Nick Hodge’s Newest Tease

By partykkj, March 14, 2012

March 22nd: Everything Becomes Obsolete

New nanomaterial allows paper thin TVs, flexible phones, new oil and gas sensors, batteries that charge in seconds, and even invisible missiles.

One company is monopolizing the resource needed to make it.

Anyone which company and what he is pushing?

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        Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
        Mar 20 2012, 10:04:10 pm

        Interesting — I’ve written about Hodge’s and others’ graphene teases a few times. Aixtron, for those who don’t know, is a semiconductor equipment company — like CVD Equipment and like many other companies, they make the equipment that can help people create chips or nanoscale materials using graphene or silicon or other materials (though, also like all those other companies, the vast majority of their revenue is still from conventional semiconductor companies — I think Aixtron is leveraged to LED lighting more than most, but don’t know them specifically so that could be wrong). I own shares of CVD Equipment that I bought just a few weeks ago, just FYI. Aixtron seems to have most analysts expecting a weak year with lower earnings than 2011, perhaps because of the LED glut that hit last year.

        I got the impression Hodge was also going to hit up graphene as a graphite play on that top-secret conference call of his, with people pushing to get access to high quality flake graphite deposits — I’m slightly more suspicious of graphite as a raw material investment than I am of graphene research and equipment stocks at this point, but graphite prices are high these days so they stand on their own pretty well even without graphene demand projections. The stocks teased for graphite deposits (that I’ve noticed) have been Focus Metals, Northern Graphite, Flinders Resources, I think those have all been mentioned here if you want to search for them.

    1. Myron Martin
      Myron Martin
      Mar 21 2012, 10:58:15 am

      Graphite has been good to me so far, but I agree, like rare earths or any new fad there will be “me to” players who climb on the bandwagon but may not have viable resources in the long term. Focus Metals appears to be the leader in terms of a quality project, (have owned shares since Feb./2011, but Northern Graphite has had the better price appreciation. There are some other good deposits owned by companies with excellent management and I am currently doing my “due diligence” on them for a report to be uploaded on my website some time in April. There are at least a half dozen other plays that while speculative, could show some nice gains in 2012 as the attention accelerates.

    2. Yukon Eric
      Mar 21 2012, 08:06:13 pm

      I originally thought Hodge would push Focus Metals (FMS on the Canadian Venture Exchange) due to them having the highest grade graphite deposit in the world at 16% graphite. However Focus has their property in Quebec, near Labrador. Today’s tease from Hodge re registering for tomorrows webcast talks about graphite property in Ontario. So I’d now say its Northern Graphite, NGC on the Canadian Venture Exchange.

      Both Focus and NGC are up 10-20% today on heavy volume for the stocks. So others must be loading up…

    3. Papa
      Mar 24 2012, 03:47:34 pm

      The company is IBC Advance Alloys Corp. after running though my holdings. Symbols
      IB.V / IAAlF on PK Sheets. CEO is Anthony. Yahoo has a mean rating of 1 on it.
      It sounds like potential along with Silex, the Australian comp. that has provided its laser isotope separation tech. to GE., Hitachi and Cameco for 3rd. generation uranium enrichment for fees upfront and and a nice royalty once implemented, see Nearing test completion at Wilmington N.C. Facility and most DOE permits in place if final results are good this year. Silex trades under pinks/SILXF, night time real time quotes, annoncements,, etc. available at site. Papa

      • aoibhneas
        May 12 2012, 11:58:24 am

        There were a few recent postings on yahoo financial board for IAALF about a 10:1 reverse split on May 18th. I couldn’t find any such news. I just wonder why anyone would be greatly upset if the resultant price increased from 9 cents to 90 cents? Since stock is selling around 25% of its 52-week high, one might think the hype is unjustified.

    4. Myron Martin
      Myron Martin
      Mar 25 2012, 10:06:19 am

      Just to clarify, the focus of IBC Advanced Alloys is beryllium, not graphene, though there may be some high tech applications with similarities. IB is a long term holding of mine that may just be coming into its own. They have publicly compared themselves to NEO Material Technologies NEM-V of 10 years ago (do not confuse with Newmont NEM NYSE) which was my first actual stock writeup that has turned into a DOUBLE for me (with the help of a few covered call sales) and has a buyout offer from Molycorp that sent the price up about 37% when announced.
      Personally I think IB is a “hidden gem” that has 10 bagger written all over it and I recently bought a few thousand more shares at the ridiculously low price of .135 and believe within 2-3 years it could reach a price of several dollars at least. I sincerely doubt that it will take them 10 years to reach the stock price of NEM in Nov./2010 when I bought it at $5.79, particularly IF their beryllium addition to uranium to create a safer and more economical nuclear fuel pans out. They are working on this with two universities and given the recent Fukushima accident, the announcement of a new fuel that will effectively PREVENT meltdowns should receive wide acceptance and an unpredictable price advance. Their current strength lies in government contracts for military applications of beryllium / aluminum alloys that are the lightest and strongest known, plus many other high tech applications, and like NEM, they are a vertically integrated company having a beryllium deposit of their own under development. Definitely one to watch.

      • alex
        Mar 25 2012, 03:08:05 pm

        stans also has a high bryllium deposit plus rare earth deposits,BK has pushed both,with graphite there are many players as others have mentioned,ngc first to production before fms,but,i am looking at mega graphite and the IPO because they are first to production outside of china,except for the private companies ,with one here in my home town of kearny,therefor ,i see mega as the new kid on the block with revenue within the next month and numerous holdings ,including one in india,first in gets the worm

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