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Ultimate Wealth Report

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Has anyone subscribed to the Ultimate Wealth Report from Newsmax and written by James Rickards and Bob Wiedemer? This seems to be a new publication and I wonder if anyone has any thoughts about it. How would you rate it? It’s being highly advertised but I wonder if they’re just using scare tactics. Any thoughts would be very appreciated.

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247 Responses to Ultimate Wealth Report

  1. I have subscribed, Regina, and I like the “Ultimate Wealth Report” by Sean Hyman. Although much of Newsmax leans beary, scary, and conservative, (not that there is anything wrong with that!), Sean keeps it real with low P/Es, high yields, and most of all, excellent chart analysis. When he starts pointing out the 1,2,3,4, and 5 waves on the chart, both up and down then shows the 50 and 200 MDA, MACD, RSI (overbought/oversold), the trends become clearer. As a student of investing, I have grown to appreciate Sean’s writing and speaking style. I think you would too.

    Just my opinion. Hope that helps. Thanks, Scott

    • Amen to Baxter’s comment above. I subscribe to a number of investment newsletters, even though I/we haven’t bought or sold anything for a fair period of time. We’re almost totally invested in a private successful company that’s going to be sold by mid 2014. Hopefully, turning a very decent profit. So, nothing available to invest in the market until then. All my readings are in preparation for late 2014. I expect the markets will be very different at that time. The UW Report is probably the most beneficial to my needs at this time.

          • I’m new to Ultimate Wealth as a newsletter. When subscribed, it came with a trial offer to The High Income Factor, which I accepted. My empahsis is on receiving dividends and I really like what HI has to say, and his choices. Have bought some recently , including PSEC, whcih Gumshoe describes. MAIN has been good for appreciation and payout.

        • Dav s I have been a subscriber to ultimate wealth report &absolute profits for almost a year,and i just renewed for 2 yrs on both services! (both by Sean Hyman)! I would not be back in the market without the UWR &AP! I look forward to the weekly vidio updates on both services! They let you sign up & the first three months are FREE,and if you cancel during the first 90 days (doubtful) you wont be charged! I Highly recommend UWR & AP!

    • I just received the sales pitch email letter from Sean Hyman (http://w3.newsmax.com/newsletters/uwr/video_hyman.cfm?PROMO_CODE=132DC-1).
      In it, among other wonderful things, he is “giving away” a free stock recommendation (VALE, a Brasilian minig company) with an expected profit of 80% in the next several weeks. His reasoning: this great stock has an unbelieveably low “P/E ratio of 7, EPS of 2.46, and an annual dividend of a whopping 6.30%!” I immediately went to Yahoo! Finance and looked up VALE. Here are the actual numbers:
      P/E (trailing) = 19.68, EPS = 0.89, Div & Yield = 0.75 (4.40%).
      So, I am neither jumping at this great free giveaway nor rushing to subscribe.

      • I liked his pitch – very rational – so I’m surprised he quoted these figures so incorrectly. it doesn’t make sense because its so easy to check. I’d be interested to hear his response on that.

      • In everything I’ve read Sean uses forward P/E as his criterion. Currently 9/22/13 the forward P/E for Vale is 8.01 and the trailing is 19.98 according to FinViz.com. I think your criticism is a little unfair. The company has string fundamentals. Further, analysts seem to agree that there is a 25% upside potential here.

      • Let’s se May 2013 – VALE was 17. early July it was under 13. Returned to 17 by November. Back now to 13. Some 80% expected profit…..

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        • Great to hear about the Lord’s pardon for you, and your current work emphasis. Suggest you contact Foundation of Praise can be done online) for compliemtary copies of Prison to Praise, a small paper back that is having fantastic results in bringing prisionsers to the Lord.

    • Your readers might be more enlightened by searching for reviews of Newsmax, the Ultimate Wealth Report publisher. The complaints about Newsmax are very revealing!

  2. The Ultimate Wealth Report is actually written by Sean Hyman. His reports are factual, no scare tactics involved. As mentioned above, his charts are thorough and his system for analyzing the market is easy to follow. You get a wealth of information in the form of the newsletter monthly but also in weekly updates. These updates are often done by video and its Sean himself walking you through his chart analysis. At the end of each report, he updates you on where his picks are sitting since his recommended buy date and price. I subscribe to several reports. This is by far my favorite. I think he’s brilliant (do some research and you will find he’s a self taught guy from the pastoral field).

  3. Sean Hyman also apparently wrote Currency Capitalist. See the review of Currency Capitalist on stockgumshoe.com.

  4. I was impressed by the boblical money making code. The children of Israel must have applied it a lot. Can Sean Hyman assist an investor like me based in Southern Africa?

  5. I am truly interested in this system Sean has to offer, however because there are so many frauds in this world today that’s trying to make money off of you, the first thing I want to do is look into this company before i invest in IT!!! after all it’s one of the 1st lessons Sean teaches you. saying this, I need to hear more from people who actually subscribe/ or have subscribed to it. Have you made money, or are you just getting knowledge? Is Sean trully letting you in on his next investment move and recommending you do so as well, or is it just lots of reading on what you “CAN” do.

    Please someone help,
    thank you all in advance.

    • FIRST!!!!!!!! Anytime ANY sales pitch includes making you wait, only to finish you off with an urgency to “give,” you should be cautious. He might be completely legit, but he’s also legitimately and legally taking your money using tried and true marketing tactics. Not only could this guy “sell sunshine up the Pope’s ass,” but he’s actually selling the Pope’s ass so to speak. “But wait…. , in just in minute….., bla bla bla…..,” It’s a sin to love money, but he’s playing directly on that very thing – typical televagelist BS from one end to the other. PLUS!!!!!!!!!! Let’s not forget that the more people he lures in, the more influence he has on the actual outcome of his alleged predictions. He says not to follow the crowds, but keeps dangling, in the bright red stamp graphic, all the other 57,000 people who are following his advice. Kinda contradicts his own advice here alone. Ask him if you can get your money back with interest if you decide not to continue subscribing. Ain’t gonna happen, because he’s earning the interest. If you multiply $50 by 57,000, you’re approaching $3,000,000. That’s if all of his subscribers didn’t get sucked in by the “Premium Subscription,” which he labels “Most Popular.” Are you freaking kidding me? Why would someone who “preaches” not following the herd, stamp his more expensive product with the phrase “Most Popular?” Now, here’s where these goons get really tricky… by playing on people’s “Christian Values.” Because he’s allegedly referencing the Bible, he’s automatically injecting his pitch directly into an entire generation of people who are accustomed to blindly following what their preachers tell them, and he gets away with it by inviting his audience to dig deep and gain some kind of understanding, yet he’s kinda holding your hand. I can go on and on, but his big hook at the beginning is more typical indoctrination BS, skills he probably learned in Bible college, and then honed as a preacher. If you pay attention, and followers aggressively DO NOT, to there own peril, you can clearly see that he’s laying one big guilt trip on his prey, taunting and challenging prospective subscribers to not hoard their money, and connecting that money to one’s “talents.” And yes, FOX news is THE CONSERVATIVE NEWS CHANNEL!!!!!!!!!!! They could not have been happier to have this chump on their lineup, because it supports their cause. Notice how he makes a big deal about being mocked, but in the end, his predictions were right. Well, of course they were!!!! He’s steering the freaking boat, and it was probably something easy to predict in the first place!!!! He even capitalizes on the world’s biggest, “most popular” company, Apple – DUH!!!!!!! Don’t have to be the son of God to know that Apple’s stocks are gonna dip after their generation altering icon Steve Jobs passes away!!!!!!!!!!! Really???????????? But, my last thought is where this seemingly humble brother really gets his rocks off. Free advertising, compliments of “GOD” himself!!!!!!!!!!!! You heard me, free advertising!!!!!!! Why????? Because, anyone who’s been indoctrinated by Christian ideologies, in this case, is used to following, and even worse, blindly protecting those ideologies. You don’t have to dig too deep into this one discussion to know who they are, because they argue their points based on nothing. It’s like getting involved in circular arguments with people that have personality disorders. They are self-fulfilling prophets and usually doing nothing but reporting the weather. And, since when is big money making some kind of stranger to the tax exempt church?!!!! Are you kidding me???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are experts at profiting on people’s weaknesses!!!! That’s what missions are all about, converting the destitute in third-world countries. They are recruiters, not missionaries!!!!!!!!! Here’s another thing…. Who is he giving all his money to anyway?!!! What do we call those people?

      • I came to the same conclusion as D-Skeptic on Sean’s spiel. I did some research to see what folks were saying, because I am against the Wall Street games that have hurt so many people, and we desperately need those who will share some wisdom (talents), – and by that I mean the real wisdom of Solomon. Sean totally misses what the parable of the talents presents: Jesus was saying to the disciples to NOT hide their talents (their knowledge of Christ), but to use their gifts in the service of God, and to take risks (even death) for the sake of the Kingdom of God. Spreading the Gospel (The Son of God died so that we may live… our choice) is the return on investment meant by this parable. Parting with $49 or $97 serves Sean’s wealth. The only guarantee you have is you no longer have $49 or $97. It would be good to bear in mind that D’Skeptic is correct, “the more people he lures in, the more influence he has on the actual outcome of his alleged predictions”. I like the parable, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to get into heaven”. The rich man so often is blind to his spiritual poverty because he is proud of his accomplishments and has contented himself with his wealth. So the rich man is as likely to humble himself before God as a camel is to crawl through the eye of a needle. Also, “Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they? (Who do you want to trust, God or Sean?) Finally, “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. (Matt 6:19-21). I’m afraid Mr. Hyman gave up some treasure in heaven by deciding to follow the path he choose. He was given “talents”, (knowledge where he was schooled in biblical principles) but he opted to go down the path of riches. Evil is alive and well when all it takes is 50,000/yr philanthropy to twist one’s conscience into believing this practice is in any sense Christian principled. God lets each of us decide what we do with what we are given, and God honors an honest penny (tithe) from a poor man.

        • The real meaning of the parable of the talents was NOT to illustrate how to handle money, but, to illustrate to the church leaders at the time who were in charge of something they should have seen as ‘high value’, that being God’s law forHis People.

          Jesus was using the principle of the law of increase, as mentioned in various parts of the Scriptures ( known to us moderns as the Old Testament ) such as when you Sow the wind, you Reap a whirlwind [ Hosea 8]. Jews at the time were well familiar with the principle.

          The church leaders flouted this law for their own ends, and they detected he was making a point against them as evidence in the opening of Matt 26. So the parable was about the administering of the law, but using wealth as a carrier of meaning.

          I agree with everything D’Skeptic says, but like others in this post think that a serious level headed investor will CONTINUALLY draw from a number of viewpoints as education, as part of “looking well into” it for themselves. Then they should decide for themselves, not take direct advice from any newsletter. In that the offer is cheap, though long winded.

          • The point of using the parable of the talents is not to teach it is about money, per se, but that Jesus used money and investing to make His spiritual point. In that, the parable teaches two lessons, and Hyman simply focuses on the literal teaching about money for the purpose of making his point about investing. That’s not a bad thing, and I don’t think he intended to suggest the parable was strictly about money.

            This is true of all Christ’s parables: they use practical lessons as parallels to spiritual lessons. One can see this in simple things such as not covering a lamp, building a house on firm foundations, and how and where one plants seeds. These and more use real world examples to teach spiritual lessons. In other words, Jesus does not use stories that do not match physical world experience to craft His spiritual lessons. Thus, we can use the logic of the stories in the parables in our own physical lives, while also drawing lessons pertaining to the spiritual as well.

      • Although I can certainly understand your animosity to some extent (relative to anyone “using” religion to “schlepping the gelt “i.e., in this case making a sales pitch to make money) , your comments are way over reactive in that he is not suggesting one should buy his “stuff” because he is religious but rather that he knows what he is doing, has a track record, and provides a good explanation of his approach and recommendations. You completely ignore the fact that he is not “preying upon” (pun intended) an ignorant “flock” of followers but rather participating in the competitive market place of ideas to earn business. You also miss the point that the man is apparently respected for his analysis and results by his readers as stated herein above by others .
        Unlike many tele-evangelists of the past and present, he is not saying that God will reward you with a bucks-up multiple fold return if you contribute to him, but rather advertising that his background, intelligence, and work efforts, e.g., research, and analysis will provide good investment ideas that will help individuals to profit in the international market bourses. Whether that is true or not or remains so for the long term remains to be seen. Nevertheless your comments are clearly over the top, biased, unsubstantiated, and uncalled for. I think you should stop and ponder whether your prejudice gets in the way of your objectivity. chill out, and stop painting those you think to be religious Christians with such a broad brush of damnation. You just might need help from someone someday and then you’ll find out something about who cares.

