lng (liquified natural gas) cheneire

By us5588, March 14, 2012

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    1. Keith Re
      Mar 19 2012, 06:50:09 pm

      Refueling America:
      Cashing in as the U.S. Regains Its Energy Independence

      Dear Friend,

      This is precisely where we can make OUR own natural gas fortunes — by investing in a new global network of pipelines!

      To summarize: Even if long-term supplies of crude oil were abundant, this form of energy is literally pricing itself out of favor around the world.

      Meanwhile, natural gas is seeing increased demand from global markets while America is sitting on a newly-discovered huge, cheap source of this fuel.

      So how can investors like you profit from this New Fuel Revolution?

      The answer is to simply buy the shares of the companies that are already cashing in on this trend!

      Energy companies have already spent billions buying the gas … and now, investors stand to make billions by helping bring that gas to market. And the best way to do that is by investing in the pipelines.

      Because without pipelines, nothing else matters — not the demand, not the price, nor any other bit of technology.

      After all, energy is useless without a means to transport it to consumers.

      And with massive gas reserves coming online in places like Haynesville … and all the world’s markets clamoring for a cheap alternative to crude oil … this huge opportunity has arrived.

      Several big-name companies are already building massive export facilities to ship cheap American liquefied natural gas all over the world — to places where they stand to double, triple, or even quadruple their money!

      These export facilities are huge, multi-billion dollar ventures that could pipe out billions of dollars in natural gas each and every year — rapidly transforming the global energy landscape.

      And while Wall Street is getting the whole natural gas story all wrong, these companies are barreling full steam ahead into the New Fuel Revolution:

      They’ve secured special export permits that the government hasn’t issued in over forty years …

      They’ve made huge investments — with $50 billion in mergers and acquisitions in the third quarter of 2011 alone …

      And they’re inking massive, long-term export deals now — on a daily basis!
      This isn’t some rogue analyst’s “pipe dream.” And it’s more than just the hottest new story in energy. This is a global revolution that’s already in progress — and making some investors very wealthy.

      Just take a look at this chart. This is a natural gas pipeline company — just a relatively normal one — and it doubled in value last year alone!

      Remember, this happened while the U.S. stock market went absolutely NOWHERE last year.

      In fact, this New Fuel Revolution stock — El Paso Group — was one of the year’s best performers across all industries!

      And what’s most important, I believe that these early gains are just the tip of the iceberg.

      Even John D. Rockefeller — America’s first billionaire — made a substantial portion of his wealth not on oil wells … but on oil PIPELINES!

      And some of America’s wealthiest investors are already following in his footsteps, making a fortune by buying up natural gas pipelines all over America …

      In Fact, They’ve Created Special, Tax-Advantaged
      Investments to Do This … Which You Can Also Buy!

      That’s right. Wealthy investors spent years lobbying in Washington to create a whole new class of investments that you can use to profit from the New Fuel Revolution.

      These aren’t mutual funds or ETFs … and they’re not bonds or options, either.

      And even though they do trade on stock exchanges, and can easily be purchased in your regular brokerage account without any special paperwork, they are in no way traditional stocks.

      Rather, these investments are a special kind of partnership — and they can give you a direct, fractional ownership of the pipelines or processors themselves.

      With that direct ownership comes the direct profits produced by the pipeline … and unlike stock dividends, these cash payouts aren’t subjected to 35% corporate income taxes before they go out.

      Instead, they are handed off directly to investors like you. I’m talking about annual payouts of 6% … 7% … and almost 9% — triple or quadruple what you’d get from a ten-year Treasury bond right now … and even double the current yields on junk bonds!

      Even better, you are typically able to defer paying income taxes on much of YOUR payouts, too!

      And yet those big, fat yields are just the beginning of the profit potential available!

      In fact, I’m currently recommending three natural gas investments that could easily hand you capital gains of 58%, 62% and even 140% … in addition to all the fat dividend checks you’d receive!

      Let me tell you more about them right now …

      New Fuel Play #1 — The Master Pipeline Fueling the Revolution!

