By Anonymous Questions, August 16, 2012

What are your thoughts on BBDA BeBevCo company? Here is what I know about them. They are the exact opposite of 5 hour energy drinks and appear to have a niche in the 5 hour liquid relaxation category. They recently were granted the rights to sell in all 78 stores in South Carolina. The big story there for me is BBDA’s CEO shared a letter from one of the regional merchandise managers from South Carolina Walmarts; the letter speaks for itself… This leads me to believe it will be going to all the Walmart stores and that will open the flood gates to all retail outlets.

They are also establishing operations in Europe! Their brand name and marketing appear to be exceptional.

They have a large float, but have stopped market capitalization and are planning to begin to buy back shares

It feels to me like this company is poised to explode with a product that could be in every Walmart, Target, convenience store and gas station in the world like Coke and Pepsi. This feels like a new niche and phenomenon. What are your thoughts on this company?

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Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
Well, I can’t say that this would be my relaxation beverage of choice — but maybe you’re allowed to drive after a “Koma Unwind?” Honestly haven’t ever heard of them, but I would be very, very cautious with these types of companies — there have been hundreds of beverage companies with slick marketing and an initial presence in a few stores, and most of them have a few B-list or C-list celebrities behind them and a very believable story, just go back to the many coffee drinks, energy drinks, Acai berry drinks, etc. Sounds like the products have typical relaxation… Read more »
My favourite beverage stock I bought in Apr. 08 believing it to be another potential “Hansens” because I personally loved the flavours and purity is “REEDS” Nasdaq REED is finally on the move. It moved below my buy price for awhile and osscilated with the volatile late 2011 to mid 2012 market. In the last month it has been in a steady up trend with a few minor pullbacks, but I still believe this is a stock with legs that has yet to be discovered by the market. Go to your nearest Whole Foods, or probably almost any major Health… Read more »

Yes REED has done very nicely-up 90 cents per share in just a few months.

This thing smells like a pump and dump from miles away. Its all rah-rah and razzle dazzle, but no substance. I particularly liked the comments from the regional manager: “Its made from natural herbs” versus unnatural herbs “contains no calories and comes in sugar free and regular.” I assume the regular isn’t sugar free and therefore must contain calories. Of course you can make money on a pump and dump. In my younger days I did, but I lost a lot more. Now older and wiser I avoid them like the plague. Buyer Beware!

Pump and dumps don’t make it into 78 Walmart stores. BBDA has a great product and a rapidly expanding distribution network. I’m cautiously optimistic about this one.

Update from BBDA BeBevCo leadership… Thoughts? Shareholders, It has been several weeks now since Koma Unwind was placed in all the South Carolina Wal-Marts. In response to many questions, I can tell you definitively that South Carolina Wal-Marts will continue to carry Koma Unwind for the foreseeable future. There have been a lot of questions coming in about expansion to other states and we are certainly looking in that direction for the fall and the winter. There are many distribution and retail partnerships being discussed on a daily basis. Every one loves KOMA UNWIND and we will see to it… Read more »

There are different types of pump and dumps. Some are on sham companies, but some are perpetrated on legitimate companies. Sometimes its done by insiders (see TSHO). Sometimes its done by outsiders without the company’s knowledge (see AVSC). Just because a company has a product, even a very good product, doesn’t mean they’re not manipulating the stock.


Attitude sports drink. ATTD is a better beverage. Its a milk based sports recovery drink
Sold at convenience stores , Walgreens and fitness centers in the southeast US