        PS: I have no ax to grind. However, I believe we need to communicate with facts and a modicum of civility rather than invective and vituperation. I along with others commenting herein found your diatribe embarrassing and egregious. I have written critical articles on the web about specific TV evangelists in the past.

      • If GODs name was used in vain for the purpose of stealing money from unsuspecting citizens and therefore benefitting Seans own wealth, do you think he would continue to prosper?

    • D”Skeptic, I read your post and agreed with some of the points you were making about the marketing and sales pitch. He may be guilty of using this as a method to get rich and he will be judged for that by GOD when the time comes. You join forces with him by making judgments about Christian ideologies. We do not “blindly protecting those ideologies” we live them openly and to use them to help others find something in life that has meaning and hope. What is wrong with feeding and helping children and giving them something to believe in
      Since you seem to be able to verbalize and analyze things, can you take the time to look around you in this beautiful complex world and tell explain how it all came about.
      You may be right about him but you need to take time to save yourself by doing at least one thing he talks about. Check out our Christian beliefs and study the Scriptures in great detail and you will find we are not “anyone who’s been indoctrinated by Christian ideologies, in this case, is used to following, and even worse, blindly protecting those ideologies. You don’t have to dig too deep into this one discussion to know who they are, because they argue their points based on nothing”. By the way you at least know enough about God to Spell it with a capital “G”.

    • Catharine, since when has Fox News been any badge of trustworthiness? You do know that they have been shown to make things up and to doctor edits of news items to match their political view on that channel don’t you?

          • I’m not defending anyone Magnus. But when you bring up the “trustworthiness” be mindful of the fact that others here might not agree with you, and thus take an opportunity to counter your opinion. Since this is a financial advisory newsletter, any and all financial views as reported is late news anyway, regardless of whom espouses it. At least Fox strives to get all sides of a story, or a platform for them. While the talking heads interrupt too frequently (IMHO), at least there is some balance than the sway to one side on the other channels (I can give you actual examples of CNN, NBC and MSNBC for starters). You must either watch Fox consistently to render your opinion, or you take the opinion of others and call it your own like sheep.

            I take my financial news with a grain of salt on every channel. I am conservative with my hard earned money, and Fox is more closely aligned with my viewpoint. I don’t spend money I don’t have, and if I do, it is first to help others in need. I conduct my own research and due diligence, using sites like these as a backdrop to test theories, and create watch lists.

          • The Fox bashing is tired, unfounded, and annoying. This is an investment commentary where somebody who has a good track record appears on Fox to provide his opinion. Are you suggesting Fox forces him to say misleading things? What doctored edits specifically are you talking about or are you just a bandwagon jumper with the lame and lazy pile on that is known as Fox Derangement Syndrome? If you like Sean’s analysis then who cares where he shows up.

      • Name just one specific instance when Fox news made things up and doctored items of news to match their political views, just one. No phony replies, no trying to change the subject, just one very specific instance.

          • Sorry, but your example is poor. Media matters is not a trustworthy source. You’ll have to do a lot better than that.

          • One cannot rely on Media Matters when their primary mission is to discredit Fox NEWS, even to the point of conducting investigations into the personal lives of Fox News Channel staff in order to look for dirt. I wonder if they spend as much time on investigating the more liberal Democrats who work for FNC?

        • Sorry to break it to you Chuck if you didn’t already know – but yes, Fox are untruthful. Jeffrey’s link there gives you quite a few instances to chew on…..sorry. : (

          • I note on that link that a) most of the stories are anti-Fox, and b) over 90% of the stories have opinions versus facts. That website would be okay, in my opinion, if they also showed errors and bias in reporting for CNN, MSNBC, and NBC (like stroy coverages, pictures of certain political figures larger than their opponents, videos of reporters “across town” while in the same parking lot…etc.

            Just curious, did any other these other channel reporters also apologize for their mistakes? You won’t find them on this website.

            All the more reason to take anything anyone says, both here and on-line, with a huge grain of salt. Do your own due diligence–that’s the message

        • “make things up and doctored items of news to match their political views”? You’re surely talking about President Obama, right? He does it in his every utterance.

          • I am not here for anti-Fox bashing. I am here for investing info and learning. If I want your opinions on Fox, I’ll ask for it! Since you raise the issue, thank God for a network that shares some values that the big three, bias, pro Marxist-socialist do not. Please knock off the bashing and get back to investing in a “fair and balanced” manner.

      • Magnus, what are you talking about. You are drinking the liberal cool aide. “You know they have been shown to make things up”. Please provide an example.

    • Being a regular on Fox News [sic] makes him much less trustworthy to me. The actual actions of Fox News [sic] show that they are a lying propaganda machine that Goebbels would be proud to have run. IOW if one wants to make oneself less informed the best way is to watch Fox News [sic] and believe what they are saying. Some easy examples, touting Iraq War, Romney will win easily, there was no cheating in FL in 2000 and OH in 2004 for George Bush Jr., Obama was not born in the U.S., Social Security is bankrupt and the list can go on, but the few just mentioned are ALL lies that Fox News [sic] has slogged or is currently slogging.

      The only good thing Fox News [sic] is the soft porn being sold by their female presenters with a nice shot of leg while presenting.

      • Wow! maxx. That’s some fantastical left leaning drivel you’ve got dripping down your chin.

        Fox never “touted” the Iraq War.

        You can’t blame Fox for believing the voting public was smarter than to allow a second term to the current president.

        The cheating in FL in 2000 were by supporters of Al Gore

        Fox did NOTHING more than report that some believed Obama was born outside the US.

        Social Security is indeed in dire straits unless you think raising the age to qualify for benefits, or decreasing the amount of benefits to keep it solvent is a good thing.

        It is you who lies about Fox, except for that part about the good looking female personalities. That’s just another plus.

        • @AJC
          You can insult all you want, but that does not change reality.

          Fox News [sic] most certainly touted the Iraq war, even Fox News [sic] blowhards like O’Rilely admit this.

          That Bush Jr. cheated in OH in 2004 and FL in 2000 is not a matter of debate, in both cases he lost until the votes were “massaged”. I am a computer programmer and what the media reports as a “recount” is nothing more than a “rerun”. There were no recounts in either of those elections. Bush Jr. lost in 2000 and lost the nationwide popular vote, Bush Jr. lost in 2004 and won the nationwide popular vote. In both cases Bush Jr. operatives cheated, not the Democrats. Bush Jr. and the repiglicons in general have been exposed to have cheated, but the right-wing biased mainstream media, e.g. New York Times, Wall Street Journal etc. are corporatists and support repiglicon policy.

          Fox News [sic] constantly ran the nonsense that Obama was not born in the U.S. when it has always been clear that he was born in the U.S. Now, as I write this Fox News [sic] is quiet about Ted Cruz who was most definitely born in Canada while his father was not an American citizen. Cruz is running for president and there is not doubt about this whatsoever, even Cruz admits it. However, Fox News [sic] is silent about Cruz. Just another example that Fox News [sic] is a propaganda outlet for the repiglicons.

          Social Security has over two trillion dollars in surplus. The only dire straits for Social Security are the Wall Street thieves who want to steal the trillions. A very simple change to Social Security would be to make ALL income subject to FICA with no caps on amounts. This would allow raising of Social Security payments and lowering of age for retirement which would employ more younger workers. Social Security is an INSURANCE program that has always been self funding, it is working and has never missed a payment for 74 years.

          I do not have to lie about Fox News [sic], they do a perfectly good job of that themselves. All one has to do is look at the facts which you apparently choose not to do.

          • Maxx- I take exception to only one part of your post.

            Referring to our 43rd President as “Bush Jr.” is an undeserved kindness.

            The person who bushwhacked our country both financially and morally is best referred to as “the rotten shrub that should have been forcibly uprooted from the White House as quickly as possible.”

    • Legit? It’s a set of ideas. You can read Jesus’ parables in a very short time and decide for yourself if you agree with Hyman’s interpretations of the meaning of those parables in terms of financial advice. Personally I think it’s an excellent sales pitch because he gets the attention of Christians – including those who may accept it just on that basis with no further analysis , but he also gets non Christian rationalists by making the core argument that this is all common sense stuff and that the key thing is to let go of greed, which is too emotive, and essentially invest rationally. All good stuff – the next step is to decide if his idea of rational investing then stacks up. but I would say they he needs to start by quoting accurate figures for companies he talks about so the errors discussed in this thread are concerning.

    • Really?


      Well, then… but OF COURSE IT IS!

      After all, why else would all the Bronze- and Iron-Age middle-eastern bedouin cults have bothered recording their obtuse fairy tales IF NOT to make clueless 21st-ct. punters hand their subscription-$$ over to a mail-order charlat… err, guru.

      Scripture is, naturally, all about lillies in the fields expecting to get rich without work.

      • Really? I think you’re missing the scriptures message entirely. Your even missing the points that Sean tries get across from the scripture.

      • Reminds me of Wade Cook of “Wall Street Money Machine” fame – he was a Mormon con artist, sold 5K weekend seminars (no coffee, a Mormon no no), and other outrageously priced investment scams. He quoted a lot of scripture (and not just from the Book of Moron).

        • You just insulted 15,000,000 plus Mormons for one bad apple. Perhaps you ought to delve into it deeper. You may end up a happier more thoughtful person.

          • Study the characters who created the so called “Mormon” church – con artist all – especially Joseph Smith with his “peep stone” = swindling NY farmers out of room, board and money purporting to advise them where gold could be found on their property. Of course, ALL churches are con games, so don’t be so sensitive, it’s just that being a con is a big part of the Mormon persona.

        • Cook was never accused or convicted of scamming anyone but Uncle Sam. His conviction was for tax fraud. I know of one person personally who made money following Cook’s financial teachings.

    • and you feel that Yahoo Finance is always right? I do not. I like Yahoo Finance AND USE IT OFTEN BUT HAVE FOUND DISAGREEMENTS WITH THEIR STATS TO SCOTTRADE’S FOR EXAMPLE.

  6. I really want to believe this man is on the up and up. I think he probably is.?.
    My major concern is this, I don’t understand what he is talking about because I have
    never invested…it’s like trying to understand a foreign language. I wonder if I will
    miss what he is saying and therefore never invest and I then have lost $20. I didn’t
    have to lose in the first place.

  7. Blogger#7 Catherine says ” anyone that is a REGULAR and happens to be about finance or investing on Fox News is…. trust worthy. I would suggest to her or him BETTER start take an antioxidant for the brain.

    • At least on Fox one gets an audience of all sides, instead of the diatribe of one-sided old financial news on MSNBC and CNN.

        • like I said, old news…I like rational discussion of divergent opinions, not something forced down te pike, and irrelevant.

      • All of the Western news outlets are controlled. The BBC is notorious. They displayed video, for example, of a supposed crowd of cheering Libyans waving their flags upon learning of Qaddafi’s murder – but an examination of the video revealed it was taken from some big Indian political rally – the crowd were waving Indian flags.

  8. Dave, you’re a skilled nutritionist but what about some sound advise in the investment field?
    “Fox News” haters are all cut from the same cloth, they attack the messenger but almost always never contribute more than a spewing of hate and discontent. I’ll bet you’re as poor financially as you are in giving sound advise.

  9. I just decided to take a look at this newsletter. Like most of them, I will probably get a refund after a few months. Remember, no one can predict the future, and no one can do the research you must do for yourself. I am strong on fundamental analysis, moderate on technical, and weak on sentiment. I subscribed because I like the triangle concept in the pitch , and need to learn more on sentiment. I expect to learn a few things from him. In the mean time, I am 100% cash and looking for a bottom in gold ( sandstorm warrants… thanks Travis).

