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“Average Joe” Adam Mesh trading system

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Anyone had any experience with the Adam Mesh trading system?

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52 Responses to “Average Joe” Adam Mesh trading system

  1. Hey James,

    I have but it makes sense because I run it!
    We began in 2006 with just me and now have a team of program coordinators and 14 coaches throughout the country. As you can probably tell already, I am a micro-manager and am able to keep in close contact with everyone who comes in the program through my weekly group call. I am also pleased to say we have over 3,000 active members in our private stock market forum. We have the highest accreditation with the Better Business Bureau and love what we do. For more information: Visit adammesh.com or call: 212-774-5977 (see who answers :)).

    • I think itprobably is a good program but I think the get in money is a bit hig for the “Average” Joe. PLUS when I inquired and paid my initial $50 all I got was a bunch of hard sell tactics. I’m not a fan of that. If he can ake that kind of money what does he need us for? Fame?

    • I would like to report your company to the BBB. I paid 67$ to get spam and cannot contact anyone from your customer service (if it even exists). Stay away from this is my advice.

      • I haven’t been on here for a while but just saw this. It’s certainly challenging to run a business in the technology age. You email over 300,000 people every day, deal diligently with thousands of customers and one guy can come on and say whatever he wants to thousands of people who read this – however irresponsible it is. Well, that’s why you have to micro-manage! Thurston did buy a $67 guide from us in April. Everyone who has bought it knows it is an e-product that comes in your email the second you purchase it. He never called us or emailed us adam@adammesh.com, support@adammesh.com or called the # I have posted several times on here: 212-774-5977. He never simply replied to the email in my box. Without ever contacting us through every accessible manner, he did report us to the BBB. Fortunately, the BBB appreciates the fact that we have thousands of customers and the absolute minimal amount of complaints so in addition to our A rating, they said this:
        BBB Accreditation
        BBB has determined that Adam Mesh Trading Group, LLC meets BBB accreditation standards, which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints. BBB Accredited Businesses pay a fee for accreditation review/monitoring and for support of BBB services to the public.
        When we got the complaint I sent this internal email on September 21st:
        Adam Mesh
        Sep 21
        to Stephanie
        Steph – please see below.
        He was sent an e-guide.
        In addition, we attempted to follow up and see how it was going but he provided an incorrect #.
        Below he wrote: 757-326-XXXX
        On the BBB, he wrote: 757-325-XXXX
        We will resend today so he has it again but it was sent and he never contacted us.
        - As you can see, not only did he never attempt to contact us, instead spending the energy on writing false disparaging remarks, he put the wrong phone number on his initial form so we couldn’t contact him via phone and he was unresponsive through email! (I obviously did not post his full number on here). Any how, let his mistake be your gain. If you read all this and think my explanation is more thorough and based on fact – please shoot me an email at adam@adammesh.com. Have the subject say stock gumshoe post. Let me know how can help and I will do my best!

        • sir i am naveen and i am from india
          earning only 100 doller in a month and i want to learn money making in option and how can it possible please help me sir,

  2. my personal opinion is the same as Deborahs all these guys and their “systems” are garbage if their systems are so great then why are they selling it for , they should be able to make enough money trading. Oh I know cause they care about the individual investor and they want to help us all become rich. please they are selling it cause thats the only way they can make money with their system is charging people to learn it.