      The first company I’m looking at has over 6,000 miles of natural gas pipelines and processing plants with approximately one billion cubic-feet-per-day of combined processing capacity.

      In other words, this company’s pipelines are literally the linchpin of the New Fuel Revolution!

      Without them, there’d be no way to transport cheap American gas to the processors and export facilities that will send it abroad.

      Plus, it also operates a 260-mile pipeline dedicated solely to natural gas liquids (NGL), a valuable by-product of natural gas extraction.

      In the next eighteen months, this investment could easily rise 58% just based on its solid fundamentals … and if natural gas starts to soar, this pretty little pipeline could easily double your money … paying out a sweet 7% annual dividend all the while!

      New Fuel Play #2 — The Massive Gas Exporter with a 9% Yield!

      The New Fuel Revolution hinges on America’s ability to export gas, this company will be doing that very soon.

      It has been in the gas business for years, serving several roles until explorers hit on shale gas in Haynesville.

      When that happened, this company shifted gears almost immediately — converting their existing facilities and making a mad dash to be America’s first gas exporter.

      As a result, this company is now gearing up to export natural gas to eager customers all over the world, and it’s already signed one multi-year deal after another to do just that.

      The stock is currently paying a dividend of over 9%, and in the next eighteen months this gem could soar 62%!

      New Fuel Play #3 — The Gas Processor That’s Ready to Jump 140%!

      My third recommendation operates natural gas processing plants, where the fuel is readied for transport. But that’s not all …

      It controls a fair share of pipelines that move natural gas, crude oil, and liquid petroleum.

      It owns facilities where fuels are stored for longer periods of time.

      Through a joint venture, it is expanding a 280,000-barrel-a-day pipeline deep into oil- and gas-producing shale formations.

      Plus, it’s expanding a facility it owns in North Dakota to handle that state’s rich harvest of shale oil and gas!
      In short, this red-hot company is diversified, with a wide variety of energy assets all over the country.

      Best of all, you will immediately start getting cash payouts worth 7% a year, and I expect this beauty to rally at least 51% in the next eighteen months as the New Fuel Revolution starts making headlines.

      Over the longer term, if we see a rise in natural gas prices, I think you could easily see gains of 140%!

      Of course, there’s a lot more I need to tell you. And you can …

      Get complete details on these three investments in your FREE Copy of my new report, Cashing in on the New Fuel Revolution

      I have just put the finishing touches on a brand-new report called Cashing in on the New Fuel Revolution, and this one MEGA-report contains literally everything you’ll need to help start turning a profit on the New Fuel Revolution right away.

      This blockbuster report gives you:

      All the juicy details on the investments you just heard about — ticker symbols, when to buy them, what prices to pay, target price levels … and everything else you’ll need to start cashing in on the Revolution right away …

      Plus, you’ll also learn …

      The 5 simple factors that make all the difference between an average pipeline and a raging cash-gusher, giving you an edge over other investors …

      You’ll also get …

      A full explanation of how these powerful investments can save you big money come tax time — so that you understand precisely how to use them properly and get the same advantages as the wealthy investors who created them in the first place …

      And finally, you’ll get an insider’s glimpse of the New Fuel Revolution … with critical information on the key players, along with a virtual treasure map of key shale lands, pipelines, and other profit-making facilities. I’ll name names and I’ll show you where this is all headed in the next few years …
      Usually I’d write an entire special report around just one of these key points.

      But this is a single, massive trend … one that ties together a wealth of different profit opportunities, I couldn’t help but combine them all into a single blockbuster guide.

      And given all the detail, you can see why we would normally charge $199 for this kind of specialized and comprehensive report.

      However, I want to send it to you today … absolutely free of charge!

      I’ll tell you how to claim your copy in just a second. First, I feel compelled to tell you …

      While the New Fuel Story Is Huge, There Are Other Resource Revolutions Taking Place Right Now, Too!

