By bayermgd, January 25, 2012

just out of curiosity

are they any newsletters out there that are credible…after reading stock gumshoe for years and subscribing to many newsletters….it apprears they are all “full” of advice but it is often….bad advice….

are any of the legitamate newsletters or just money makers for the authors

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If you are invested in Canada or would like to be, give The Investment Reporter a look. Not free by all means but pretty good for long term investors.

bottarelliresearch dot com has been a great reco service for me. Their “Options” service is mostly intraday when the markets are moving fast but can swing for a couple days. So if you aren’t in front of your PC all day that one is probably not for you. When I had a day job I set it to forward from home to my work email and I did take some trades while at work. Their “Blasters” and “Leaps” services are swing trades, not day trades and are designed for longer holding periods. Note that ALL newsleters/reco services are in business… Read more »
Charles Uray, Jr.

Dear Mr. Chalifour,
Would you kindly advise me how I may get in touch with The Investment Reporter and/or
other similiar reputable investment news letters that do deal with the facts and not phony hype.
Charles Uray, Jr., P.E.


The arora Report has great record. Best of all no bull shit.

It depends what kind of investor you are and what you are looking for. Don’t expect any of these guys to bet 1000% If you are a long term investor then Capital and Crises is quite good. One of the things you need to keep in mind Chris Mayer the editor he does not believe in stop losses so if he still believes in a position he is willing to keep with it until his thesis takes hold. Be warned that his publisher will send an avalanche of marketing material your way. I also like Small Stock Specialist by Frank… Read more »
Virginia Scanan
I rarely trade. I read a variety of letters/blogs so that I get ideas and then occassionaly buy or sell. For short term macro information, I like Zero Hedge, A Dash of Insight, and Pragmatic Capitalism. None are pushing anything. . For short term micro, I read The Kirk Report daily, Charles Nenner’s four times weekly newsletter and Gene Inger’s daily newletter, all on line. Nenner is very accurate in his short term forecasts, and Inger is good at market momentum on a daily basis.. To remain sane, I read The Aden Forecast after reading Prechter’s Elliot Wave Financial Forecast.… Read more »
Bill Cotter

It will take quite a bit of time to get thru it. Travis has subscriber reviews of most newsletters. The little blurb at the beginning may help selection based on your investment style.