Trinity Investment Research

By migage19, January 5, 2013

Anyone know anything about Trinity Investment Research or Flagler Financial Group? I received an email where Shawn Ambrosio wants you to subscribe to find out about a company that makes robots used to keep the nuclear reactor in Japan hit by the Tsunami from a complete meltdown. How can I find out about the company producing the robots?

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See here: Various companies have chipped in robot technology to help out at fukushima. iRobot is mentioned in the above linked article, but there are others, including Toshiba *see hre: and Hitachi (see, and Mitsubishi (see Another is Qinetiq North America, part of the british defense group Qinetiq (pronounced ki-net-ic) Qinetiq is traded in London (QQ.L) ( Imagine if Q, from James Bond, were privated by the Uk government. That’s an exaagerated view of what QQ.L is. Big sales, small profits, lots of screcy–huge PE. i don’t know what the guy is teasing, but my guess… Read more »