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Daily Wealth Trader

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I’m getting videos touting a new S&A newsletter called DailyWealth Trader at $800/year, apparently all about selling puts. I’ve sold covered calls for 15-20 years, but never traded a put and don’t know much about them. I’ve decided to subscribe in 2 weeks. Does anyone else subscribe to this, or has anyone else considered it and rejected it?

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21 Responses to Daily Wealth Trader

  1. I haven’t heard anything about this one specifically, it’s probably a bit tough to get these newsletters to scale because the Stansberry folks have tried to launch put-selling services before without much luck. There are more options selling and spread newsletters out there now than ever before in my memory, but it’s not an area where I have any real expertise or do much writing or analysis.

  2. I wish GumShoe would do an EXPOSE on S&A in TOTAL (ALL the Letters /Services).
    I’m signed up for the two FREE letters and subscribed for the (fee-based) Retirement Letter (which so far, appears to be a rip-off.) For the exorbitant fees they ask, they seem like a scary proposition , indeed.

  3. Another Request for GUMSHOE:
    I just became exposed to the concept of BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT COMPANIES (BDCs), and the very lucrative returns that APPEAR to be available through them. Rather than flooding Gumshoe with a blunderbuss of random questions, could you suggest a source of tutorial material (which seems to be scarce) we could absorb BEFORE sending questions your way? Perhaps in that way, we could raise the IQ of the questions we send.
    David Shults

  4. I subscribed on their special monthly rate of $49/month; they said they were going to pull that rate, so I guess they did if they are offering it at $800/year now.
    What would you like to know?

    • Shanta, thanks for replying. Did you like Daily Weath Trader? Did you feel it was worth the expense? Did it work for you, or did you feel it tied up too much money for too long that you could have put to work elsewhere? How long have you been with DailyWealth Trader or did you cancel your subscription?

      • I’ve only just subscribed in the past couple of weeks. I am tracking their recommendations and I’ll see how it goes over the next few months. What I like about the monthly subscription is that I can cancel at anytime.
        The recommendations are reasonable – for example the last few stock picks they put the minimum of $500 – I can blow that with one Costco trip! I must say the recommendations I am following (on paper) are doing well, but so is most of the stock market this week.
        They haven’t announced any naked put calls because they are being patient as there aren’t any worth executing right now.
        They also are all over the metals, silver and gold and show you the best ways to invest in the metals.
        They also have a ton of information teaching you about options, trading, etc. Very well put together.
        I like it. Would you like to see a copy?

          • Bill, can you send me a copy of the Daily Wealth Trader (recent or old), if you have one? I’d like to check it out before subscribing to their monthly newsletter.
            Thanks, Patrick Creamer

  5. I signed up last week for $49 per month ($588 yearly). I had to watch a long introduction video to sign up. If you want this newsletter just call Stansberry & Assoc. and tell them you want the $49 a month deal. This is suppose to lock you in at this price forever.

  6. I’ve had Daily Wealth Trader since its inception and am happy with it. I’ve done ok with selling their put and call options. Consistent, if not big, income on those. They called the upturn in gold, silver, and copper without jumping too early and eating a bunch of the drop like several other newsletters I used to have. I like how they pull ideas from numerous Stansberry staff. I’ve done really well with their LLY, MDT, and PG picks. I’ve been whittling down my investing newsletters and this is one of the keepers along with the 12% Letter and Validea.com. Between the three, my portfolio consistently does well.

    • I agree, John, Amber Lee and friends are pulling together the top picks from all their other expensive newsletters. My portfolio is very happy after joining this service, and I’ve been able to cancel other services that haven’t been performing that well for me.

      • As a follow-up…still loving DWT. I’m letting 12% letter go, however. Between the daily DWT and DWT Premium emails, I get more than enough solid, performing, diversified stock recommendations and buy/sell strategies. They really work to make you a well informed, intelligent investor and the results are impressive.

  7. I’m an Alliance member, therefore I get everything they publish but one letter.
    I’ve been a member since 2008 and feel I’ve more than gotten my original investment ($3850 + $190 yearly maintenance) back more than 3 fold and still have the remainder of whatever life I’ve left @$ 190 year to go. Plus, I can (and have) sent it on to the next generation in my will.
    I’ve dabbled in put selling and short sells and so far am ahead using S&A.
    Some of those sells have been in the DWT and all but one has been successful. Just remember to mind your stops. As with all investing, stop points are invaluable.

  8. I don’t know anything about that newsletter, but I have been selling puts for years. The trick is to sell a put on a stock that you would not mind owning if the put was exercised. Most of the puts I have sold have expired, and I got to keep the money I reveived from the sale. About 15% of the puts were exercised which means I was required to buy a good stock at a low price – and I still kept the money from the sale of the put.

  9. Still love DWT after almost a year. Their picks do consistently well. The explain their rationale so you can choose whether or not to follow them. I love how they switch to selling options when the market is going down. It keeps the gains flowing until the next upturn. This is a solid daily investment newsletter.

  10. I, too , have just subscribed from this newsletter. I’m very green on options and i think the daily wealth trader newsletter is more for people like me. So far i’ve followed their recommendations on MSFT and INTC about selling naked puts and am just waiting for their Sept13 expiration dates hoping that they would go up. and even if it goes lower than my stirke price, i wouldn’t mine owning there too stocks.
    i love reading your reviews and comments regarding strategies on options trading. i am actually learning from people who have gained more experience writing options. thank you.

  11. After reading reviews for daily wealth trader how are you doing now since you wrote your last review. I am considering trying it. Thank you for your comments

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