Nick Hodge’s Latest Gimmick? – Early Advantage

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Thanks to an overlooked 2010 government dictum…
YOU have the chance to
bank 35k by year’s end.
If you have $1,000 and can fill out a single form…
You could take advantage of this ”loophole” to
bank an extra five figures over the next few months
And it has nothing to do with stocks
Has anyone checked this out? Any opinions?


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18 Responses to Nick Hodge’s Latest Gimmick? – Early Advantage

  1. He’s referring to Tax Lien and Tax Deed Investing. It’s where you acquire property for the delinquent property taxes owed at the local county level. I’ve done these myself. 5% chance of buying property for 2cent-10 cents on the dollar. Most times you earn 8%-25% on your money guaranteed by the state government.


  2. If these are Tax Lien properties for sale by municipalities, Nick’s claim that you can do it “anywhere” is dangerous: in most cases, you’ll need to be at the public auction, have an attorney check the deed for other liens against the property, and wait 10-20 days for the “upset bid” period to expire without a higher bid. Then you may have to correct code violations and repair the property before it’s saleable. And, unless you are a realtor, you’ll have to list it with one at 5-10% commission…


  3. Has anyone spent the $139 for this? I’m curious, but it’s non-refundable so I don’t want to waste money if it’s something that can simply be found elsewhere. Tax liens are definitely not new and not as easy as he makes this deal sound. Any more insight on this would be helpful. Thank you!


    • YES ! I damned foolishly spent the $139 ! Kick my self in the dumb ass ! DON’T do it !!! I thought just maybe someone found just a small little holy grail as to sip a freedom from ! My ass ! He is a damned thief , a thief I say ! I emailed his ass , no good . Look , it is just city properties and lots that I have always known about , but who the hell wants a old city house falling down in boofer town ? It ia all bullshit without the seeds ! Nothing growing here ! , just a six pack of lies . Old crap info with no where to go , all he did was take my dough the bastard ho ! Flimflan Man , skizzler, skullduggery , schiester snake oil salesman like his great grandaddy was selling his great grannies ass . I will punch this man in his untruthful mouth if I was to ever see him . Yes so all of save your money


      • “But as the price is set at a mere $139, I’m confident you’ll put that money back in your account within your FREE three months of Early Advantage access.”
        It sure is skullduggery..what a boondoggle..scumbag ripping off people..


  4. There is money to be made reselling city-owned properties – BUT, you need to be there to see them and do all diligence. Has anyone figured out what the “2010 govt dictum” is? And the “$1000 minimum on one simple form?


  5. I’ve tried the Tax Lien investing twice and had fair results. The rules, interest rate available and timeframes vary from state to state (I purchased some good info on Ebay). Basically you have little to no chance of owning the property. The idea is to earn the high interest rate while the property owner is procrastinating paying taxes. If you choose decent properties (list is available from tax assessors office), they usually pay off their own taxes within a few months. So, I was earning 12% in Alabama–but one of the delinquent taxpayers paid his off in a couple months and the others a few months later. But I still ended up with 1% per month on a few thousand dollar safe investment. The county holds your money and receives payment from the taxpayer–so there is no interaction with the property owner. In Alabama, you would have to pay the taxes for several years, then hire an attorney for the paperwork and still wait 7 years before title could pass to you. Several states have much higher interest rates.


  6. I sure am glad Motley Fool has our backs on crooks like Nick. But I am sure as you well know buy now there is no such thing as a free lunch. Plus you get exactly what you pay for the only person making money is the SOB selling information that is already out there. Like the People that sell Govt information that is free from the Govt printing office.


  7. Let me tell you about this…. what he is talking about is mostly junk properties in Baltimore. You know, not the kind that are fixer-uppers, but blower-uppers. I lived in Maryland for several years, and worked the tax lien market in many of the surrounding corners. Don’t fall for this buy buying these in Baltimore. You will find you would have to spend a boatload of money to bring most of these up to code. Not a good deal. You can do this in other states, some which do sell tax lien certificates like Maryland and others that sell the deeds outright like a sheriff’s sale. Do your due diligence, explore this stuff. Call the tax lien office, they will tell you what you want to know for FREE. But be careful, ok?


  8. Just Remember, any promotion you receive via email is more than likely a scam so if you’re curious check out stock gumshoe to verify the pitch.


  9. Allen agrees with Alan. The more I learn about Nick Hodge, the more he seems to be a scam artist by stretching the truth to get you to foolishly buy his newsletters.


  10. Nick Hodge is a scam artist. Once subscribed to his service & acquired his recommended stocks which all turned out to be losers.


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