  3. Okay now, the downside of being a micro-manager is feeling the need to respond to each and every comment. To begin, the question posed was: “does anyone have any experience with the adam mesh trading system?” . Deborah thinks it is good but she never tried it. She said she paid $50 but unfortunately it was not to me. Deborah, please check your records and you will find you made a purchase through Prosper. I had tried to work with them years ago but stopped it very early because of the reason you described. When I found out they were using my name I asked that they stop that immediately. To be sure, call me: 212-774-5977 and I will send you my product free so you can confirm. Philip, you and I have never met and you are not a customer but I think your point is valid. There are many, many people who get rich selling systems. Here is why I am different. 1.) I put my name on my program where most others do not. 2.) I offer “pay as you go plans” without requiring people to commit to the whole cost up front so that if it is not for them, they can stop. 3.) My trading has been documented by independent sources: http://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/fortune_archive/2000/02/21/273891/index.htm, http://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/fortune_archive/2001/02/19/296866/index.htm, http://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/fortune_archive/2003/12/22/356092/ . 4. I really have to agree with you on one point: When I appeared on television I had two thousand people a day ask for my help so I do agree with you that I DO care about the individual investor. I sold my interest in my trading firm to write a free newsletter that now has over 250,000 subscribers: adammesh.com . The coaching programs were because people wanted more and I set up a program that involves 3 parts: a. weekly one on one coaching b. weekly calls with me. 3. a forum with over 3,000 members. So there are costs because I pay the traders who teach and the people who run the forum and yes, I do make money but for the time I put in, I would be an idiot not to! There are baseball players that make $25 million a year and they get paid to sign autographs. Do you know how much it costs to have 1 share of Warren Buffet’s company and do you know how much he makes? And Bill Gates is a multi billionaire but they still sell computers. I am proud of the program and think my rates are extremely fair considering the level of service provided. I have a question and challenge for you!: Question: when you promoted eght on stock twits, was it at 5.10 and then went to 3.88 or was it 2 years early where it was 1.25 and you were right? Challenge: Try my course for a month and come back on here and tell other gumshoes about your experience!

    • Sory Adam I did “try” it I paid my intial fee then got a few phone calls saying I needed $5000 to start. Honestly the representaatove was so agressive he scared me away. I see your ads all the time but it was like an MLM pay a little fee then IF you want more it is a bigger fee and so on. I think you probably are a good trader but my concern is that I personally felt like I was being pushed and didn’t feel comfortable with the person you had go after my account. Trust and comfortable feelings are what makes for success. I am always trying to improve my trading but this just plain was too “in Your face” for my personality. I felt like I wasted my money. AND I actually hid from your reps calls. That is MY honest experience.

  4. adam i was not referring to you specifically just “market gurus” in general. obviously not all are alike and maybe you are doin it for the right reasons if i offended you i didnt mean to was just stating my opinion on the whole stock market system scams that are much more common than people who truly do care. i would hope your not an idiot of course i would expect you to charge for your lessons the point i was making is that if someones system is so great why not make money trading it instead of teaching it ?if i had a system that was as good as some people tout theirs to be i would be trading it and sharing it with close friends and family and not be bothered with other people i dont know. as for eght i dont even remember talking about it on stock twit, although i have an account with stock twits i havent been on that site in over a year, but i purchased it at 2.75 and still own it. i wasnt promoting it i truly believe they are a good company and have it in my ira. i just started trading a little over 2 yrs ago and only do it part time . i have a full time job and dont have time to trade every day although i would love to because i enjoy it much more. as far as signing up for your classes and bragging to the rest of the gumshoe followers how good you are i don’t have money to spend on that however i do recieve your newsletter and made a few bucks on your coh call so thanks for that.

  5. Phil, first off, very happy to hear you made money in COH. Also, nice job with the other stock. I can’t speak for others but when I was day trading, I had no time for anything but that. I would trade pre-market, intra-day and after-hours. Then I realized I didn’t have the lifestyle I wanted so I became a swing trader. Now I trade for days, weeks, months and if the stock keeps me in it – even years! I enjoy the trading much more, it’s the style that has been working and I have the lifestyle which does free me up to run this trading group. The community has become a great place for people to bounce ideas off of each other. I love it when members outperform me! I think you are right for having your guard up and hope you keep it there. If people can’t answer tough questions then you need to be protective of your hard earned money. I hope you continue to enjoy my newsletter and wish you much success in all areas of life.

  6. I just wanted to let others know how much I have enjoyed the Adam Mesh Coaching program. When I first looked into this, I had no idea about anything stock related, but had been interested in investing for quite some time.

    I did not have a lot of start up capital and was nervous about trading. Adam’s program coordinator’s were great in advising me to save up until I had money that I could trade with free of emotion. My coach has been really understanding and great at moving at my pace. I have learned so much and love that I have the stock club and weekly calls to keep me current with the market even when I do not have a lot of time to focus on it.

    Overall, great experience! Thank you Adam!

  7. I first joined the Adam Mesh team back in 2008. I started with a guide and then signed up for their coaching program. Since then my trading account has only gone up. They helped me learn how to protect my profits and keep my emotions out of my trading. I am still an active paying member of their stock club and could not be happier with the service i received from them. This program is great for anyone who is looking for a disciplined trading system. They also always pick up the phone – which is always nice.