      The New Fuel Revolution is a game changer, but I am following two more important resource trends that you absolutely need to know about right now …

      That’s why I want to send you two more in-depth reports immediately and also free of charge.

      Your first additional FREE report is called,
      Pick-and-Shovel Fortunes in the New Gold Rush …

      After all, there’s a whole new gold rush taking the world by storm. And no wonder why …

      Currencies are plunging … banks are dying off … and the European Union is hanging on by a thread. These days, it’s not a question of who’s going broke, it’s just a matter of who’s going broke first.

      With chaos running the marketplace, average investors have been turning to gold like never before, driving demand through the roof and recently pushing the price to new all-time highs. It’s like the California Gold Rush all over again, and it’s going to last for years.

      And just like the New Fuel Revolution, I’m aiming to make a fortune in the supply chain …

      Right now, I’m focusing on a gold miner that is the absolute best of the mid-tier producers. With operating mines in Canada, Mexico and Australia — and another coming online at the end of the year — their production is soaring … up 68% in the most recent quarter.

      As a result, their revenues are rising rapidly, and earnings are catapulting even faster. I believe this investment is the perfect way to leverage high gold prices into extraordinary profits!

      But that’s not even the best part …

      Because this quiet little upstart has big, rich reserves in the ground, just waiting to be pulled up and sold for thousands of dollars an ounce. With so much gold in reserve and so many mines running at peak efficiency, there are only two things that could happen to this gold miner …

      Either it’s hitting the big leagues or it’ll be bought out before it can!

      And either one of those outcomes could make you a boatload of money!

      Pick-and-Shovel Fortunes in the New Gold Rush will tell you exactly what to do next. And while I would typically charge $89 for this urgent guide, you can also claim your copy free of charge in just a minute.

      Plus …

      I also want to send you a third FREE report —
      GreenAcre$ — which introduces you to a powerful
      (and profitable) change taking place in agriculture …

      Back in the early 20th Century, German chemist Fritz Haber discovered a way to synthesize ammonia on an industrial scale.

      It may not sound like much, but the ammonia was used to create massive amounts of fertilizer. That enabled people to increase food production and — in turn — increase population. Almost a century later, this simple discovery is now responsible for feeding a third of the world’s population!

      That is how much a single innovation can change the world.

      And one agriculture company is out to do it all over again … using world-class science, their global network and their unique knowledge to increase crop productivity for a growing and hungry world.

      They’ve developed a special hybrid seed that can germinate even in the harshest conditions. Through cold, through downpour and drought, this seed is designed to flower in even the most inhospitable soil.

      If they can follow in Haber’s footsteps, then this could be a major step forward in answering the growing demands on an already stressed agricultural system.

      I expect this agriculture pick — which knocked the cover off the ball in the last quarter — to trounce expectations and keep soaring well into the future.

      And in GreenAcre$ I’ll tell you EXACTLY how to ride this trend for massive profits!

      Again, I would charge another $89 for this one … bringing the total value of these three reports to $377.

      But …

      You Can Claim Your FREE Copies of These
      Profit-Packed Reports with One Simple Step …

      Look, the last thing I want to do is just introduce you to powerful wealth-building trends and then leave you wondering what comes next.

      These are new stories, and they’re evolving before our very eyes.

      Especially in the case of the New Fuel Revolution!

      The payoffs for those who invest in it — are only going to get bigger and bigger.

      In fact, I believe that we’ll soon start seeing plays that could double … triple … even QUADRUPLE your money, all thanks to the New Fuel Revolution!

      So I want to make sure you continue getting my updates … that you receive all of my dispatches from the distant places I visit … and that you get the specific trading instructions you’ll need to navigate volatile markets.

      That’s why I want to send you all three of my latest special reports free of charge when you take a risk-free, trial subscription to my monthly newsletter, Global Resource Hunter.

      In Global Resource Hunter I seek out the worldwide resource trends that the media isn’t talking about … and show you how to best profit from them.

      My issues allow me to act as your personal agent — sharing my candid impressions from far-flung gold mines … remote energy pipelines … and other rich resource opportunities around the world.

