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By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, December 13, 2012

Thanks very much to all the Irregulars who joined up or renewed over the past ten days — our charitable membership campaign was a spectacular success, it was by far the busiest week we’ve ever had here at Stock Gumshoe and I’ll be cutting checks to the charities that won the most votes over the next week or two. It looks like our total is in the neighborhood of $10,000 shared among the worthy causes you voted for, and we know that Homes for our Troops will be getting half of that … second and third slots have been locked in a dead heat (between the Food Bank of Western MA and the American Red Cross), so it may be that I’ll have to split that donation to be fair and give each a quarter of the total.

Thanks again! For big companies that kind of donation might not be a big deal, but it’s a HUGE deal for us at Stock Gumshoe, and we couldn’t have done it without you… and the almost 200 new Irregulars who also came on board during this campaign will, I’m sure, be a great addition to the site as well (and yes, we’ve got some plans and ideas for improving things here at HQ to make Stock Gumshoe better, faster, stronger in the new year, too — I don’t know if you’ve been hit by a few technical glitches we’ve experienced lately with logins and such, but we’re throwing some money and time at that problem, too).

We have the finest readers in cyberspace, and we very much appreciate you!

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