  8. I saw this and thought hmmm..I would like for you to send me your program then if I make a successful profit or what you would consider a successful profit (more than $5000k a day right?) Then I can make you a check for $ 47. Come on believe in me! I just don’t have $47 right now as a matter of fact I only have $23 and I still have 12 days til payday…this average joe-julie is financially challenged at the moment.

    • Shonda,
      I have a question for you. If you only have $23 and it’s 12 days to payday, do you think you might have a spending/income problem?
      Every self made wealthy person out there had to learn that lesson first. I promise you it is the truth, it is a fact. If you are not saving money (i.e. spending less than you make), you must change that first and foremost! Either reduce your spending or increase your income or both.

  9. Don’t mind paying money for a system if the money is well spent..So !! How much and what am I to expect from it ? I have already started trading and have gained 15K over 2.5 months..This was strictly on Gold/Silver and Mining Stock (FNV)..Of course to make 15K took a hefty sum to throw at the stocks and that will never change no matter what anyone will tell you.. I have never traded before but find it to be a rewarding, exciting and sometimes underwear staining experience.. Always looking at ways to learn new things and better myself at what I like to do..This trading stuff is a lot easier than golf..

  10. Hi,

    I’d just like to know from guys who have gone through the course or from Adam if the system he teaches is applicable to other markets such as forex, because a lot of the program seems to be targeted at stocks. Thanks!

    P.S. Thanks adam for taking the effort to address the hard questions personally. It really helps with the credibility.

    • Adam Mesh is the real deal. The way his system works is technical trading so it could work in any market as long as their are charts to look at. I stick to stocks, but I do know they provide options training as well. As a former stock market loser, i can confidently say the Adam Mesh program has made me a stock market winner.

  11. Aloha:
    I just signed up for the course but was not able to get through or continue. After filling the form with my charge card for $47.00 Option 2 I had problem with the Video. IThen I couln’t continue. Second, I could not download and could not continue so I exited. If I could not get the proper instruictions like the Basic Manual, I would like to cancel and get credit for the $47;00. Your earnest reply is appreciated.

    • Antonio,
      Why in the world would you make a request for customer service from Adam and his organization HERE? He has clearly posted phone, emails web site, all you need to do is contact THEM. The person, company or organization you have spent money with is who you need to take your problems to. They have your money, get them to fix what is wrong. Posting about it here is a waste of your time.

    • Quick Update:

      Mr. Garcia was issued a refund for the $47 beginner’s guide on 1/30/13 and we are happy to report he is still a happy subscriber and we just got an aloha from him yesterday!

      I run the customer support team at the Adam Mesh Trading Group and as you can see, am a micromanager like Adam!

      Email me with any questions: stephanie@adammesh.com

      or call: 212-774-5983.


      Head of Customer Service – The Adam Mesh Trading Group

      • Okay, before I go to far, what is the real cost of this program after the cheap $47
        to real get into this trading system Adam seems to have mastered.

  12. The Adam Mesh Trading Group responded to my 90 year old father’s request to subscribe to their coaching system. After receiving a book, a few DVDs and signed on with a coach, he realized he had made a choice beyond his geriatric capabilities. When Tyler’s sensitive alert reached Adam Mesh he personally picked up the phone and called my Dad. Adam very graciously solved our issue with a very generous compromise. Both Adam and Tyler were personally sensitive, caring, kind, and compassionate men as they dealt with Dad’s medical and mental limitations. We highly recommend Adam and Tyler as men of integrity who have invested their personal time & efforts in us even though Dad was not able to continue the program. We appreciate their consideration. Thanks, you guys. Claudia

  13. I didn’t see any response to, which is also my question: “Derrell Huff says:
    April 21, 2013 at 10:14 am
    Okay, before I go to far, what is the real cost of this program after the cheap $47
    to real get into this trading system Adam seems to have mastered.”
    My other question is that stocks are the only trading vehicle mentioned. Unless you have at least 50k in a trading acct, there is no way you can make thousands of dollars on stocks via swing trading. It can be done with options. I already use technical analysis and right now I am slowly getting bearish (puts) on index options.
    Thx for your time

  14. Adam, I agree with Paul & Derrell. You’re better off telling us the real cost of the program. I, like many, am not going to spend a lot of time just to find out what it actually costs. Speaking as one who is interested in learning more about swing trading.

