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Nick Hodge´s seminar today about Graphene

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From Peter,

Travis do you know which company he refers to in the seminar? Company situated 2 hours drive from Ontario. Graphite mining company.

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6 Responses to Nick Hodge´s seminar today about Graphene

  1. Probably Northern Graphite (NGC in Toronto), though I haven’t read the teaser details. That and Focus Metals (FMS in Toronto) are the two graphite picks that often get touted in Ontario, both tiny and NGC is almost brand new (got reverse-mergered in to the market late last year, if I’m remembering right)

      • I think Jeff may be wrong…I believe it is Focus Metals (FCSMF) based on the information provided in the webinar.

        • He’s talking about northern graphite – there are others, as good or better in regards to mining companies. as to graphene itself, other than the big dogs, there are very few publically traded and those that are, are somewhat sketch, medical or solar focused. already done the homework

    • Northern and Focus are listed as examples with less graphite tonnage and higher valuation..so thats not it..any ideas..says stock valued at $0.25

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