Forward themes

By smhon, June 30, 2012

The funny thing about markets is that the fascination for thematic investing has gripped imaginations since the Dutch glorified the Tulip (and probably longer, but we don’t really have records on them).

So whilst eventually cooler heads recognise that a Tulip is a flower; there could be real opportunity.

I’ve been hearing talk of farmland investing from guys that have been known to be ahead of the curve and wonder if there are others who have been hearing of similar interest.

Share notes anyone?

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Porter Stansberry put out a ridiculous report saying that “farmland” was astronomically profitable. He knows nothing about what he wrote. He grossly distorted an agricultural economic report by some midwestern university extension service that was apparently talking about particularly valuable and fertile irrigated working farms. (It had to be, generic farmland simply hasn’t been anywhere near as profitable as claimed. Most farms have barely been profitable and many dry land farms have been abandoned.) Farmland is most profitable when it is subdivided and sold in lots to build suburban houses on. Porter Stansberry didn’t mention subdividing at all, and in… Read more »