  15. I also agree with James Johnson. Will Some Body (or better, Some Bodies) who has experienced the Adam Mesh system, & who knows what it costs, please write a review

    • So I’m new to trading and I’m really just looking around to see how it all works.
      I think someday (hopefully soon) I’ll be ready for some serious training, but I want to learn more about the basics first. There seem to be a lot of peopel out there selling programs Adam seems to be real whit what Ive seen.
      The one thing I noticed on this site is that a lot of people want to know what Adam’s real program costs. My question is why not just call him? I mean he gave you his phone numbers. I’m not ready to do anything, but if you are it’s a 5 minute call.
      My 2 cents. Happy trading

  16. I have discovered after many hours of research that all the teaching and trade following sites are a scam. As we all know and ask “why would somebody who has made millions as a floor trader, money manager, etc, now want to teach people?” To a man, they all say they want to help the “little guy” beat the institutions. Some, I think, are sincere, but all of them over time lose money and sometimes big money. The only people who you will see endorse the services are either “plants” or entered the service during one of their short winning streaks. You are better off getting free training (in my case think or swim with tdameritrade). No endorsement for them just an example of extensive daily training that is free. I am sure the other big brokerages offer the same type of training, after all you will probably trade more often after learning. Another 2 cents worth from:


  17. Hey Paul. I obviously feel the need to respond to your post. You referenced tdameritrade. I am a fan of there system, specifically for options (I prefer fidelity for stocks) but they also did buy investools. Their standard program starts at $8,999. So they do sell coaching. I am not familiar with their coaches but I would put the real world trading experience of my coaches against anyone in the industry. Regarding the rest of your post, I have responded to a similar one but wanted to respond to you as well. Also, please note there is a huge difference between coaching and subscriptions. Here is what I said:
    You and I have never met and you are not a customer but I think your point is valid. There are many, many people who get rich selling systems. Here is why I am different. 1.) I put my name on my program where most others do not. 2.) I offer “pay as you go plans” without requiring people to commit to the whole cost up front so that if it is not for them, they can stop. 3.) My trading has been documented by independent sources: http://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/fortune_archive/2000/02/21/273891/index.htm, http://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/fortune_archive/2001/02/19/296866/index.htm, http://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/fortune_archive/2003/12/22/356092/ . 4. I really have to agree with you on one point: When I appeared on television I had two thousand people a day ask for my help so I do agree with you that I DO care about the individual investor. I sold my interest in my trading firm to write a free newsletter that now has over 250,000 subscribers: adammesh.com . The coaching programs were because people wanted more and I set up a program that involves 3 parts: a. weekly one on one coaching b. weekly calls with me. 3. a forum with over 3,000 members. So there are costs because I pay the traders who teach and the people who run the forum and yes, I do make money but for the time I put in, I would be an idiot not to! There are baseball players that make $25 million a year and they get paid to sign autographs. Do you know how much it costs to have 1 share of Warren Buffet’s company and do you know how much he makes? And Bill Gates is a multi billionaire but they still sell computers. I am proud of the program and think my rates are extremely fair considering the level of service provided. I have a challenge for you!: Challenge: Try my course for a month and come back on here and tell other gumshoes about your experience!
    adam mesh says:
    June 3, 2012 at 9:09 pm
    Left out my favorite. Check out the date on this article. See where the stock market was and the stocks mentioned in it. Then look what happened:

    Visit http://www.adammesh.com to see us whenever we appear in the media.

    • Hi Adam
      Sorry, I completely forgot about my post here. You sound like a sincere person, but I think you still missed my main point. I would think that your coaching staff would constantly be changing, because they would all be millionaires eventually using their own trading and money management skills. I would gladly take you up on your offer if I could pay 10% of any profits I make and if I lose money I pay nothing. That is truly “pay as you go”.
      now I am up to 4 cents worth

  18. I did’nt get very far with them because of the high pressure sales.
    It was a total turn off and red flag.
    Nobody deserves to be treated the way I was.
    I don’t care if there system works or not. I don’t want anything to
    do with it.