      • Ah, at last. Someone has addressed the question originally asked. Can we PLEASE have some comments and opinions on the substance of the Ultimate Wealth Report

    • Kevin, if you are looking for a fail safe method to protect from investing loses, I would humbly advise you not put your faith in any man. Do your own reading and studying, you will better be served success in the long haul. and learn how to fish. If you believe that somehow God is going to make you $$$’s richer via Sean’s reports, I personally would discount that spiritual connection. His faith is his, yours is what matters most. What do you believe God wants for your service to Him? Always be a good steward of what has been given and your faithfulness will be rewarded.

      • subscribe at the discount if you can, learn a few things, and continue if you want beyond the expiration date. There are also investment clubs out there…

    • Vicki – Seek and ye shall find, as advised by the Lord, was in regard to seeking and finding eternal life. This can be done with or without money. Money just makes the journey more comfortable, but it can also be a burden. Concern yourself first with your soul and second with your body. Your soul lasts forever, but your body is a temporary vessel. Only your body needs money, and it only needs it as long as it lives. Feed your body as necessary, but guard your soul with your very life. It was paid for at a price.

  10. I second the notion, has ANYONE FOLLOWED HIS ADVICE and made noteworthy progress, or is this a scam? And I believe God truly does want everyone to be wealthy, happy and content, as much as they can individually support.

    • I subscribed to Hyman’s newsletter in July. Over the last 3 months, buying stocks recommended (not all of them, due to free cash in my investment account), and selling at his recommendation (just one equity so far), I’ve had the following results:
      1. bought one stock for $2,978, sold it at $580 profit.
      2. Reinvested that, and along with the stocks I’ve bought and haven’t sold, I have purchased 12 equities (3 of them twice to add into my position), for $34,516, and have an unrealized gain of $3,540. That’s an 11.3% profit, and an annual return of 114%.

      What I like about Hyman is his clear explanation of his method of charting. I learn as much from that as from his buy and sell recommendations.

  11. I watched his LONG presentation which to me seemed pretty repetitive with the Biblical aspects only vaguely attached. He seems to be selling common-sense.

    Still, the proof is in the pudding. Has anybody subscribed? Have you made money?

    • Long, repetitive, and structured like a sleazy late-night infomercial. It sounds like it’s designed to whip up your irrational “get rich quick” greed, and scare away respectable, rational people. Yet the underlying principles sound solid. It’s a mystery why he’s hawking this in such a sleazy way.

  12. Oh, it is horribly, horribly repetitive. That alone gives me significant doubts. Really, he must tell us 12 times how he went from making $15,000 to giving away $50,000. Yeah, maybe tell us that, uh, TWICE, i think we’ll remember.

  13. I also want to know if this scam? I called 1-800 number and it is good news that some one picked it up. Any one tried the news letter?

  14. I read and followed his newsletter. I kept track of all his holdings, taking his knowledge against a composite of other financial reports, always with a grain of salt. I circled those stocks that seemed to be the best but cheapest on the list, with minimum returns of 12% or more (to beat inflation, fees, and CPI to include food, and energy costs). I then placed those individual stocks on my brokerage account “watch list” to see their performances over several months. …almost all of them were successful. I just wish I had money to invest. So I have now started saving 30% of my income so as to invest, living off 70%.

    I didn’t look for performances more than three months old, nor under a month. Either side of those dates, stocks were too volatile. I just watched for trends, and did research on the news of each company, and its governing industry. A year later, many are still performing great.

    It is a great cheap investment education.

  15. Just picked up the $20 6 month trial with no auto-renew (the very-last-chance offer they dole out)in the latest “Biblical” ads yesterday. The extra reports you get are all from 2012, so you surely would have to do your due diligence on any specific recommendations contained therein. You do get access to prior issues of the newsletter so you can check his updates. I’m in cash primarily myself right now, so it’s more of a curiosity for me at present. I just wanted to see if he was like the others (clergy or not) preaching/hyping what’s called the “Prosperity Gospel”. From what I’ve read so far it seems to be looking that way, but perhaps some fellow believers here in Gumshoe Land can share their insights on that.

  16. Sunday Girl ,
    Where did you find $20 6 month trial? They have one year subscription for $97?
    Any one has used any other similar services? Any recommendations?

  17. Don’t remember offhand the title (text) of the original offer, but when you click on the link a video comes up. I then attempt to leave, and when the pop-up box comes up, I hit “Stay on Page” to get the transcript / text (since I can’t be watching videos at work! *wink*), then scroll down to the bottom for the order page link. I clicked on that to see the price, then went to leave again. Another pop-up comes up I believe, so I stay on page. After that (or maybe there was one more go-round like that, I forget) is when that last offer comes up. The actual price given is $19.95 . If I come across that again anywhere, I’ll post the link here for you.

  18. @Sunday Girl: I just tried what you said to do and it worked! I got 6 months for $19.95:-)
    Thanks so much for sharing this!

  19. I subscribed some 2 weeks ago ($97 for 2 years) and have since invested $8,000 in my margin account (14 positions $1,000 each) as of today I’m up $600 (after buy commission) – some picks are up 20% in a matter of days – some are still waiting for their moment. I bought several of his recommendations at lower prices than he did – overall now seems a good time to check out what Sean has to say.

  20. Ferdi,
    Than you for sharing your experience. They charge $97 for one year. How did you get for two years for $97?
    Also, do they send daily buy/sell mail or it is just weekly mail?

    • the $97 for two years was one of the payment options after the “Investing God’s way” video.
      Sean sends out a monthly newsletter and a weekly update (usually a video) where he discusses the overall market and his holdings in depth – so you get a very good understanding how he thinks and why he recommends what he recommends.
      Since it’s about investing and not about trading, I have not seen any daily buy/sell recommendations nor do I expect any. The newsletter started investing in 2012 and has not sold a position just yet – the first position that is expected to be sold is currently up 48% (in 13 months) – the overall portfolio is currently still down 3.15% but is picking up speed – my implementation of about 70% of his recommendations is up 6.7% in the last 30 days – which is not bad considering the DOW is down almost 6% for the same period. If nothing else, you’ll get a good education and then you have to decide for yourself if that way of thinking and investing is for you or not.

  21. There is not a single piece of solid evidence anyone has posted that shows that they have been profitable in this thread. I can find zero actual analytics on google or “clients” that back up their 20% profit margins with any type of real statistics, stock ticker symbols, quotes from the pastor/money guru, or real information. Telling me “I made good money” doesn’t help us “research” this bible thumping $1500 per membership “investment” club. If this pastor truly believed that everyone should be happy and wealthy and his system actually worked, why would he need your money for preaching the good word? Isn’t he giving away $50K now? You people do understand that Newsmax is an amazing propaganda machine for a certain group of Ruddy’s friends to collect hard working people’s money? Rupert has nothing on these guys. Hyman Tweeted yesterday.. “Working outside with my laptop by the pool…listening to the fountains and waterfalls. A pleasant day.” I’m sure it was Hyman, I’m sure it was.

    • You will not be punished for your anger – you will be punished by your anger (The Buddha/fakebuddhaquotes.com)
      Why don’t you lighten up, follow Hyman’s example and listen to fountains and waterfalls … and smell the roses …

  22. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would post their financial gains on a blog of any type. Im not certain where you got the 1500 buck from but it’s 20 bucks for a newletter to allow you to make a better decision based off his findings. A lot investors spend money on these newletters to make better informed decisions. If you want real statistics based on his findings pay the 20 bucks over a six month period record your findings as if you invested call it a dummy portfolio. I think I remember seeing a money back guarantee so it not like its that big of a deal, what is 20 bucks anyway ppl waste more than 20 bucks in no time, smoking, high end hair care, video games, etc….

  23. Happy,
    It is not just $20 , it is one will be putting his money on line or spend time to test if the newsletter works. The question posted here is to fi d answer if it has worked for people and the positive posters are genuine. If some one really wants to help, he/she will have to post more creditable post instead just sayi g that they made $5000 or so.

  24. i don’t feel that this is going to be very useful for the majority of people, i’m opting out. His repetitive statements in the pitch make me think his “lessons” will be equally repetitive, round and round, here we are back to the same remark again.

  25. I too agree.
    Is there any posting on Stock Gumshoe on some other investment letter details?
    Is there any one willing to share positive experience with any other newsletter?


    • I’m sure every newsletter has some people with positive experiences. What I’d really like is a thorough comparison between various newsletters.

      Just like every washing machine cleans your clothes and every smartphone makes calls and accesses internet, we still get tons of comparisons of the strengths and weaknesses of all those different models. I’d like to see something similar for investment newsletters.

    • I just watched the video more out of curiosity than anything else after seeing the link at another site. He’s repetitive but the gist seems to be that he’s selling common sense and offering for a price to let you benefit from his application of it using classic investment tools he claims to have mastered. The price is appealing because you’re hardly out much if he really isn’t that good. Since he allows access to all past issues you can see for yourself how successful his picks have been and even implement a mock portfolio with hypothetical trades. Personally, I have never been very successful with stocks and have invested almost exclusively in mutual funds from Fidelity using the newsletter “Fidelity Insight” now “Fidelity Monitor & Insight” for the past 20+ years. They have 5 model portfolios containing rarely more than 6 mutual funds. Trades are infrequent and posted on hotline messages provided every Friday or when the DOW goes up or down 300 points in a single day; short but informative monthly newsletter; and, a helpful web site. I’ve been in the “Growth Model” since I started subscribing (if $100,000 invested in the Growth Model in 1986 it would now be almost $1.7 million today). It’s simple and from experience I have confidence in it. Hope this helps.

  26. Martijn,
    It a great idea if people can share their experiences with various investment newsletters they might have used in the past. I am a newbie and have not used any.

  27. have one of those online accounts …. picked 6 stocks a few years ago just to prove a point about the lottery … $20 a month per stock .. no big investment but picked companies i loved … for example: HOG, KOLS, and JNJ (because I am stuck on bandaid brand … ) :D

    anyway … my point is that my rate of return at the lowest dropped to just over 14%…most often in the 35% range. wish I had put $40 per stock per month but oh well… it gave me the cash for closing I needed to buy my home last year. If you know nothing about investing, he will teach you something and its worth the cost of the education. If you want to get rich quick so you have more and more then you miss the whole point of what he is teaching. Is his plan an online marketing promotion? yes…that is how he makes his money. He is doing business. Making an income to support his family and lifestyle. A salesman, selling his knowledge. It is up to you to decide if he knows something you are willing to pay for.

  28. Folks, Sean does not make money from his investments. He makes his money from his subscribers. His last two services with his old company failed, which is why he is working for Newsmax now. Enough people will sign up for this current scam which will keep it afloat for a while. When Sean starts losing money for people (as all his services have done. Do some research on all of the services he is no longer a part of) subscribers will bail on his service and he’ll move on to the next one. This is all an internet marketing numbers game. You bring enough subscribers on until the so-called “investment guru” starts losing subscribers money and then you move on to the next “service.” I should know how this works. I’m in the same business. The fact that Sean brings God into this is shameful.


  29. Seems to me the parable that Jesus told regarding the talents given to the servants relates to that which GOD gives us as His children and how we should use those gifts . . . not about making money. Especially when charging interest on loans to our countrymen is condemned. GOD’s Word is not about money in a positive sense. Consider Solomon and what wealth eventually bought him. Certainly not obedience to GOD’s Word.

  30. Did you read the rest of the New Testament? The servant that had only one talent that buried it to protect it for his masters return, then the master taught him a lesson and the other two servants that were given talents and so on and so forth. A talent is a unit of measurement.

  31. The question “Does the newsletter work?” almost amuses me. Newsletters are mostly for education and training – and there is much to learn from Sean Hyman’s approach to investing – but the decision what you do with your money always is ultimately yours alone. If you want you want to hand over full control and responsibility of your investments to a newsletter, I recommend you buy a mutual fund instead.

  32. The most important Biblical financial principle is tithing; if I don’t trust God enough to give back that 10% (which is His anyway), how can I expect Him to bless my finances? We went through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace course, and are following his advice on saving, getting out of debt, and smart investing. Sean is correct about greed, and using $$ to bless and care for others; however, if I’m not trusting God with my money, do I really trust Him at all? It’s ‘easy’ to trust God for things I don’t have now, or see now (eternal things), but to trust Him for today’s bills, food, rent, debts… that’s real faith, and that’s why tithing is the proof of one’s commitment to God.

