By lar12349, February 15, 2013

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from Profit Confidential

“Government-Authorized Codes Generate
Retirement Income of $1,166.70…$1,941.20
and More in as Little as 33 Days…” to be
released Thursday, February 28, 2013.

Discover how to access these codes month after
month—for as long as you need the income.

Any idea what this is?

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    1. gregg christman
      Feb 18 2013, 02:28:32 pm

      Profit Confidential has advertised that they can supply a client with
      government codes which are issued at the end of each month and that
      you can double and triple your money in as little as 30 days with these

      Any information on them?

      • Andrew
        Feb 19 2013, 07:24:16 pm

        They must think that the term “options” is copyrighted, so they call them “government-authorized codes”. Any other ideas?

        • gregg christman
          Feb 20 2013, 08:59:27 am

          I thought they might be options as well,especially when they mention
          they expire on a certain date.
          If you find out more let us know.


        • Wayne
          Sep 23 2013, 04:52:29 pm

          I also think they must be Optins but the fools don’t tell you that you have to approval to trade options or you can’t do anything.

        • Tony Wight
          Sep 22 2013, 01:58:35 pm

          Does that mean you have to buy an option and not a stock.
          Options lavage stocks but are available for everyone. “Special List of Government special codes” is not the same. I say he has to prove it.

    2. Don Liberman
      Sep 24 2013, 08:14:14 am

      I’m tired of the shameless promotional emails from Lombardi / Profit Confidential. The main premise of the lead articles is generally negative. Lombardi is a perma-bear who predicts the worst for the US economy and markets. He loves gold, constantly makes the case for inflation, recession, and general economic catastrophe on the horizon. Things may not be totally rosy in this country. But, exactly where are they any better today in a developed nation?
      To offset the gloom, we get promises of occult opportunities for massive rewards if we just “get in on” the secrets of the rich. If it were so easy to do, there’d be no need to sell information. He’d “Just Do It” (to borrow a phrase from Nike).

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