S&A Short Report

By enigmantic, March 31, 2012

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I have not subscribed to the Short Report, but I have been a subscriber to many of their cheaper publications, and the person who’s theories and writing have made me the most money, is Jeff Clark. If I had the money (most of my investing is business, not personal), I would definitely buy the Short Report.

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Stock gumshoe used to have a bunch of reviews on the S&A Short Report, but with the revised web site they appear to have fallen into the memory hole. As I recall, most of the reviews were negative. I got the S&A Short Report for a while. Jeff Clark does not have a crystal ball, and seems to focus on technical trading strategies that last worked in the mid 90s. He has a few big winners but most of his trades stop out with a 50% or more loss. Of course in the S&A Digest you will only hear about… Read more »
I’m glad that S&A CS monitors this site. To them & all you folks who subscribe to their many separate entities, ask yourselves a simple question: why aren’t THEY taking their own advice and raking in millions? I think somewhere it says they aren’t supposed to. Duh??? My thought is if they were able to make so much coin, they would be doing it, and not spending all this time telling others about it. I think all newsletters are scams. And further, why does a doctor give up his practice to became a newsletter editor? Sounds fishy to me. Finally,… Read more »