Louis Basenese’s New MicroCap Tech Trader

By gmcmahon, August 12, 2012

Louis Basenese (WallStreetDailey Insider) offers a 75% discount for his new MicroCap Tech Trader service. Generally I have found his info to be mostly good solid research. Where does history place him in the realm of ”Tech Gurus” ?

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I bought 100 shares of you UNXL it looks good thanks

Joel P. Wysocki

..subscription, seeing an additional $50.00 per year, for what I thought was supposed to make me money, having purchase (2) OF YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS, is not a good future forcast! All in all, $1K in stock purchases, $1450.00 Microcap membership cost; Too much expenditure, so far; No Gains, Just Losses! I’m NOT, a Happy Guy! Just letting you know! I’ll be in touch, again, Soon! Joelpw