    • Steve,

      I’m not sure if that is your name as the last Steve anyone spoke to in my office was two weeks ago. It would be weird that this would then be written today. But we can agree on Steve :). Feel free to call me directly: 212-774-5977 if you would like to discuss anything. Please know this, I would probably make an extra 300% in revenue if I employed a call center like most people in the industry do. The reason I do not is because I do not want people that I have never met and don’t know what I am about, representing me or my company. Instead, to be a program coordinator, that would mean you have been trained by me and must work out of this office so I can see and hear everything going on. I am around all the time and have jumped on the phone countless times to answer a question or just confirm I am really there!
      I work very hard to maintain a top tier reputation and so does my team. The only downside of having a smaller, more distinguished team is that there are less people to answer the phones. So if you did ask for a call every month for a year as some people do and they asked you to please either make a decision or stop requesting a call then I don’t think that’s unreasonable. If you feel that someone was rude though, I do apologize and would be happy to speak with you. As always, I want to be counted on for the highest quality, highest level and most professional service . Please let me know how I can help and any questions you may have.

  19. I signed up for this a few years ago and Adam set me up with a great coach located not far from where I live. For me it was the real deal and I wanted to stick it out but was dealing with a very ill parent at the time. I hope to get back into it one day and if I do, I will go with Adam Mesh because I was learning a lot from my coach and just being in the program kept me wanting to learn as well as hopeful that I could be successful at it.

  20. I just spent 45 minutes on a Friday evening speaking with Adam Mesh about his available programs. He was extremely informative, very professional, and never once pushed me into signing up for one of his programs. I found him a delight, and am seriously considering working with him in one of his one-on-one coaching programs. I specifically discussed how the programs would work, and nothing resembled anything like the ones described above. I, too, have been burnt by other programs…to be specific, just about anything from the Weiss Group. At least Adam Mesh’s program allows you to pay as you go, and if you aren’t satisfied, you just stop paying and participating. How can you lose?

  21. Just happened on this VERY INTERESTING THREAD, over the holiday weekend. GOOD GUY THIS MESH IS, BUT FOR VERY DIFFERENT REASONS FOR ME. I did some moderate trading years ago, and paid A LARGE SUM, for four different trading programs (unrelated to the Mesh system I’m sure, whatever he does). Two were marginally useful, one in particular. The other two…WORTHLESS. In fact the promoter on one was in the slammer in Oregon, for 7 years for fraud in several states.
    As a battle hardened contractor/developer, I diverted my resources into several single family homes, and one multi-family project, JUST BEFORE THE BIG CRASH. How could any of us ever have known how bad it was going to be. Over the past 4 years I have lost…HARD CASH AND VERY HARD EARNED EQUITY, well in excess of a half million. Unlike so many others, I did not go under, but had my nose just a half inch above water for months on end. Blood and guts, toughing it out. Only one project left to resolve, to reach…SAFE HARBOR, which I certainly will.
    I started getting these MESH EMAILS about the time my Titanic (and the market) was crashing. His youthful soccer coach mentality, and superbly crafted words of encouragement were a LIFE RAFT of FUN TO READ, in a sea of financial insanity, and legal maneuvering, stuffing my in box.
    That said, I don’t know anything about his system, have never seen him on the tube (didn’t have the time), nor how his tools would compare to what I have since learned about market mechanics. DOESN’T MATTER.
    This MESH GUY is made of REAL LEATHER. He passes the smell test. His enthusiasm is magnetic and tantalizing BUT, his communication style IS GENUINE and confident. Strange, how that cheery, heart-felt, enthusiastic little weekly soccer-coach piece, was a WELCOME AND INSPIRING BREAK, through some bad stress. Useful light at the end of the tunnel, of all things coming from an advertiser.
    However, like anything else…if you won’t dedicate the time, don’t spend the dime.

  22. Hey David,

    Just wanted to say thanks. I was having a nice, long July 4th weekend and this email was dessert! Knowing that I had a positive impact for you in any way felt great and I really appreciate you letting me and every “gumshoe” know. The fact that you took the time to write this says a lot about you and I wish you everything good.


    Adam Mesh

    • You deserved a respectable payback, for several years of good attitude. I had a little time as well over the 4th to reset my neural net. I spent a few days with my wife at 12-13,000 feet in the mountains near Telluride, Colo. That harsh rocky treeless intimidating elevation, and super thin air, can really smoke your motor.

