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Kent Moor’s 9700% Tease Fueled by NatGas Act

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Kent Moor teases multiple energy plays re: Natural gas and LNG technology becoming as revolutionizing as Model T and internal combustion engine with production, distribution, daily life importance to match world wide importance of oil. Would appreciate gaining perspective on him and his ideas.

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2 Responses to Kent Moor’s 9700% Tease Fueled by NatGas Act

  1. As the price of Black Gold rises with the yellow variety, NatGas looks more and more atractive to me. When supply continues to drive price/therm down, why are producers continuing to produce MORE? One could assume a long horizon approach to usurping oil as the primary economic mover. Any thoughts? Seems like these guys are putting a lot of effort into cutting their own margins. Good for the country, GREAT for the consumer but at some point, market forces should begin to change the Energy landscape. Question is WHEN?

  2. So far I have not received a symbol that I would try to buy from Kent, unless I subscribe to his highest price news letter.
    Not gonna do it.

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