Buying, Fretting and Re-Checking Some Possibilities

I’ve got a few thoughts to share this week — no new teasers have caught my eye as interesting ones to share specifically with the Irregulars this Friday, but we sure have been seeing a lot of the graphite and graphene teases again (like Byron King’s pitch, and the Oxford Club’s graphite spiel), and everyone except Apple investors (more on that in s a moment) seems to be feeling so much more peppy this year as fund start slowly to move from money-losing (eventually) bonds into stocks … at least until the next Fiscal Cliff (or whatever they call it this time) crisis hits with the debt ceiling and etc. in a few more weeks or months.

This week I did do a little bit of buying — I picked up some more shares of Greenlight Capital Re (GLRE), which I explained here yesterday and have orders in for more if the stock happens to drop as I suspect it might (Einhorn had a bad fourth quarter for GLRE’s portfolio, and not just because of Apple, though we ...

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