      One thing remains though (and shockingly, I got an interesting answer on this concern last year, from John Dorfman’s investment firm, Boston,Massachusetts). How can you Eastern (New York) types be such rabid Democrats, and yet such rabid Capitalists at the same time? Am I missing something? How can you be so upbeat and positive, in the midst of such Socialist, Secular, chronic convulsions. If I come to New York, I guess I’ll have to bring my own 64 ounce drinking cup.
      Why don’t they just move the NYSE out here to Denver and be done with it. Call it the DEN-SE, or “DENSE” for short. What a trading ride we are headed for…sitting in an 18 TRILLION (deficit) DOLLAR roller coaster, with “Benny, and the Jets” in the front car. What a rip.
      Anyway, thanks for your reply. I am financially nearly back in the saddle. Seems logical that such economic conditions make for “useful” volatility. It would seem, from the few clues I have carved out of your emails, that your system takes handy advantage of such.
      Looking forward to roughly this Fall time, for a Look-see…

  23. Good stuff David! You gave me my chuckle for the day. The perverse market conditions where sometimes good news is bad news is the reason you must trade on action only as far as you can see with your headlights. Most of the the rest of the world economy is in worse shape than the States and the QE ponzi scheme keeps us afloat. One thing for sure, there WILL be a global economy “reboot.” When that will happen exactly is anybody’s guess. People who “invest” just do not get it. Trade people trade!

    • Paul,
      SUPERB INSIGHT. A TRUE GIFT. I’ll use “high beams” during Republican Administrations, and “low beams” during Democrat Administrations.
      That said, outside of a cobble of moral issues, there’s not a lick of difference these days between either party. Indeed volatility is the order of the day. It was harsh and unremitting volatility, that destroyed much of my real estate activity, for several years. Ugly.
      So then…in that same spirit that permeates Mesh’s company, do we learn from it, or do we become bitter because of it. At some point the pain of change becomes less than the pain of endurance.
      I remember reading a few years ago, where Mesh said that he bounced around pretty hard getting HIS trading education. That means his insights come from EXPERIENCE…NOT ACADEMIA. And he was honest in telling the brutal side of it.
      I respect that…especially now.
      Hey Paul, thanks for the response, best to ya…


  24. Hello Good People,
    I can understand the questions and skepticism many have about the Adam Mesh program because I was right in there with you about two years ago. I wanted to learn stock trading, didn’t know the first thing about it, & researched multiple training options. Even though I chose to begin Adam’s program, I was highly skeptical before and during my 1st month, looking for any and all red flags. I was skeptical from so many scams but also because he was working in a field -training – that I thought I knew something about. Before I retired, (a year before I started AMTG’s coaching program) I spent two decades in organizational development, establishing short and long-term training (professional development) programs in the US and beyond. I was certain I’d find each and every shortcoming in AMTG’s coaching program & told myself that I’d drop out after the first month. I did plan on taking advantage of their option to pay as I go. Well, not only did I NOT find what I was certain I would, but my Ph.D. in Org Systems was humbled too. To answer an earlier question, NO, their coaches do not change all the time. I don’t know of any coaching personnel changes in the last two years. I also met 9 of Adam’s staff and
    they each had been with him since 2006. It seems to be a pretty stable, committed group. To respond, in at least one way, to questions addressing why Adam and others are coaching if they’re such great, rich traders. First, I must say I was taken aback by what seemed to be a negative perspective of “teaching.” Anecdotally, my husband is a public high school teacher on an Indian reservation (most would consider such students very challenging) and he has taught for 30+ years for the sheer LOVE of it. In fact, at 69 he keeps pushing back retirement. I have come to think that some people are drawn to coaching or teaching out of what some might describe as an inner calling. Not every human action is motivated by money. Another topic was about Adam and his coaches and that the implication was that they must be losers or liars since they coach. My immediate response is because THEY HAVE TONS OF FREE TIME and want to contribute some of it to others. The trading method we are taught at AMTG is NOT day-trading. It is also Low Risk and High Reward. We use Adam’s prioritized aspects of technical analysis, his screening criteria, and his risk management strategies to buy and sell a limited # of stocks. His method requires only a FEW HOURS a week. It is NOT all day, everyday and his method is NOT about being chained to a computer to make money. Though I cleared a few grand for myself this week based on my newbie 100 share size purchases, the majority of my time was spent with my husband, family from overseas, writing, etc. etc. Adam and the coaches I have met make much bigger bucks than I do because they buy much larger positions. But that doesn’t mean they spend any more time. I would just like to suggest that anyone and everyone with questions – to call the AMTG @ 212-774-5980. Your call will be answered by one of the staff – not a computer. Find out for yourself, not second or third hand. That seems pretty simple to me. And, please know I am not a plant from AMTG or being paid. I only responded because there seemed to be so much based on nothing as I found out!

