Expensive newsletters?

By Anonymous Questions, May 17, 2012

I only subscribe to your regular newsletter but I have a question. I am puzzled by the many different newsletters out there that send out ”urgent” messages explaining how they will give this wonderful advice if one will buy their new, wonderful newsletter with the inside track (or whatever)to riches beyond our belief if we will only follow their suggestions. However, in order to follow them, one will need to subscribe to the tune of anywhere from $1,500 to as much as 3, 4 or 5 thousand dollars or more. Here’s my question: Do people really reap fantastic rewards by spending that much money over and above their normal $49 or $98 fee? I’m thinking that if their suggestions were that good, then everybody would be clammoring to get on board. What’s your take?

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Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
More expensive newsletters are the mother’s milk of the newsletter business — the larger publishers have an active “upgrade” cycle of pushing more expensive newsletters to each subscriber to the cheaper or free or “entry level” letters. As you’ve probably noticed, they spend a lot of money on marketing to bring in vast numbers of subscribers to their lower priced letters — some publishers just break even on those cheaper letters but use them as their “feeder” publications so they can graduate folks to the thousand-plus dollar subscriptions where the profit really starts to flow for them. Generally what they… Read more »
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You definitely have to be careful with any service that makes these sort of claims.
I, as the owner of Shortzilla.comhave created a niche product which i believe for 49/month offers significant value.
The competitors might have a staff of 100 and need to make these sort of outrageous product offerings in order to keep the lights on.
Check out Shortzilla if you are looking to short stocks. I promise that you will at least find our service to be valuable—and one that has a lot of care in making profit for our subscribers.

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Have recently read reports touting ( l like that word) a cloud company called IceWeb, what’s the scoop on that?