    • I understand the point your trying to get across but I think the 10% tithing limitation is from the Old Testament, before Christ.

    • The Bible doesn’t teach a 10% tithe. If you study it correctly you’ll find out that 10% was a minimum and was in place of any national tax for Israelites. In the New Testament we find that giving is to be sacrificial. 10% is fine, but don’t look at it as a Biblical requirement. Also, I know Ramsey’s work quite well. Have been a financial counselor myself and his budgeting program is excellent. I disagree with his investment advice and a lot of people have been hurt with his mutual fund advice. I’d highly recommend his budgeting advice to anyone. But for investing I’d look elsewhere.

    • The numbers would say that either Sean Hyman does not tithe or he only makes $500,000 a year. He states that he gives away up to $50,000 per year. This seems like a lot, but for a guru investor and the money he makes from his newletter, I would think he makes way more that $500k.
      I agree the Ad is repetitvie, this is normal for marketing, that is how you get people to believe your story and buy your product — nothing at all wrong with that. I would like to be that good with my business.
      Finally, I have not bought his products, but I understand the investing plan. Buy LOW. Sell HIGH.

  33. Please know that Sean does not make money from his investments. He makes his money from his subscribers. His last two services with his old company failed, which is why he is working for Newsmax now. Enough people will sign up for this current scam which will keep it afloat for a while. When Sean starts losing money for people (as all his services have done. Do some research on all of the services he is no longer a part of) subscribers will bail on his service and he’ll move on to the next one. This is all an internet marketing numbers game. You bring enough subscribers on until the so-called “investment guru” starts losing subscribers money and then you move on to the next “service.” I should know how this works. I’m in the same business. The fact that Sean brings God into this is shameful.

  34. I just ran across this thread and frankly, I don’t know what to think. Are we REALLY spending time and effort here to (1) discredit or praise Sean Hyman, (2) discuss religion and it’s suggested interface with Wall Street, (3) try to discredit Fox News, and (4) toss stingers at one another for holding divergent opinion on topics where opinion is the only currency in which to trade – no facts available. Really? Is that what this website is about? I don’t think so.
    If you want to have a discussion about the Bible and some mystic “code” it may contain on how to make money, go to church and start a discussion group. If you want to talk about the veracity of news stories on Fox vs. MSNBC, go to your favorite political website and fire away. If you want to beat up on or praise Hyman, just go ahead and reward him for his promotional efforts and sign on for a year to see for yourself – you can always cancel and get a refund. Personally, he’s of little use to me.
    As for me, I LOVE this site and the work Travis does alongside Myron and Doc. We get a ton of good commentary and the occasional suggestions made here. Plus, we get some decent input from others of the Gumshoe Nation from time to time.
    You want to do something that would, in my opinion, be truly HELPFUL in your efforts to become a better investor? Here’s two suggestions – both of which I participate in.
    First, if you haven’t already done so, subscribe as an “Irregular” member right here on Stock Gumshoe. For a measly $49 a year you’ll get access to additional info that casual users of the site don’t have. It’s informative (do you know what Travis’ personal portfolio holds? I do.) and it’s interesting. Really .. $49 for a year? Do you have to think about that? That’s less than the cost of a dinner for 2 at Outback, and we all know what that dinner turns into 24 hours later. This information doesn’t do that.
    Second, if you haven’t yet discovered it, get onto another website: SeekingAlpha.com . This is, somewhat like Gumshoe, open and free to anyone but also has a subscription feature called SeekingAlpha PRO. This is expensive and for very serious investors only – about $2900 for a year. But the recommendaions there can and sometimes do actually move markets. You get those advisories 72 hours before they appear on the website for everyone else and that can make a world of difference. My mama used to tell me that if I wanted hot bisquits I’d have to come early to the table. Good investment advice, although she had no idea that was what it would become for me later in life. The PRO feature serves hot bisquits.But using the PRO feature isn’t necessary for most of us. I don’t. The info on the regular site is sufficient for me for now.
    The great thing about the site is that there are many dozens of “Contributors” that write up analysis on individual stocks and industries. Great stuff, very detailed, very informative. There folks are sharp – some professional, some just very, very good at peeling the investment onion.. You can “follow” them and see the stories they write which are full of useful analysis, data, charts, etc. New writeups are posted every day along with other news stories, etc. It’s almost like having 100 newsletters delivered to your inbox every day. And it has a “follow portfolio” feature that is second to none – the amount of info you get on positions you are watching or that you own is very deep and through. If you’re a serious investor, use them. It’s a perfect compliment to what is done here on Gumshoe.
    OK .. now I sould like a shill myself. Just go to SeekingAlpha and use the thing. Once you figure out how to use it all these questions about hyped newsletter subscriptions will fall off the board.
    That’s how I see it, folks. Leave religion and politics out of it, or at least take those discussions to places they belong. Let’s exchange IDEAS on companies and sectors and such and try to make some money.
    Best wishes to all for successful investing ..
    The Blind Squirrel
    Jim Skelton

    • Blind Squirrel speaketh the truth, my brethren. His parables are excellent recommendations and well worth taking as scripture.

      I agree wholeheartedly with the information about SeekingAlpha. Their articles are timely and written very professionally, even though some of the authors might not be a professional.

      If you are interested in a specific stock, you can search for it and find the latest daily information (52 week high and low, EPS, PE, Yield, etc.) along with a list of recent articles about the stock and a list of its competitors and how they compare to the stock in which you are interested and to each other.

      As Blind Squirrel said, it’s very easy to follow all of the stocks in which you are interested. You can even set up different portfolios — for example, one for the stocks you own and another for those you want to keep tabs on. Just tell them the stocks, and as soon as an article is published you will be notified by email. You can also receive a weekly summary if you so desire.

      All of this is free!

      Another GREAT free site is http://www.investopedia.com/. They have:

      A comprehensive dictionary of investing terms,

      Many from-newbie-to-advanced articles (a recent one was about how to determine the risk level of an investment, another was how to analyze balance sheets),

      An exhaustive list of technical analysis terms along with examples (there are videos for some of them), and

      Dozens of tutorials on just about any investment topic you can name.

      They even have an investing simulator to check out your ideas, and practice exams if you want to become an accredited investment counsellor.

      And, like SeekingAlpha.com, it’s all free.

      As far as signing up for a for-fee newsletter, my recommendation is: DON’T !

      If you are new to this site, sign up to get the free newsletter and see what you think. After a week or two or three, if you like what it’s all about, join as an irregular. The pittance for admittance will be well spent – you will get a wealth of information from Travis and the supernatural powers of the Mighty Thinkolator. Quite often there will be informative comments from the members, many of whom are seasoned investors.

      If you are just getting started in investing, you may be tempted to invest in a mutual fund because you are investing in more than one stock and someone else is making the decisions.

      This is another DON’T – except for Fidelity. It’s strange, but there are more mutual funds than stocks – and the majority of them can, because of fees and loads and all too often poor management, actually make you lose money. However, many of the Fidelity funds have a very low fee coupled with no load or transaction fee.

      You can search for the type of funds in which you might be interested at https://www.fidelity.com/fund-screener/fund-picks.shtml . Then use SeekingAlpha.com and Investopedia.com to seek out and further check on the Fidelity funds you think you like.

      Another good site, but not as comprehensive as SeekingAlpha.com or Investopedia.com, is http://www.zacks.com/ . You can see their ratings of almost all the funds in the funds universe (and stocks, too) for free. I have found their ratings to be meaningful. Not all of thr site is free, however.

      Now it’s time to say “ AMEN, Brothers and Sisters ! “ and pass the collection plate.

      [ Hey, Blind Squirrel, please do not take offense at this, but I cannot resist the temptation to point out that many of the above posts (not yours but maybe even this one) are downright squirrelly! :>) ]

      • I think it’s a great site, although I don’t go there often.

        I like to look at their “Groups” page occasionally to keep up to date on how the various sectors are doing.

        Their stock screener is the best I’ve seen. However, instead of screening for stocks that meet certain criteria, I prefer to find ideas through Gumshoe and SeekingAlpha and then research them on my own. There’s just not enough hours in a week . . . . :<(.

        To those who do not know about the site, they have a lot of features that are worth checking into.

  35. Interesting read on Sean …. Watched his video online when I saw the link on another news story page. His ‘theology’ is partially incorrect so do not attend his ‘home Bible study’ (although he has correctly stated it is the LOVE of money that is the problem-not money itself). I would gather, based on the corrupted theology, that he was possibly asked to leave his church? Sounds like a classic sucker pitch for Christians who seem to fall for these guys just because they espouse the Bible. Wakeup-the Bible says be shrewd as snakes and innocent as doves (another person here correctly said the parable of the talents is not about money).

    Anyway, as stated by others, his capacity to rightly gauge the market shows in his returns (ALL investments combined). I did not review that but some one else said he is down 3.15%? If that is so, he isn’t very good. His basis of investment is sound-do the hard work to check out fundamentals, technical charts and sentiment. There are other ‘financial letters’ that do the same so nothing special here (I suggest you check out the Hulbert Digest which writes about all the major such investment letters (this one is NOT listed)). Note that most investors do not experience the same returns as these letter’s portfolios because they cherry pick stocks rather than invest in all the suggested stocks. Again, it is the gains of the full portfolio that show the proof of a good financial ‘guru’.

    As others have stated, the way to approach these letters is for education. Take the time to read the classics “The Intelligent Investor” (Graham) and “Beating the Street” (Lynch) so you gain an understanding of value investing (which Sean proposes in a round about way). His apparent ‘value’ approach is good. Without knowing all he is ‘teaching’, the promo at least provides enough to whet your appetite with respect to how much you can possible LEARN about investing. His letter may prove to include beneficial information for learning how to invest.

    Selling your service based on a few hot stocks that performed exceptionally well while the whole investment portfolio is down or no better than the S&P 500 index would convince me that this is a possible scam-so buyer beware. If you approach it from the education perspective ONLY (as opposed to ideas on what stocks to pick) a person probably cannot go wrong for the $20 for 6 months offer. You can always cancel if the info seems iffy.

  36. The Ultimate Wealth Report gives solid, accurate information in a concise manner. I particularly like the fact that it gives the detailed data to support the positions taken. It makes it easy to verify the analysis through independent sources (something every investor should do for every single recommendation that they receive, regardless of the source). It is narrowly focused on value equities for intermediate and long-term investing. It does NOT give trading advice, only investment advice. It also does not cover ForEx trading, options, futures, or any other complex instruments. It is an excellent source of information as evidenced by the fact that my investment advisor is seriously impressed with the way I’ve position my portfolio and the performance that I’m getting. Sean Hyman provides an excellent service at a very, very fair price.

  37. i am new to stock investing,started Oct.2008 bought ford stocks when i heard that ford wasn’t going to ask for government bail out.to make the long story short i pulled the trigger at $1.01 a share about 10,000 shares.4 years later i was watching Sean Hyman on tv taking about best buy turn out he’s analysis were correct. in July 2013 i watched his video about biblical theory of investment and use the parables of the talents as a text.i subscribed for his ultimate wealth report.so far i am very please with his recommendations.i think an investor looks for someone that thinks like them.”birds of the same feather flocks together”.

  38. When I first listened to The Biblical Money Code, I wanted to believe it, but the skeptical part of me said not to. Then I prayed about it and contemplated it. I decided I didn’t want to study and learn all about stocks, but I wanted to try trading. So after feeling like it was the right thing to do, I blindly followed a guy named Sean Hyman. When I received the newsletters and updates I, again, was hesitant. But then I did it. I bought my first stock ever! Then I bought 4 more stocks over the next week. It has been 2 weeks since I bought my first stock and I have a gain of $500 already! I faithfully listen to Sean’s updates follow what he says. It’s easy and it’s for real!!!

    • Thea, it’s great that you have done so well so quickly, but you shouldn’t become too infatuated with Sean (or anybody else) to quickly. It’s very likely that at least part of your good fortune is in the timing of your purchases.

      You have to remember that the market as a whole, and many individual stocks, have gone up appreciably since our elected officials finally agreed last week to not cripple our country by not raising the borrowing limit.