    • Hey Russ,
      We have a bunch of people who trade with their IRA’s. SOmetimes it can be unique to the plan so best to speak with your advisor. You are never required to trade with our group and we recommend top tier broker dealers but do not take in accounts ourselves. Hope that helps!

  25. Instead of buying the next get rich quick stock trading service scheme for anywhere between $47.00- $3,000.00, consider going to Barnes and Noble and getting an education about stock trading and investing for FREE.

    Also, you can get a lot of credible and valuable investing information just reading the Wall Street journal.

    If you already have money to invest, consider investing in a diversified portfolio of low cost ETFs to include exposure to large, mid, small cap, international, emerging markets, real estate and commodities. Many good ones charge a paltry 0.15% annual fee.

    If you want to invest in something similar to an actively managed momentum style hedge fund, without paying anything near the high costs associated with investing in a hedge fund, check out ETFs: GURU and AlFA.

    A big problem with these stock trading services is that even if you establish a position and it moves favorably, it can be difficult to get the type of execution on your trades needed to achieve similar results as the services mentor claims to achieve. Poor execution will literally f up the entire trade and make it either a losing trade, a non executed trade or a barely profitable trade. Factor in the costs of frequent trading and you could end up spinning your wheels just trying to break even.

    There is no doubt money to be made by short term trading stocks and ETFs, but you better know what you’re doing. For every trade thats closed there is a winner and loser.

    • Hey Chris,
      I have to say, the advise you just gave above is completely wrong and very irresponsible. Paul congratulating you on your comments just adds more momentum in the wrong direction.
      I am not trying to call you out but somehow this forum became a hub for idea generation and as it’s all written under my name, I feel compelled to comment when I see advice being given that can negatively impact people.
      I will go through your email now and explain why I feel so strongly.
      1.) First you expound the benefits of a FREE education. Let me ask everyone out there, how many times has FREE cost you a lot of money. Personally, I had a friend offer to do free legal work when I was closing on my apartment. He filed the papers late which put the deal in jeopardy and eventually led to a renegotiation costing tens of thousands of dollars. Then I had to bring in a new lawyer and pay him extra for expedited work. I’d much rather pay someone well to get the job done correctly then look for whatever is free because there’ nothing worse than moving backwards instead of forwards! You can read medical books for free but would you act as a doctor without proper training? Regarding the WSJ, there’s definitely good info there but there is now way that every positive article means a company’s value will go up. You must have a basic knowledge of the market before acting on information or you are putting yourself at risk.

      2.) When you talk about ETF’s, that is what elicited such a strong reaction from me. I literally disagree with everything you say here. Have you successfully traded ETF’s? The majority of people I know have not and it’s for one main reason, they don’t trade true. They don’t move in correlation with their sector and there is often a lot of manipulation because the big funds use the big etf’s as a hedging device so they can actually being buying or selling big shares as a hedge against a big stock trade. Meaning – they invest in a stock because they think it is the top performer in a sector. The only concern is that the sector underperforms. So they buy the stock and then buy a bearish etf or short a bullish etf. It’s going the wrong way because it’s being used as a hedge.

      3. You then recommend GURU which has an average volume of 127,578. That’s way too low for an individual to trade. If it’s illiquid, then you can’t get in and out with ease. AIFA is even worse. Average volume of 11,831 shares. I really just don’t understand how you an recommend those to people. Please don’t do it on this forum. I know we get a big audience here but I kindly ask you go somewhere else to talk about things like this.

      4. In the next paragraph, you even identify your own problem. You get poor execution because you are trading stocks that have no volume! I do agree with you that if there is a firm that recommends stocks, your timing will not be in line with the ‘mentor.’ You used the word mentor but that would be more of a stock picker or guru cause they are making recommendations. A mentor is a teacher. At our group, we teach people how to execute orders for themselves so they are not dependent on someone else to tell them what to do. So we agree on that but I think your poor execution might be from the stocks you are trading.

