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I’m new. Is it ok to ask about teasers here?

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If it is. Anyone know anything about Peter Karuth’s: The Last 5 Minutes?

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4 Responses to I’m new. Is it ok to ask about teasers here?

  1. How about this one?

    his Election Day Shocker Could Fund Your Retirement
    By Sandy Franks, Executive Director, Smart Investing Daily

    Dear Reader,

    Forget Romney and Obama…

    I’m writing to you today about what could be the ultimate Election Day “surprise”… a nasty surprise that could forever change the way people think about saving, investing and retirement.

    You see, a massive “super bubble” — fueled by 25 years of reckless government spending — is bearing down on the financial markets with a vengeance. If things play out the way we expect, we could see it strike on or about Nov. 6, 2012… Election Day.

    But every cloud has a silver lining, and this catastrophe is no different. In fact, the coming chaos will likely create a series of “once-in-a-lifetime” situations that could make you very rich.

    In fact, by taking the appropriate action today, you can join a small group currently tracking seven remarkable trading opportunities that are so enormous… and so lucrative… they could be the ONLY TRADES you need to make in the coming years.

    I urge you to watch this special video presentation for all the details. It will tell you how to turn this unfolding situation into a small fortune.

  2. Has anyone subscribed to Macro Trader? They are teasing that there are 5 new mega trades. The newsletter is put out by the Insider Stradegy Group.

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