe (yay. Thank you, thank you). I’ve been sitting here for hours reading of others’ experiences with Stansberry. As an antidote to their End of America, which all made terrifying sense to the mind, please watch the documentary movie “I Am” and read in David Wilcock’s The Source Field about scientific research data documenting the power of your thoughts to influence how events touch your life. When I first found Gumshoe, I was reading 2007 which is when Stansberry was sued by the SEC for investor fraud. I called them to ask about it and they sent… Read more »