Fracking water alternatives and filtering frack water.

By tommy_r, May 10, 2012

Good Morning Travis,
Recent Energy and Capital emails point to companies with alternatives to water for fracking and also filtering the water from fracking making it 100% reusable.
Please share your thoughts.
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howard langham

Freestone Resources (FSNR) Has a new technology,(machine) to clean up frackwater,Thier Joint venture partner MEA Is headed up by two men who have built two billion dollar companies.
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Howard Langham

Travis I am in the water disposal business in Texas. We have been looking into a variety of water recycling/reclaiming solutions. To date the cost and logistics have proven to be over-whelming. If in fact the systems work, they can’t provide scale. A typical frac job requires at least 4 million gals of water which is the equivalent of about 300 swimming pools. Flowback can easily reach 150-200 bbls/hr…if in deed it can be processed that fast…where do you put it? How do you get the clean water to the next site? Do you build a reservoir at each location?… Read more »
Tom C.


Your comment makes too much common sense for most readers to believe. Nice to see that someone with some brains took the time to offer a decent comment.



the NEWEST fracking technologies do NOT involve water(course Digby doesnt want to hear this, as he is in the water disposal business–and prob wants to maintain the status quo. JMO).

One cutting edge company (GASFRAC) uses propane which is more easily recovered and is then recycled. Apparently this technology does NOT contaminate ground water, is cheaper in the long run, and does NOT require the “scale” that standard water fracking does.

Obviously, there needs to be much more waterless fracking. Hopefully newer technologies come on line to do so.