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Small S Africa mining Orange and Blue deal was very nice and gives back to the chief’s of the tribe and the local infrastructure which always sounds good and the butter is on the bread for all to eat. The ink is not dry yet but they just picked 15 mil$ yesterday from a remarkable no mistake investor which will pump there production time up a lot quicker and the locals get a piece all three tribes and the Govt. gets clean water for the hood which is good. Small penny stock will make a splash next week, can’t loose either way take a profit and keep some for the run starting next week there will be new news, but there will be some shorters at the end of the week get out with your juice and just keep a little for when you get thirsty later, it is a done deal a good dime or more and keep a little when the hits the fan middle of next week, diamonds are forever ask the saw man. GGSM

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3 Responses to GGSM

  1. They hit a promo with marketwire.com at 2 pm today , you can go there and scroll back in time to 2 pm and see it about moving iron in on the site which means heavy equipment so they will probably get a spike from that news maybe, could be a penny stock run depends on volume maybe a nickle or a dime , don’t cost much to play it and use a stop and if it runs go to a trailing stop might get some coffee money. Mines take time but when you say gold sometimes people will jump off a bridge I think if it runs get your money back and get a little profit and maybe keep some for the long run, nothing to bet the bank on but you might watch the volume and make a play on hype and shoot from the hip so to say, more like a lotto ticket after the thrill is gone, but there might be something there. A penny stock is just that a penny stock but one never knows. Some people will not pick up a penny they just walk on by, not much due diligence to look at so it is just a guess on the news how far it will go if at all.

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