      5. I hope you find this helpful and understand why I must make such a strong stance here.

      6. I was a trader first and then a publisher so I enjoy these exchanges here. However, i’d rather be discussing great trade ideas. For more about what we do, the website adammesh.com explains it best.

  26. Well said Chris!
    see my earlier posts on April 28th as paul, May 30th as sylvanpc, and again as paul on June 15th to get further info on free investor education and my opinion on trading services as I have tried a few

  27. With all the questions about how much this system really costs… WHY WON’T ANYONE ANSWER THE QUESTION? Adam was willing to tell how much ameritrade charges. Is he afraid or ashamed to tell how much he or his coaches charge?

    • Hi Charles,
      My information may be a little outdated, but before I get to price, The Adam Mesh Trading Program was great for me. I really enjoy trading stocks and when I joined in 2009 of course the market was crazy, still is, and his program and coaches were a huge help to me.
      Their services is incredible. In fact, after working with my first coach I really didn’t feel like I got everything out of the sessions that I had hoped to and I was really having a hard time being successful at trading. I spoke with Adam directly (you can see that he is more than willing to talk with people) regarding this situation and he and his company made it right.
      He had, in what is my opinion, his best coach and mentor work with me an additional 8 sessions at no extra charge. The sessions with the new coach and mentor were incredible and I really feel that the instruction provided put me on a path to have more success.
      For nearly 5 months I tracked every trade on an excel spreadsheet (bit of a nerd) that Adam talked about on the weekly trading call and after that time 70% of all the trades he addressed followed the rules that his program was teaching. What that equates to is that if you made every trade addressed on the weekly call then you would be right 7 out of 10 times.
      For me, my biggest challenge was having sufficient funds to make every trade. At the time I was going to school after having been let go at work and so of course money was tight. I really felt like I needed 10k in my trading account to make the trades I wanted to. Please keep in mind this is a personality trait on my part and not a requirement of his program. There were plenty of people in the program who were trading with a few thousand dollars and able to make $1.00 or more per share on the trades they placed.
      For any person who decides to use Adam Mesh’s system it is not the system you have to worry about, it is your own emotions and controlling those, following the rules, and executing the trades. Again, being right 70% of the time if you follow the rules is pretty incredible. He and his coaches have that track record because they have been doing this for years and are seasoned. Most likely not every individual is going to achieve those results without the same kind of effort and consistency.
      Now back to the real question, as far as cost goes for my financial situation at the time it was tough, however, as I previously mentioned they were great to work with, allowed a payment plan, and were very patient with me. Fortunately, my wife was very supportive as well. I paid $3000 for unlimited access to my coach, audio recordings of my training sessions, which are still available on my account might I add, (this is incredible considering it has been 5 years) and unlimited access to the stock trading forums and weekly trading calls. I can still access all this information today.
      I have now finished school, have an excellent career, and plan to begin trading again, utilizing these same rules. Like anything this is not a get rich quick for those interested. It is a system intended to teach rules and principles of trading, and then mastering your own emotions and sticking to the rules is the hardest part. The main reason that so many people lose money trading is because they get emotional, buy at the wrong time, and sell at the wrong time. His system teaches principles and rules that help overcome these scenarios, but honestly, any person is their own worst enemy, not the system. It takes capital to make money, and it takes nerves, grit, and guts to have success in any endeavor in life. Olympians are a good example. Those men and women didn’t just put on skis or snowboards yesterday and then won a gold medal. The success they have is the result of tried and true methods, practice, time, commitment, investment, blood, sweat, and tears. Success in stock trading requires all of those same elements. You won’t be able to put in 2 hours a week and make 20k per week, it just doesn’t work that way.
      If you are really interested, call Adam as you can see he has previously posted his number. Ask him about “Trifecta Trading” the 2nd stock coach I worked with (I remember his name but don’t feel it appropriate to mention here) taught me this system and I really preferred it for my trading style.
      The pricing information I provided is obviously a little dated, and perhaps they are doing things differently now, but your best bet is to get the information and then make an educated decision on whether or not you feel the system is appropriate for you and your personality or not.
      Best of luck.

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