      Global Resource Hunter is built on three simple principles:

      First, the real story doesn’t happen in big corporate boardrooms or on CNBC’s soundstage! As you’ve seen here today, the story happens on the ground. It happens with the people and the companies, not with the “commodity experts” and talking heads.

      So I am dedicated to finding that story, and showing you how to profit from it.

      Second, the world is changing and the torch is being passed. Emerging markets are slowly rising to prominence as Western markets slowly break down. Currencies like the dollar and the euro are struggling to preserve wealth against inflation as our banking system collapses into insolvency.

      Now, more than ever, Americans need better ways to build and preserve their wealth … and I want to show just how to do it with tangible resources and the companies that control those resources.

      Third, resource investing provides some of the greatest wealth-building opportunities of our lifetime. All things considered, the rising demand for quality resources — and the technological innovations to deliver them — are already creating fortunes for some investors, even while the stock market goes nowhere.

      Armed with my unbiased knowledge of these powerful investments, I am certain that you can rise above the global crisis — and profit throughout it.

      In each of my monthly issues, you’ll hear about my trips and receive updates on the trends I’m closely watching.

      Plus, you’ll also get:

      Flash Alerts when I see the chance to cash in on a fast-moving position. Sometimes I’ll recommend shares of a company I’m visiting, and I’ll do it right from the field — giving you the jump on other investors!

      You’ll be able to attend …

      Special Members-Only Quarterly Teleconferences with special guests, so you can share in the resource-hunting adventure and meet some of my closest contacts.

      You’ll have access to …

      My Global Resource Hunter Members-Only Mail Bag where you can submit your questions at any time and get direct answers! I can’t give personalized investment advice, but I can tell you anything about the recommendations and the investments I like!

      And most importantly, you’ll be among the exclusive group receiving our boots-on-the-ground profiles of sizzling stocks from the frozen north of Alaska to the southern tip of Chile.
      With more than 25 years of real-world experience and insider contacts all over the globe, I can comfortably cover a whole world of resource opportunities … opportunities I exclusively share with Global Resource Hunter subscribers.

      So even though I regularly contribute to Dow Jones Marketwatch and other columns, I won’t be telling them the specifics of the New Fuel Revolution.

      Instead, I’ll be saving the very best investing ideas for you in each and every issue of Global Resource Hunter.

      Best of All, You Can Get All My Insights for
      LESS Than I Pay in Excess Baggage Fees!

      Other analysts charge thousands of dollars a year for the kind of on-the-ground resource recommendations that I deliver in Global Resource Hunter.

      And I can see why — after all, it isn’t exactly cheap for me to travel all over the world, performing rigorous on-the-ground research.

      But I still believe very strongly in sharing these discoveries with investors like you … instead of forcing you to listen to the talking heads and the ivory-tower commodity “experts” who have never even seen a pipeline or a mine in person.

      That’s why I’ve set my letter’s regular annual rate at just $149.

      No, I won’t make millions selling my work at that price. But I don’t care. I just want to keep doing what I love — scouring the globe for hot new resource opportunities and sharing my discoveries with other investors like you!

      In fact, to make sure that you get on board with us right now … claim all your free reports … and start going for big profits from the New Fuel Revolution, I have decided to give you an even bigger discount off the already-low rate …

      So, as a part of this special offer, you can get two full years of Global Resource Hunter for just $119!

      Or call TOLL-FREE 1-800-400-6916
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      That’s 20% less than I normally charge for just ONE year of Global Resource Hunter … and yet you’ll be getting two years!

      Heck, I pay as much as $50 every time I take an extra bag on a regular domestic flight to check out a resource opportunity … so I think you can see why this rock-bottom rate is such a tremendous value.

      And that’s before you consider that you’ll also be getting all three of those special reports — a total value of $377 — for FREE as well!

