By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, January 25, 2012

I’ve been slow to catch up with letting you know the winners of our recent holiday contest, and several folks have been asking … so I’m very sorry to have been so pokey.

But today, I’m pleased to announce the three winners of the Stock Gumshoe contest, each of whom will receive a 2010 Proof Silver Eagle coin (as soon as I get their mailing addresses). The winners in our three categories are:

Post with the most comments: Gerard Waters for his post on Axion Power.

Best overall submission: lscherrer for his post on nuclear power and Paladin Energy.

And for the most interesting investment idea: Despite the fact that he implied an endorsement of his stock by yours truly, which is a bit of a stretch, Lysander72 wins this final coin for his piece on Terrex (sorry, “OurCo”) — and yes, though it’s more of a bet than is implied by the cash position (their polymer flood EOR has to work, and we won’t know that for a while), it is interesting. I still personally prefer holding SND to get my exposure to this risky little project cheaper and with some diversification, and have to re-build my SND position after taking tax losses in December (disclosure note: I have an order in to buy Sandstorm Metals if it hits my price, and I currently own some shares).

I’m contacting those winners to send them their prizes — if you’re an Irregular and want the grand exposure that posting your opinions on Stock Gumshoe provides, you can always opine away by clicking here.


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Damen Stephens

Have you gone drunk on your day’s AAPL gains ??

Damen Stephens
LOL – I know, I had the weekly Option (purchased from the high on Thursday) and was significantly down and then reading recent articles on why weekly options don’t work around AAPL earnings … feeling a bit ill quite frankly, but still believing (in Apple not the Options market). I’m now relieved and out. If you are comfortable moving in and out of stocks (something I’m not good at … perhaps no-one really is, despite their vociferous protestations to the contrary), I’d get out whilst AAPL gets punished for doing well (ie. institutional investors sell at the high and hope… Read more »
Thank you. Agreed, it is more than a bet. And there is a long lead time for results, I have owned it for 18 months and just now the initial chemical injection will be hopefully soon. I hope it was obvious that the idea of your “endorsement” was facetious. It’s a fairly proven method, the big question is how effective it will be. There is a huge difference between a 5% recovery and a 15% recovery. Cash is a definite concern. Have to admit I am now looking at Novadx, another Sandstorm investment. Seems to be a concern about management… Read more »