      Every one of the stocks in my portfolio have gone up since Tuesday, 10/15. The overall gain is a tad over 12%. It wasn’t my stock picking as much as it was the whole market going up.

      So don’t get carried away. You should always do additional research on stock recommendations from any source – not just Sean.

  39. I had some money and wanted to invest it for growth and preservation but didn’t know what to do. I started subscribing to different newsletters and found The Ultimate Wealth Report bySean Hyman. I am so thankful to have found Sean and have learned so much about stocks and the market. The monthly issues are very good and just full of info. More important to me is the Weekly Updates where he really gets to the heart and soul in teaching us why we are investing the way we are. Also the education behind these updates have made me a much more confident invester. I would highly recommend Sean Hyman and the work that he puts into his newsletter.

  40. great insight from a sound biblical perspective. i am new to the game, and sean’s detailed approach to investing is perfect! he definitely knows his stuff, and i would recommend highly to anyone looking to do real long-term investing!

  41. I think a couple of readers had a good idea, it you want to try it. Pay the $47 for the year it’s subject to a full refund. Then create a dummy portfolio of his picks based on his market timing. See how successful he is.

    If it doesn’t bear out, cancel the subscription and get you $47 back and go eat that dinner for two at Carrabas or Outback.

    PS I listened to the long, long pitch on the NEWSMAX site… it is massively redundant.

  42. I am a born-again Christian (I believe in salvation through faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God) and a conservative one (I believe in the Creation and that abortion and homosexuality are sins and so on). I am also a Chartered Financial Analyst (google CFA Institute to see what this means). I would advised all fellow Christians to be extremely careful with the claims in these Sean Hymen videos and his related websites. Professionals in the investment industry will see through these claims immediately. But this comment is of course not helpful enough for non-investment professionals. So, look at this: with all his years in his business, you would think that he had analyzed lots of companies and sent out many many investment newsletters? Then the very fact that he selected a couple as illustrations (eg. Best Buy) is highly suspicious. If he is genuinely as good as he claimed, I would have thought that he would rush to tabulate systematically all his recommendations throughout all his newsletters against all the profits that could have been made, complete with dates and all necessary data for verifications, and show (nay, loudly proclaim) to the whole world, proving once and for all his superior investment secrets (or whatever). Otherwise, it is outright deception if he was right in 2 out of say, 100 recommendations and then tell us about that 2 while keeping quiet about that remaining 98. So, fellow Christians, be wise and do not be taken in.

  43. People, please investigate this charlatan before handing your money over to him. He does not make money on his investments. He makes money from his subscribers. He used to work for an organization called the Sovereign Society. Both of his newsletters with them were losers. That’s why he no longer works there. Ask to see his previous track record. It’s terrible. The fact that he uses Christ’s name to scam people is shameful.

  44. I just fell over the presentation and watched it out of curiosity.
    The underlying idea of his Investment style basically Points toward the value-strategy. Graham, Buffett or someone younger: Phil Town.
    What REALLY bothers me about the whole thing is: first, the repetitive way of presenting and second, the fact that, as an ex-pastor, who wants to spread his system only to help people, he CHARGES money. IF he was so successful with his investments, he would not have to take peoples’ money.
    To me, it smells like a marketing-strategy cut out to scam christians.

    Has anyone around here actually demanded and received the refund?

  45. I’ve been involved in investing, in one capacity or another since the 1950s. I have never heard of trailing EPS (or is it trailing P/E ratios?)
    Could someone enlighten me?

    Thanks, – M.

    • That’s a common valuation metric — trailing EPS is generally the earnings per share for the past four quarters in a row, the “trailing twelve months” or TTM, and the trailing PE is the current share price divided by that trailing year worth of profits.

  46. Thanks people for all the thoughful comments. Each and ever one.
    This is after all about an author that discusses God, the Bible, and Money so the topic of discussion can encompass a wide range of thought.
    I tried to research this on the web and saw many so-called articles about him and his newsletter but alas they all included a link to his promotions. This seems to be common with this type of product. I would like to point out as well that although the cost of this newsletter is comparatively inexpensive (i don’t subscribe to ANY paid newsletters), if you take that cost and multiply it times his claimed 57,000 members you will realize he is making a killing from this.

  47. WOW! You can certainly see and hear the bias and anger that some bring to their discussion on Sean’s newsletter. Hope they don’t trade with that kind of emotion!!! Here are the facts from my experience (I joined on August 2 this year — a two year subscription for $109, which includes printed copies of monthly reports delivered to my home via USPS). I have bought and took profits on 7 of the positions he recommended for an APR gain of 62.44%. I purchased VALE at $13.81. As of 9:34 am, it is $16.54, a gain of 19.4% (an APR of 94.4%). I currently have 17 of his recommended positions in my portfolio with a 15/2 gain/loss ratio. If I were to liquidate all 17 positions today I would realize a 6% gain in just 75 days; that’s a whopping APR of 29.2%! Obviously, past performance does not guarantee future results, but I am well satisfied with his stock trading philosophy. It is a conservative approach that seeks to minimize risk (not eliminate it) through sound research of fundamentals, technicals, and sentiment. Oh, VALE is up to $16.63!

    • Here’s a footnote comparing the DJI with the 17 positions I have taken from Sean’s recommendations. At 10:10 am, the Dow is down 0.6% and my positions are up 1.2%. “Just the facts, mam!”

  48. I too have had great results with Sean Hyman’s Ultimate Wealth Report. He is a contrarian investor, that buys low P/E and high market cap stocks, with large amounts of cash on hand, that are down in price, for one reason or the other, & when most analysts hate the stock. The analysts probably hate them because they bought when it was a high price and now it is low price. You must have patience with this technique for the stock to get into good graces again, but within a 12-18 time frame, you should see profits. I joined in early July 2013, and I bought the following based upon his recommendations. And based upon today’s results, October 17, 2013, in just 3 months, the big winners are:
    AAPL, up 20%
    ECA, up 5%
    FCX, up 19%
    FXI, up 10.5%
    MT, up 42%
    TCK, up 19.5%
    TOT, up 15.7%
    VALE, up 30%
    all the other positions I have from his recommendations fall in the -4% to +4% range in the same 3 months and I’m holding them, expecting good returns on these too. I’m sold on his detailed business & chart analysis.

  49. People, please investigate this charlatan before handing your money over to him. He does not make money on his investments. He makes money from his subscribers. He used to work for an organization called the Sovereign Society. Both of his newsletters with them were losers. That’s why he no longer works there. Ask to see his previous track record. It’s terrible. The fact that he uses Christ’s name to scam people is shameful.

    • I don’t know what investment strategy Sean Hyman used in those other newsletters, but in the Ultimate Wealth Report, he uses, as I said before, a contrarian strategy, which appeals to me. I am an investor to make money to increase my retirement account. When I buy good companies at or near their lows, that makes sense to me. It makes much more sense than buying stocks that have already caught fire and take the chance that they will go up further. I am not investing to analyze a person’s faith or the fact that he makes his money through subscriptions. His investment strategy is working for me based upon the huge gains I have already made in the last three months. And I plan to depend upon most of his recommendations until I am proven wrong.
      Thanks for your concern, but I’m sticking with the Ultimate Wealth Report and Sean Hyman and, of course, Stock Gumshoe. And for growth & dividends, I like the Dividend Machine written by Bill Spetrino.

  50. The people saying they have been making huge gains from Sean Hyman are lying. His newsletters have failed wherever he has been. Do a little research on him before sending him your money. Talk to the people at the Sovereign Society where he used to work. They will tell you the truth about this guy. He’s no different than those scam preachers on TV using God’s name to make money. It’s really shameful. He doesn’t make money on his investments. He makes money on all of the suckers who subscribe to his newsletters. Don’t let yourself become one of the suckers.

    • You paint with a broad brush, Jeff, while stating, “The people saying they have been making huge gains from Sean Hyman are lying.” Similar to Darrell Nation I signed up around the first of August. I’ve already taken profits of over 62% APR on 7 of his recommendations (he did not recommend selling all of these positions; I just wanted to balance my portfolio a bit). I currently have profits on 15 out of 17 of his recommended buys for an APR or 32%. Now, if you will take your own advice and “do a little research,” you’ll find that these results are, indeed accurate. Just look up the price of the stocks on or around the end of July and the first of August, compare them to the closing prices this past Friday and you’ll see for yourself. But, alas, it is much easier to say everyone is lying!

      • Thank you for your well stated response, Ron. I was having a difficult time responding to someone saying I was a liar. That’s a new one for me. BTW, I am not even aware of all the talk about the religious statements made by Sean Hyman advertising. I’ve gone back and looked at his monthly newsletters I receive and the only reference to God is his sign-off salutation, just before his signature, where he says, “God Bless!” That does not sound like a fanatic to me. I think people would be better off looking at his recent investing results.

  51. Sorry I missed this discussion about Sean’s letter. I’ve asked Sean to explain why it costs $50. extra for the hard copy of his fine letter. Either he doesn’t get this correspondence or his mktg. people ignore same. There must be 50+ market letters out there that will give you hard copies for $39./yr., it’s normal really. Yes, most then hike the price at renewal time, but the more efficient letters have 2 yr. subscriptions that save you even more $$.

    If Sean researches this himself, I think he discovers why his sub. rate isn’t as high as it s/b. He is both a tech guy & a fundamentalist, not all advisers can handle this dual role.

    Great column Travis, a blend of interest that helps your folks in their decision making.

    • “Sagenot,” that’s an interesting compound word that should never be applied to someone who is a seeker of wisdom! But to the point. There must be some misunderstanding somewhere because from my recollection the cost of getting hard copies via USPS was something like $8 to $12 extra per year, not anything near the $50 you mention. That price may have only been available at the initial subscription for the newsletter, I don’t know. I just know that I didn’t pay anything close to the $50 you mentioned.

      • https://www.newsmaxstore.com/newsletters/uwr/economist.cfm?promo_code=132DC-1

        $47. + $50. = The $97. that The Ultimate Wealth Report costs if you want that hard copy of his letter, it has nothing to do with USPS Ron.

        I was once a member of The Motely Fool (I’m a 20yr.+ veteran of Wall St. + being a CTA, CPO, Trading Floor Mgr., etc.) Almost every MF advisor has a “Not” after their MO. So my nickname of Sage became SageNot, & yes you need a contrary sense of humor when dealing with Wall St. types. I think Travis would agree.

        Good Investing Ron!

        • Thanks for the link, Sagenot. I checked it out and found that it was different from the one I saw and responded to. From reading all the different statements from different subscribers and others who have come across the advertising, it’s apparent that there quite a few DIFFERENT price structures out there, depending on what advertising message was seen and when it was seen (pardon the run-on sentence; they’re faster and easier to write!). I guess that is to be expected as all these SPECIAL OFFERS are designed to be time sensitive and probably targeted as well. Anyway, thanks for the explanation about “Sagenot” because I really thought it came from a humble heart and was a good play on words — which I suppose could still be true!

  52. All of this chatter shows me that you can flip a coin on your stock purchases, and
    do just as well as all these newsletters mentioned here, and all you have to do
    is pay for the coin. In other words, no one has that illusive magic touch that can
    turn all your investments into GOLD.

  53. Obviously god helps this poor delusional whack job pick his winners — I’d like to know who picks his losers. People actually buy into this B.S.

  54. Folks,
    I am not even aware of all the talk about the biblical code. I subscribe to Hyman’s Ultimate Wealth newsletter. I’ve gone back and looked at his monthly newsletters for the last year and the only reference to God is his sign-off salutation, just before his signature, where he says, “God Bless!” That does not sound like a fanatic to me. I think people would be better off looking at his recent newsletters & his investing results.

  55. Unfortunately, suckers do fall for Sean’s magical biblical code scam. The ones that do make Sean rich, because he doesn’t get rich from his investments…that’s for sure. He’s failed wherever he’s been. Ask the people at the Sovereign Society. They are so happy to be rid of him. He lost their subscribers money, which is why he’s trying his scam with a new company now: Newsmax. Now these poor chumps who signed up for his Newsmax scam are going to lose money too. Everyone is making money in this stock market. The Fed is keeping it propped up. Just wait until the Fed’s pumping stops. Then you’ll realize that Sean has no idea what he’s doing. I feel bad for the people that signed up for his scam. And that fact that he brings God into his scam is truly despicable. He preys on religious people so they’ll subscribe and eventually lose money when his stock picks tank. So despicable. He’s laughing all the way to the bank. And when this scam fails, he’ll move on to another company with a new product to scam a new bunch of people. Wake up, people. This has happened before. Do some research on Sean’s background. Please. It’s for your own good.