      Just to recap, you’ll get:

      Our Free MEGA-Report: Cashing in on the New Fuel Revolution(a $199 value) where you’ll find out how to go for massive profits of 58%, 62%, and even 140% from the three pipeline companies I told you about earlier … while collecting fat dividend payments the whole time …

      You’ll also get Special Bonus Report #1: Pick-and-Shovel Fortunes in the New Gold Rush (an $89 value) where I introduce you to the miners and companies that are making a mint as gold closes in on $2,000 an ounce …

      And you’ll get another Special Bonus Report: GreenAcre$ (an $89 value) which will show you how to make soaring food costs work for you with a handful of Agricultural superstars and the company that’s bent on changing the whole world with a new kind of seed …
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      Simply let us know and we’ll get you a full refund on the price of your subscription! You can keep everything you’ve received up to that point — all the special reports, all the recommendations — these are yours to keep just for trying us out.

      Of course, I can make this iron-clad promise because I’m confident you’ll want to stick with me. Once you start tapping into the New Fuel Revolution, for example, I just don’t think you’ll want to go back.

      That’s why, when you join me now, you’ll also get complimentary enrollment in our “Low Price Guarantee” Program. Here’s how it works …

      Each time your membership comes up for renewal, we’ll notify you first, then automatically renew your subscription at the special discounted rate you’re receiving today.

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      All you have to do to take advantage of this special offer is click below.

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      There’s Only One Hitch:
      This Special Offer Is Only Good for a Limited Time.

      Let’s face it: The New Fuel Revolution isn’t going to wait around.

      It’s just a matter of time before my favorite investments explode in value on top of all those fat dividend checks … and I want to make sure that you’re already on board before that happens.

      Just as the world of the 20th Century couldn’t run on coal and kerosene, the world of the 21st Century won’t make it on gasoline.

      From the endlessly rising cost of crude to the disappointment with alternative energy, nuclear meltdowns and concerns over energy independence … virtually every major country is at this very moment seeking an alternative to crude oil.

      In short, the world is ready for a revolution. And America’s natural gas reserves are ready to fuel that revolution.

      It’s because of all these things that I am absolutely certain the world will embrace cheap natural gas exports universally, making the New Fuel Revolution one of the most promising opportunities of the 21st Century.

      Once they do — even by some of the most conservative measures — global natural gas consumption will soar by 50% in just over two decades.

      With that kind of growth — and the cash dividends to boot — the power players of the New Fuel Revolution could rise by hundreds of percent, doubling … tripling … even quadrupling your money — all while paying you handsome dividends.

      So don’t wait until it’s too late. Click on the button below and you can start cashing in on the revolution today:

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      So join the Revolution … you have absolutely nothing to lose.

      Minutes from now, you could be cashing in on the 21st Century resource mega-trend that’s already making millionaires out of average, everyday Americans.

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      Sean Brodrick

      For our terms and conditions, click here.

      Global Resource Hunter
      15430 Endeavour Drive
      Jupiter, FL 33478
      561-625-6685 (Fax)

    2. AKQJ2
      Mar 20 2012, 01:03:38 pm

      At the end of every rainbow you can find it, The question is when and where does the rainbow touch the ground and can you get to it before it disappears. I see where LNG issued a ton of new shares once its stock price hit a certain level. New investments plus the part I’m most curious about..’General Corporate Purposes’. Bonuses? What’s the next price when this happens?
      A big problem with natural gas right now is they can’t shut down rigs fast enough to have the desired effect. I think a couple of years at least unless Congress acts and that’s an even bigger problem as usual. Sooner or later it will happen and this goes up. So does UNG.
      Why pay someone to tell you what’s obvious?

    3. lawrence lortie
      May 25 2012, 09:53:00 pm

      what do you mean by they cant shut down wells fast enough. If your saying its 2 yrs, before you get a profitlI agree. As far as what your saying about corperat dihonesty , no doubt. But is the group any more greedy or sneaky then any one else who is corperit group. building a liqification plant is a huge undertaking so why should I invest in pipelines. All i am saying is that you can pick apart anying . So whats better the LNG.

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