This Changes Everything…

By partykkj, February 28, 2012

From Nick Hodge: Anybody know what he’s teasing?
Over the next few months, you’ll have a front row seat to the turning point in America’s energy independence as nearly 85 million businesses and homes stop paying their electric bills.

This is not a revolt, organized political stand, or protest against ”the corporations” — far from it, actually…

In the next few months, one of the greatest breakthroughs of the last century will hit the open market.

It will allow virtually every building in America to affordably start generating its own electricity without unsightly turbines, panels, or generators.

And it’s all thanks to one publicly-traded tech firm that’s rapidly garnering worldwide attention.

Over the past two months alone, this company’s share price is up 64% — with near-infinite growth potential.

You don’t want to miss another point from this gem, which is why I’m giving you free access to this short presentation.

I want you to be fully informed on the situation and how to take advantage of it, come Monday’s opening bell…

Call it like you see it,

Nick Hodge
Senior Editor, Energy and Capital

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Hmmm…I know that when he recommended DNMKF (DNI Metals) back in Nov it was only .15, now its at .61 last time I’ve checked. Its been gaining 300% since then but I think you should jump in on it. I have a gut feeling that its going to keep gaining but steadily though.

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I suspect the stock is NENE

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I made it through half of this flick beofre I turned it off. It’s dull, pointless, and exists only on the merit of its subject matter. It’s a form of racism, to completely ignore the rules of good storytelling (particularly visual storytelling) and depend on a poor misjudged black boy to pull at heart strings. Have the courage to make him a real character! Pathetic and self aware and such a cliched choice for an Academy nomination.