    • God has nothing to do with investing however, your lack of believe in God is your own opinion and is not a constructive comment to this forum. It just takes away from YOUR creditability. There is no service that pass your test. So… Why does such a smart guys as you come to a site like stockgumshoe.com to post such wisdom? Where should a new investor go to get started?

  56. Here is some really good and honest opinion and device to that readers of this forum about Sean Hyman’s news letter. It is an excellent new letter for the price. I have subscribed to many during my many years as an independent individual investor. That said… I have some advice for the readers of this forum especially for those new to individual investing in stocks and ETFs. No newsletter can help you if you know nothing about investing. You are guaranteed to lose money if you don’t take the time to study the subject and go slowly. Sean Hyman’s service is more than just a letter. He supplements monthly email newsletters with weekly emails with excellent YouTube like video sessions where he explains what he believes about his picks and why he believes it. He is an experienced technical analyst that uses fundamentals to fine beaten down low PE stocks and tries to help investors properly time when to get in and out of positions through the use of technical analysis of individual charts. The subscriber must still decide if to buy, what to buy and how much to buy. He must decide how to trade his positions to prove is basis and to make sure his portfolio is diversified and properly balanced.
    Sean Hyman’s website makes a lot of information available to the subscriber to educate himself but you must make the effort to help yourself. Hyman’s weekly video updates tries to help new subscribers but it is not an individual one on one hand holding service. Newbies must make the effort or they will lose money! Investing in stocks is a great way to improve your asset wealth but it takes a lot of work and individual responsibility to make it work. Starting with Sean Hyman’s service is a good start. The price is right. I like his service because I already used his investment philosophy and I liked many of his picks. He is an excellent technical analyst and I was weak in that knowledge. The price of the service was worth the education in this area. He has made me a better investor. This has been a very good year for me. My own picks supplemented by his service has helped. I like his service to the point that I will not be renewing two other newsletter subscriptions that cost more and help me less.
    You should read many different website like Stockgumshoe.com, SeekingAlpha.com, yahoofinance.com and don’t treat investing like a lottery.

  57. I do not want to sound have a booster but I would like to add something to my comment on the Sean Hyman service above for the benefit of the newbies. The critics are on their own. I believe his service is relatively new. It started sometime mid-year 2012. He currently has 20 positions. He reports his entry points, current yield, current price as of the day of the update , and his current P&L. Some on in the black and some are in the red. That is to be expected for those that understand investors. The ones in the red could actually be better buys offering the better forward return if you believe his service is good. To date he has only sold to positions taking profits of 32% and 51% on these two closed positions. I happened to own one of these two positions when he made the call to sold. I was up 22% as of my entry point and was not ready to exit the position. He was in the position for 6 moths. I only owned it for three weeks. I decided to not exit for another 2 weeks after his call to sell. My decision not his. The stock popped another 9% so I was finally happy and exited the position with a 31%. I was in the position for a shorter. The stock is still going up but the charts are not as attractive. That is how it works. I currently own 6 of his current 20 positions. I have the cash to start more positions from his list but I have existing positions of my own that I like more. Some are in the same sectors as his. Some are very speculative and risky Biotech positions that have doubled in a very short time that I still think have up side. These are much too risky for his service but I like them. His portfolio of stocks as you would expect are constantly moving with the trading day. New subscribers must look at his picks and their exist portfolio and make their own decisions how to use his service and when to buy. They could lose an amount greater than the cost of a two subscription with just one trade if timed wrong. This would not be Sean Hyman’s fault. It is called normal market fluctuations. It could go the other way and you could get the subscription cost back in just one trade. That said you shouldn’t listen to the glass half empty guys above they know nothing. My father told me to stay away from negative people. In the end it is up to you to see what works for you. His service works for me. I use his service to supplement my portfolio and to confirm my own opinions of where the economic and markets are going. The cost of this service is “Hot dog money” compared to other services out there.

    One other thing Sean Hyman does not work for Newsmax. Newmax is his publisher and provides a support service to his newsletter. They take a cut out of his subscriptions. He can only make money if he grows the subscriber base. He can only keep that base if he can help the subscribers make money. That is how it works!

  58. gmmpa,
    You have no idea how Sean Hyman’s business model works. You state that Sean can only make money if he can help his subscribers make money. Nothing can be further than the truth. I work in Sean’s industry. Sean does not make money by making his subscribers money. Subscribers cancel all the time. In fact, the refund rate is more than 50%. Sean makes money by bringing on new subscribers via scams like his biblical money code. When more than 50% of the people cancel Sean’s service when they realize he has no idea what he’s doing, then Newsmax just re-launches his last promotion or comes up with a new one to bring on new subscribers. It’s call a churn and it’s fundamental to email marketing. Newsmax has a robust e-commerce staff which is responsible for bringing on new names for Sean’s service for all of the people that cancel. It’s called name acquisition in the industry. It’s all a big scam. They bring on new names because so many existing subscribers cancel. That’s how the business works. So, again, people, please investigate Sean’s history before falling for this “biblical money code” shameful scam.

    • Thanks for enlighten me on the issue. That said… you remind me of those guys that are more concerned about how much money the other guy makes than how much he makes. I really don’t care what Sean Hyman’s business model looks like and I hope he make millions! This I know… He is getting $97 from me for a two subscription for his advise for what it is worth. He puts out one monthly email communication and one or more email updates weekly and talks about his stock picks. His picks or someone else’s picks added together with my own knowledge of investing and the market in three months has increased my portfolio worth on his 6 picks alone by $15,000. That may not be much by some standards but it is a good ROI for the time period. I will keep subscribing as long it make sense financially for me. I will just stop subscribing “biblical money code” not withstanding whatever that means.

      • Look Jeff Copper. Maybe you and Al Gore invented the Internet. I really don’t care what you do for a living, but I didm’t fall off of the turnip truck yesterday. My definition of a scam is Bernie Madoff. He took millions of dollars from thousands of investors on false promises and returned nothing. Sean Hyman is taking $97 if I want to read his news letter. He is not taking my life savings. He is not forcing me to take his advise. His is not forcing me to buy any of this stock picks, or even believe what he says. This biblical money code thing is a radio promo his publisher is using to sell his product. He made truly believe it himself. If his investment philosophy was based only on his believe in God alone I would not have subscribed to his service. So you should get over it and drop this as your argument that he is a fraud. People don’t need to be saved by you either.
        Hyman’s email and internet promotion explained where he thinks the Economy is today and where he thinks it is going. I already shared that view! Hyman’s promotion explained his view of the current political environment under this entitlement oriented government. The role of the Federal Reserve and what is happening to the money supply. I already shared that view! He explained his view on the interaction of the economies of other countries in relation to the USA. I already shared that view! At the time I read this promo he put out his teaser pick of VALE. At the time it was trading at $14.01. I researched the pick as I do with all my purchases regardless of where I got them from. My research concluded it was a good pick that had good up side potential and pulled the trigger on the stock. I gave him $97 dollar not my life savings because: I already shared his views and wanted to see his other stock picks and why he liked them. At the time he had around 22. I liked 6 of them and I liked their stories and reasons he thought they had great upside. Where is the scam?
        What you should do with your time is stop trying to save people from themselves and go help Obama fixture his healthcare website with your skills. I hear they are having trouble and are hiring talented guys like you. You sound like you believe in what he is doing to the country. I personally feel it is a scam, but what do I know.

  59. gmmpa,
    I’m not one of those guys that are more concerned about how much money the other guy makes than how much I make. Instead, I’m the type of guy that try to prevent other guys from being taken advantage of by a scam, such as Sean Hyman’s biblical money code. Investigate Sean’s history with the Sovereign Society before sending your money to pay for his Corvette.

  60. Ron, I didn’t realize that this business was a scam when I accepted a position some months ago. I’m trying daily to get out of it. I still have to eat and pay rent until I can find another position in a different industry. Stay away from Sean and his ilk. This is a dirty business. I’ve seen it from the inside.

  61. gmmpa, If you’re too dumb to realize that you are being scammed then I cannot help you. Sean does not make money by his investments. He makes money by rubes like you giving him money. He has no expertise in picking stocks, yet fools like you give him your money anyway. If you had half a brain in your head you would look into Sean’s previous services and see why he no longer has them. Instead you follow the investment advice of a guy who claims that there is a secret, magical code in the Bible to making money. There’s no hope for people like you, which is why Newsmax preys upon people dumb enough to believe in a secret, magical biblical code to making money. There will always be people like you in the world, which makes Newsmax and similar companies like Agora very happy. Your what’s known as easy prey in the business.

    • Mr. Cooper, Your negative comments are getting to be a bore. I don’t plan to invest in the subscription. But, it is my money, I spend it how I please.

  62. Jeff – I haven’t counted, but there seems to be an equal number of people for the Ultimate Wealth Report as against.
    Not having any experience with the newsletter, I can neither praise nor denigrate it. I appreciate your comments and all of the others. I especially appreciate your input as to the industry writ large. But when you fall into the trap of personally attacking another’s comments in order to win the argument, you make your comments embarrassing to read and less likely to be agreed with.

    • Wow, and amen to that Hi Pockets! That’s what I said on another forum, we need to stick ot the point, who’s used his advice and either liked or disliked it and tell us objectively and plainly (Financial Wise) why or why not. That’s what I came here to find out.

  63. Hi Pockets, Your comments mean nothing to me and my life.
    Everyone else, consider yourselves warned. I tried to save you some money and frustration from dealing with an industry that is a scam. I know. I work in it and I am desperately trying to get out of it because of how it takes advantage of people. Those who want to protect themselves should look into Sean’s past services and ask his former employer why he no longer works there. Protect yourself.

  64. I also tooked the free offer and watched things for a while. The reasoning is sound. So I subscribed and have used some of his picks. 8 of 12 are up and the winners are up much more than the losers are down. Oh, and I didn’t use Vale – too bad – it’s down since he recommended it over a year ago, but up over 15% since I first looked at his stuff this summer. The biblical references are infrequent and have nothing to do with his picks, just his background and personal beliefs, which I can quite easily ignore. I’m only 3 months in, but sor far I’m impressed and making money.

  65. I agree with Dave. I joined up in early July to Sean Hyman’s Ultimate Wealth, and I’m glad I did. I’ve made a bundle so far. I made a list of my gains earlier in this thread. I agree with Dave that Sean’s beliefs don’t appear to have anything to do with individual picks, other than he believes investing in “value” is something he’s found in the Bible. Whether other people believe that’s in the Bible or not, a lot of good investors believe in value investing, and have used that technique to become very successful. When investors can find those well run businesses when they are being ignored by others, but have good P/E, good PEG, good ROA & ROE, and appear to have the potential to rise, that is the kind of investing that I like. I know a lot of people are making money in the market right now, but until Sean shows me that he is not fulfilling his mission to recommend value stocks, I will be following his guidance. Value investing is the lower risk type of investing that appeals to me.

  66. I thought that I would give Sean Hyman’s news letter a try.
    They billed my credit card for three (3) duplicate charges.
    I’ve been trying to contact them for three days and haven’t gotten any response.
    I’ll give them to the end of the week before I turn this over to my bank’s fraud unit and cancel my credit card.
    What a pain in the ass!

    • Carl, Your solution is very simple. Just call the one 1-800 number on the back of your credit card and tell your bank’s customer service you were billed three times for the same service and you want to two of the three reversed by them. They will take care of it. That it! If you don’t like the newsletter at all just have your bank reverse all three charges. Haven’t you ever used your credit card before? This type of thing happens all the time. That is why you use credits cards for eCommerce. I don’t think it is Sean Hyman correcting your subscription. Just one word of advise about the Sean Hyman news letter. If you should execute three trades for the same security don’t blame Sean Hyman’s newletter and don’t post your problems on stockgumshoe.com. No one cares.
      However, if you lose money on a trade let us know all the details so we can learn from your stupid trades. Just don’t blame someone else for your trading decisions.

