Sandstorm Gold Consolidation

By boydo, April 5, 2012

Would it be a good idea to add to my sndxf shares at this pulled back level, or wait till they consolidate and they are dual listed on the American stock exchange? I have never been involved when a company does this, do be honest I’m a little nervous and would like sum feed back. Sandstorm Gold is my second biggest investment. I was able to purchase most of my shares at just under a 1.00

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4 Comments on " Sandstorm Gold Consolidation"

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Don’t know much about sandstorm but I can tell you that a reverse stock split is usually not a good sign. My dad was a stockbroker for e.f. hutton and he used to joke that whenever a company announced a reverse stock split it was the last big move they made before going bankrupt. basically a company will do a reverse split to make their share price higher to attract institutional investors since most will not invest in shares less than 5.00 a share……

Sandstorm’s price fluctuates with the gold futures price, currently at 1,673.60. The value of gold is a constant but the price of gold fluctuates with the value of currencies. If you believe that the future value of the dollar will be lower and the price of gold in dollars higher, then you want to be long gold in some form, either the metal or gold mining stocks. I personally prefer mining stocks. Sandstorm Gold (SSL.V) as a gold streaming company has access to gold at a discounted price based on its providing funding to needy miniing companies in exchange for… Read more »
goocher911, do a search on this site for sandstorm gold; stock gumshoe has reviewed it extensively. Yes, I have been involved with a stock that did a reverse split in trying to save the company but this is a different situation. Sandstorm is a company with strong fundamentals, no debt, and a healthy and growing monthly cash flow. The CEO was the CFO of Silver Wheaton. There is always uncertainty with a reverse split and it shook out a lot of the weaker hands. The reverse split will allow it to be listed on one of the major U.S. exchanges… Read more »

Boyd, I don’t check this site very often so my response is extremely late. I am still buying Sandstorm Gold on almost every pullback. It may be one of those once in a lifetime gems. I personally was not happy with the reverse split (for strictly selfish reasons) but since I was not privy to behind the scenes info, it may have been the best thing to happen to the company. It seems to be following in the steps of Silver Wheaton.