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What do you think of Agoras Patrick Cox and his new play

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”Tobacco Shocker” nutraceutical co ????? His ”breakthrough technology
Alert” newsletter about a $2.00 plus/minus stock that is being marketed
as a health drug/product???

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3 Responses to What do you think of Agoras Patrick Cox and his new play

  1. It’s Star Scientific (STSI) see the Turkey of the year post by the Gumshoe.
    BTW a good way to lose money is to follow Patrick Cox recommendations.

    • I sure as hell don’t know what all those people are complaining about when they dis STSI. I recently bought both the stock AND the call and I’m up over 100% already on both. You don’t have to take Patrick Cox at face value if you don’t want to, that’s up to you, but you sure as hell should do some due diligence and research on your own. First stop should be Gumshoe.

      • I am not dissing Star Scientific specifically. I have never did any DD on them. As an Agora Reserve member I get to see Patrick Cox’s portfolio. He has 42 open position of which 11 have a positive return. He also has 6 positions that he closed at a profit. Unless you were extremely lucky you more than likely loss money following his advice.

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