  67. gmmpa, It’s clear you work for Newsmax or have some connection to Sean. Don’t tell someone that they are stupid if they have legitimate concerns about the poor customer service they are receiving from Newsmax. His problems with Sean’s service are legitimate. Talk to the people at the Sovereign Society everyone. They will tell you why Sean no longer works for them. Investors be warned.

    • Jeffy… I spent 40 years in the Financial Services industry before I retired. I implemented my first credit card system in 1972 probably long before you were born. Unlike you I know how credit cards systems work and why they sold by the banks originally. Merchants screw up all the time. Consumers have rights and remdies. I was giving Carl very good advise from personal experience. Fastest and least stressful solution to his problem is to deal with his Bank to remedy his problem. I never called them stupid. It will reserve the name calling to YOU! Just read your own comments. That is the beauty of a comments section that cannot be edited by the author. I have no idea why you comment on this blog. Frankly I do care. You contributed nothing. I am here to get investment ideas and to share my opinions, experiences and good investment information with people that are both new to the game and those that know more than I. You sir don’t belong to either group!

  68. Talk to the people at the Sovereign Society everyone. They will tell you why Sean no longer works for them. Investors be warned. Don’t fall for this magical biblical code scam.

  69. Yes, please do be careful before investing in this silly scam about secret biblical magical codes. Do people really fall for that crap? Two services to look into: Currency Cross Trader and Commodity Trend Alert. Sean Hyman used to be the editor of those newsletters. Now he no longer is. Gee, I wonder why? Investigate before giving a penny of your money, people.

    • Hyman’s investment advice doesn’t mention the Bible, so there is nothing to fall for. He uses business fundamentals, sentiment, price and a couple of chart indicators. You mention two services he edited for, and say you wonder why he left. If you know just tell us, and provide a link so that others can read your proof. If you’re just guessing, as your posts imply, then why not listen to people, like me, who have made money? You and Jeff Cooper just come across as unreasonable, because you say bad things about Hyman, but don’t give proof.

      It’s possible Hyman is just giving good advice right now because the market is up, and anyone would make money. In that case, when the market doesn’t start buying the stocks he’s recommending, that will be proof I can see in my own account. So far, I’m up with $580 profit, $3700 unrealized gains, after buying $34000 in equities recommended by Hyman. Maybe Hyman gave bad advice in the past, but what he’s saying seems okay now — maybe he’s learned from his past mistakes.


  70. Here is the promo scam where Sean Hyman mentions that his investment advice comes from a magical secret code in the bible: http://w3.newsmax.com/newsletters/uwr/video_money_codea.cfm?p=n&promo_code=141D8-1&gclid=CP6p6PvV1roCFUlp7AodQxAAcw
    Don’t fall for this scam folks. It’s the same as those television preachers on at 2 am that promise to send you a special prayer cloth if you send them your money. I can’t believe that people fall for this tuff but they do. Don’t send your money in to this charlatan. You’re just making him rich.

  71. I did a little detective work of my own. It seems Jeff Cooper has a newsletter of his own. As a competitor his strange attacks on Sean Hyman make sense. I couldn’t understand how someone could get so worked up over people buying a newsletter, but losing market share and money is a pretty good explanation.
    Maybe Jeff Cooper isn’t the same Jeff Cooper, but his consistent refusal to provide a link to anything Hyman has done can be explained. Schlocky marketing messaging purposed to sell a newsletter is different from the advice actually given. Hyman may claim to have gotten rich following the Bible, but I’ve made money following his advice — advice that is based on price, sentiment, technical indicators and financial fundamentals. At no point has Hyman said to buy a stock for any spiritual reason — saying otherwise is either based in ignorance or an attempt to bring down a financial opponent.

  72. Hey folks… to the Readers of stockgumshoe.com reading this thread on Sean Hyman investment newsletter being a fraud. Check these links: http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/directory/sovereign-society and

    The posters here that are posting negative comments to this site are FRAUDS not Sean Hyman!!!! This character Jeff Cooper…. This other character Eric Alter…. I didn’t read the all. They must be shells for the link posted above. Posting to discredit Hyman. I could not figure out their continued and repeated comments without providing links to the sources backing up their comments. Now I understand. You can take my word for it first hand. Because I happened to subscribe to both of these Sean Hyman and Agora Financials service which is somehow associated to Sovereign Society. Agora Financials newsletter is a waste of money and time as service subscription. Even if the editors are good but you will never make any serious money from this newsletter because of its format, content and delivery schedule. Even an excellent newsletter like Motley Fools stock adviser has timing issues. My subscription is still active for Agora. It is auto renewal which I did know. I plan fix that tomorrow. The portfolio positions and their news reports they issue are Bullshit. If you should invest in one of their picks and make money it will probably be an accident! If you read my comments on this thread from the beginning you will see that I subscribe to many newsletters. I plan to drop this one and perhaps one other that are no help to me and my investment style.

    Investment research is a LOT of work and newsletters are worth the cost not scams. they are supposed to help reduce the research time not only for good stock picks. A good newsletter keeps you informed on economy, polticals and business news and can be worth the cost with just one good well timed stock pick that can make you money immediately. For these of you that are new to the game. If you execute an order at the wrong time of the trading day even for a great stock you can loose hundreds of dollars on the trade on a heavily traded volatile stock. This is a normal thing that happens all the time. Folks are always worried about commissions. Commissions are hot dog money. The worst feeling is to execute a trade and watch it lose one or two percentages immediately on a $10,000 starting position. Invest in a bad teaser stock from a bad scam service and you will loose thousands that you will never recover. You can loose money with Sean Hyman’s service to however his investment philosophy is sound. His picks are well researched and his technical analysis expertise is excellent. If you are new to the game he will help you get in and out of a stock even if you know very little. This is unlike other months newsletter services that leave you entirely on your own. Hyman teaches you if you are new to the game. This is what you get for $49. It is no scam. It the price of a good investment book which his site makes available to subscribers in PDF format. If you are an experienced investor like myself you can increase your profits by dollar cost averaging for getting a full position and not just execute one trade as Sean does. I am sure he understands this but does not do that in his service because it is too hard to explain to a newbie and only matters if the entry point goes down unexpectedly which no one can guaranty. In the end it does not matter most if the stock is probably valued. This is the biggest mistake a new investor can make. Buying an over priced stock high and selling it low when they get tired holding it or need the money for something else they thing is a better use of the money. I hope this will help someone out there that is new. Trust me this is good advise. I never read Investing for dummies but I will guaranty it is in there if it is a good text. This is the help youall should be seeking more than a simple newsletter promising instant riches. There is no free lunch! This is not in the biblical money code what ever that is… but it should be.

    • Sorry for the many errors. Unfortunately I can not edit the final posting after release. You should try and get my intent if you can.

      • Gmmpa, I used to have a problem composing comments. Now I use Notepad (or another text editor) to do the writing and editing before copying and pasting the post to the website.

        ‘Preciate your comments.

        • Hi Pockets… Thanks for the suggestion. Next time I set out writing a novel instead of a short comment I will take your good advice. Some blogs allow continuous editing after comment release but before closing the session. Stockgumshoe.com does not. I do not often post to blogs at all. This time I felt a compelling need to help some of the good folks looking for help on this issue. Commenting on matters of personal wealth is not easy in any form written or verbal.

  73. Hey folks. Here is Sean Hyman’s scam promotion: http://w3.newsmax.com/newsletters/uwr/video_money_codea.cfm?p=n&promo_code=141D8-1&gclid=CP6p6PvV1roCFUlp7AodQxAAcw
    He claims that there is some secret magical biblical code that helps him invest. (shh! it’s a secret. But he’ll tell it to you if you send hime your money.) He’s no different that those tv preachers who promise to send you magical holy water if you send them your money. Be warned, Don’t fall for this secret magical biblical code garbage like others have. It’s shameful that he is bringing God into this scam.

  74. Stock newsletters & “magic” “secret” codes & etc. Even a blind pig finds the occasional
    acorn. If newsletter writers were better than you at stock picking what are they doing wasting time writing? Do your own research,only buy value. The rub is how do you find true
    value? If you really know, become wealthy & then share with the rest of us. Really there is
    a great deal of guess-work in investing at best. My opinion for what little it’s worth .

  75. Addendum: Find an enterprise selling a product that no-one needs
    but everyone wants. Buy in early,make your fortune, get out before the fad runs out.

    Simple isn’t it?

  76. after reading all these comments,zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, could someone even attempt to answer Regina’s original question,” Has anyone subscribed to the Ultimate Wealth Report from Newsmax and written by James Rickards and Bob Wiedemer? This seems to be a new publication and I wonder if anyone has any thoughts about it. How would you rate it? It’s being highly advertised but I wonder if they’re just using scare tactics. Any thoughts would be very appreciated.

    • Rich, I think many posters have answered Regina’s original question including myself. What is it that you want to know that hasn’t been said?

  77. It is never a secret when it is sold, everyone knows about it.
    Instead of buying lottery tickets, spend the same amount in Metal, Energy or Agriculture companies that you have checked out using the Fundamental, Technical and Sentiment triangle.

  78. It is never a secret when it is sold, everyone knows about it.
    Instead of buying lottery tickets, spend the same amount in Metal, Energy or Agriculture companies that you have checked out using the Fundamental, Technical and Sentiment triangle. Have a buy price and a sell price already in mind and keep to it.

    • Don’t pay any attention Dave. Do not surround yourself with negative thinking from cynical individuals that have no clue about wealth is creation. They will still be listening to themselves talk about how they saved a $45 subscription fee that could be a scam while you are trying to take positive actions that could move the bar higher toward financial freedom. These people need to buy lottery tickets and over priced coffee at starbucks where they post to Internet blogs instead of reading them.

      There is no big secret to financial success. Work hard and save your money and invest it in under valued good companies that are hated by the market that have a high probability for recovery and success in the current economic environment. I am not a religious guy so I have no clue if that is the “Biblical money code” or just common sense. All I know is that it has always worked for me. I didn’t learn it on Fox News, MSNBC, investing for dummies or listening to idiots.

  79. I have recently subscribed to Sean Hyman’s Ultimate Wealth Report and despite the many negative and vitriolic, even, comments about him personally (and not his actual stock picks for the most part), I find his detailed weekly investment advice a priceless education in the field of investment fundamentals.

    While Hyman’s technical, fundamental and sentiment analysis all appear to be extremely well grounded, and he is a technically qualified and licensed analyst, the fact the Hyman is a pastor who has an investment philosophy based on conservative Biblical advice on investment seems to enrage some beyond reason. Hyman does not base his recommendations on something ‘God revealed’ to him–his reports are pragmatic and down to earth, with great attention to detailed analysis in his weekly almost hour-long reports which are usually in the form of a video. His investing approach will make sense for long-term investors, and not so much perhaps for those who are interested in playing the market.

  80. Here is Sean Hyman’s ridiculous promotion about his investing techniques that are part of some secret, magical biblical code. Pure snake oil, folks. This is no different than the preachers on TV telling you to send them money for a magical holy cloth. There is much better investment advice out there than something from a guy who claims that he has a secret, magical biblical code to making money. Try watching this promo without laughing…and then getting mad at how he uses God in a vain attempt to get rich from the money you send him. http://w3.newsmax.com/newsletters/uwr/video_money_codea.cfm?p=n&promo_code=141D8-1&gclid=CP6p6PvV1roCFUlp7AodQxAAcw

  81. I am a professional trader, trading on my own now & with Bright Trading in the past. I spend an hour or two per week looking for new ideas and what others are doing. Today I watched Hyman’s pitch. Don’t know anything about him. I’d like to comment that he does not claim anything to be magical in his approach. He does use sound biblical principles as encouragement to not be overcome by fear or greed. His research methods (tech, analytical & semtiment) are sound and used by many. It sounds like most who have subscribed are happy with their returns. All you nabobs of negativity out there: What’s your problem?

    • Their problem is that many have another agenda which revolves around selling other news letters and investment services that are loosing subscribers. The Internet is a great place to get confirmation of the experiences of others, good and bad information, and express your right to free speech. For that benefit and right you much sift through the mug generated by idiots to find the occasional jewels of wisdom.

  82. Those gentlemen who do not wish to be convinced either way will not be convinced no matter what. The only way to end this repetitive back and forth is to let the nay-sayer gentlemen have the last word on the matter (cold comfort as that may be), while the others who are diligently applying what they learn from Sean’s report have the comfort of banking cold, hard cash profits.

    • Ho Eric! Why don’t you take your BS to another website. I’ll tell you what I can’t believe… I believe you don’t care one bit about anyone looking to make their life better by increasing their asset wealth. I can’t believe anyone that has never subscribed to this service and is trying so… so… hard to convince folks that they should not spend $45 to make thousands and at the same time learn about how to make prudent investments in the stock market is a total phony with a separate agenda. May be it is time you tell us who you are and why anyone should listen to you! What part of “we are making money” do you not understand? If you have not try it you are not qualified to criticize it. You sir have NO creditability and are doing a great disservice to the folks that come to this website to get real reviews for investment services, stocks, and investment opportunities.

  83. No contradiction here. So… What is your point? Do you know or have a review or opinion about Sean Hyman’s news letter? Have you subscribed to this news letter? What do they think if you have? Or maybe you just don’t like his religion? You and your friend Eric should stay on the original topic or take you worthless comments to some other place. So how are you help the people that are asking for the truth? You obviously do not like the newsmax marketing approach. Are you mocking them?

    Reading this thread there seems to be many new to investing and the stock market. Trying to do it alone without help is the fastest way to losing money. You and Eric are telling them to save there money, not invest in something you know nothing about and stay poor. That is the contradiction. But then what do I know. I just use the service and them making money.

  84. Here it is again folks. A secret, magical biblical code to investing. Send your money to Sean and he’ll reveal this secret, magical biblical code to you. But you must send him your money first. Sounds familiar to you? Just like those TV preachers who tell you to send your money to them and they’ll send magical holy water to cure your diseases. These people make me sick. There is no secret, magical biblical code to investing folks. This is a promo meant to take advantage of the gullible. http://w3.newsmax.com/newsletters/uwr/video_money_codea.cfm?p=n&promo_code=141D8-1&gclid=CP6p6PvV1roCFUlp7AodQxAAcw

  85. But it will be a waste of $90. Here it is again folks. A secret, magical biblical code to investing. Send your money to Sean and he’ll reveal this secret, magical biblical code to you. But you must send him your money first. Sounds familiar to you? Just like those TV preachers who tell you to send your money to them and they’ll send magical holy water to cure your diseases. These people make me sick. There is no secret, magical biblical code to investing folks. This is a promo meant to take advantage of the gullible. http://w3.newsmax.com/newsletters/uwr/video_money_codea.cfm?p=n&promo_code=141D8-1&gclid=CP6p6PvV1roCFUlp7AodQxAAcw

  86. Well, I have joined the UWI and I am just beginning to review his 2013 recommendations to see their performance. And I did run across his high recommendation in June 2013 for The Revelation Forex Fund — which by the way is now in receivership just one month after his recommendation How could his due diligence be so very very much off?…was it the love of money?!! I am seriously questioning his ability to really see the true nature of an investment if he could be so so terribly WRONG on Revelation and the fraud its creators tricked him and its investors.
    See his quote below
    “The Revelation Forex Fund is the real deal,” says Sean Hyman, Editor of Ultimate Wealth Report. Revelation continues to outperform the equity markets, precious metals and most of the hedge funds across the U.S.”

    “We have been very pleased with the performance of the Revelation Forex Fund, and we continue to be one of the best performing Forex funds. The Revelation Forex Fund has a solid record since its inception in 2009, with positive results posted in 42 of the previous 52 months through April 30, 2013,” commented Kevin White, President of KGW Capital Management.

  87. Hello people, please am outside the USA and subscribed to the ultimate wealth report could someone please recommend a good stock broker to me that i don’t need to be in the USA to buy stocks with. Thanks in anticipation.

    • Gabe, There are many exchanges in the world where stocks are listed and traded. You need to make sure the broker you select will execute trades for stocks that are listed in those exchanges. The ultimate wealth report is a USA based news letter and any foreign or domestic security that he discusses can be purchases using an American based broker like Fidelity, Etrade, Schwab, Vanguard, etc. You don’t need to be in the USA but it would make sense for your broker to be here.
      That said I suppose there are other brokers in other countries that will execute trades for any stock listed on any exchange from anywhere in the world but that would be a little over the top for a retail investor which I assume you are. Otherwise you would not be asking such a question from this forum.

  88. I keep my portfolio and assets at fidelity and have traded through fidelity.com. I have traded there since the beginning of Internet 1995. Some folks use Etrade.com. I am sure there are others. I don’t know Etrade’s rules but Fidelity charges $7.95 per transaction to execute electronic trades. Phone calls to a trader is more. I don’t need to do that. Customer service is 24/7 anywhere in the world. I can monitor my account and trade anywhere in the world I have an Internet connection on any type of device, smartphone, Tablet, or computer without assistance. Etrade will probably do the same. The real question is where do you want to keep your funds, do you trust them, and how easy is it to move around electronically between your brokerage account and your regular checking account.

  89. This is just sad: “Well, I have joined the UWI and I am just beginning to review his 2013 recommendations to see their performance. And I did run across his high recommendation in June 2013 for The Revelation Forex Fund — which by the way is now in receivership just one month after his recommendation How could his due diligence be so very very much off?…was it the love of money?!! I am seriously questioning his ability to really see the true nature of an investment if he could be so so terribly WRONG on Revelation and the fraud its creators tricked him and its investors.
    See his quote below
    “The Revelation Forex Fund is the real deal,” says Sean Hyman, Editor of Ultimate Wealth Report. Revelation continues to outperform the equity markets, precious metals and most of the hedge funds across the U.S.”

    “We have been very pleased with the performance of the Revelation Forex Fund, and we continue to be one of the best performing Forex funds. The Revelation Forex Fund has a solid record since its inception in 2009, with positive results posted in 42 of the previous 52 months through April 30, 2013,” commented Kevin White, President of KGW Capital Management.”

  90. Your readers might be more enlightened by searching for reviews of Newsmax, the Ultimate Wealth Report publisher. The complaints about Newsmax are very revealing!

  91. To these that come here looking for the Truth!

    (Eric Alter —- Paul Berry)

    The readers on this blog should be weary of these two guys above. They consistently posting negative robo-comments on this forum about Ultimate Wealth Report. I don’t read every subject on this website but I compelled to here in this subject because it keeps showing up in my inbox. Those of you that already subscribe to Ultimate Wealth Rport already know the truth and probably don’t care about newbies. These guys above are dishonest and are doing a great disservice to the editors of this blog and the new readership. The postings number 108 and 109 are completely off the charts bogus comments that are not even close to what the Sean Hyman’s newsletters is all about. Whatever the reason for their dislike of Sean Hyman it must be personal because it make no sense why they would be doing this. They trash everyone that claims to have subscribe to the newsletter or anyone that posted the truth about this service and tries to dissuade these that are thinking about subscribing.

    For you newbies out there reading this… The Internet is great median to get information about just about anything you can think of. It is also a place that have guys like these that are viruses to the TRUTH and make it a place not for children. I cannot even imagine their agenda. It certainly is not helpful to the readers that come here to get honest comments and reviews.

  92. For those who want to see one of his old reports, here’s a pdf of one from August 2012. Just remember that he does give weekly updates to his subscribers, and may have told his subscribers to sell these stocks already. Judge for yourself what you want, I have not yet subscribed, but have started looking into subscriptions. Being newer to investments I’ve been reading up on basics and fundamentals of investments, and the fact that he gives out an investing guide with the subscription intrigues me. As he says to do in his video I’m doing my research both on this newsletter and others before I make a decision, and many newsletters have people who say they are horrible newsletters/scams as well as people who say they did well with the newsletter.

  93. I believe this service only started around July 2012. Maybe a few months earlier. I subscribers to the service around May 2013 after viewing this promo : http://w3.newsmax.com/newsletters/uwr/video_hyman.cfm?promo_code=11E57-1&gclid=CJyfyp-w3LsCFUjNOgod5DgAdw
    I would love to post just one page of the full current newsletter. The one that has the closed positions with the realized gains from the beginning of the service to today. However I would be no better than the clowns above posting lies. It is not ethical to do so. However, I can give an honest review:
    I believe is an excellent newsletter and service for the price anywhere. Believe me I have subscribed to many over the years. The test for a good newsletter is whether you believe in it enough to use it and above all it makes money for you. It isn’t just the monthly newsletters that I like, but the weekly updates that are educational and most informative as a technical trading aid. I am a long time individual investors that have always believed in a contrarian style that focused on fundamental analysis and lots of reading of current business and economic news. This service fills a technical analysis hole in my background. It makes me better more confident more complete investor that has much greater chance of success in what some might call a rigged game.
    Happy New Year to you all. Live long and prosper.

  94. I simply asked for refund and i truly got it. Am surprised but really the programme was not going to work for me as am outside the Unites States. Happy investing am happy i got my money back without hassle.

  95. Thank you all for providing your insight about UWR and other strayed topics. Not quite a newbie, but one still learning what to look for and to understand what it means. I tried several newsletter in the past and followed their recommendations (Leeb, MF, bunch of KCI (SoR, BY, PF, LR)). I did not do very well, but I did very good following Neil George’s Inner Circle. Lately I realized I need to do more research on my own before investing into recommendations either from newsletters or by word of mouth. It appears Sean’s newsletter will teach me more. So after viewing Sean’s video and reading these threads, I just took the plunge tonight and subscribed to the electronic version for 2yrs at $86. While my order was processing, his publisher entertained me with another video.

  96. I believe you made a good decision. This service is like no other out there that I’ve subscribed ever to. It is more interactive for a service under a $100. However, if you have tried other services or taken advice from others money managers you should know that you don’t just jump in and start buying every stock in the newsletter without knowing the stories behind the companies and why Sean likes them even though he says you don’t have to. Remember the Sean uses a contrarian strategy and uses technical analysis to time entry and exits to positions. Timing is important and what it is for me and my portfolio is not the same as yours. Your existing portfolio, strategy, available cash needs, and timeline should be considered. You should read all his past newsletters and view his weekly update videos to see where he has been and where he is now. Buy existing picks slowly or wait for new recommendations to add to those you already own.

    Also you should ignore robo-postings on this website from “Eric Alter says:” which may have already seen here. This guy has some sort of agenda and hates the Sean Hyman service. He has no clue what it is. I suspect he has one of his own that no one reads.

  97. Here it is again folks. A secret, magical biblical code to investing. Send your money to Sean and he’ll reveal this secret, magical biblical code to you. But you must send him your money first. If you fall for this I feel sorry for you. Suckers. Sean gets rich from your subscription money, not from his investments. Watch the promo in the link and tell me you don’t feel stupid for falling for this. http://w3.newsmax.com/newsletters/uwr/video_money_codea.cfm?p=n&promo_code=141D8-1&gclid=CP6p6PvV1roCFUlp7AodQxAAcw

  98. If following the principles gained by subscribing, makes your overall position -say- 5% better off, but the food chain you invested in gave the final push for Yay Energy company to start drilling for CSG near your home town, are you still happy with what you “won” via stocks.

    Oh wait, the whole trading game always has the rubber meeting the road in some other poor sap’s home-town. You can afford to relocate.


    • strike that comment.
      I realize ( a few minutes later ) that’s part of his first prong of fundamental investigation. “do i have belief in what i’m in vesting in? what if i’m buying the whole company?”

  99. I’m with gmmpa. I wasted almost half and hour reading a bunch of rants and blather about everything *except* whether Sean Hyman’s product was a good one. Oh, yes, and also a few replies that were on point. “Thanks”, to those posters.

    Don’t the rest of you guys have anything better to do with your time? IMO, StockGumshoe needs a moderator to delete non-responsive comments. Or put them into a “junkyard” where people who want to read them can. I think something like that would greatly enhance the value of the site.

  100. Did I see that right? “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”?????

    You mean these comments *are* moderated and you still let all of those non-responsive posts get published? Shame on you!

    Come on Mr./Ms. Moderator, start doing your job and deleting the non responsive BS.

  101. Here it is again folks. A secret, magical biblical code to investing. Send your money to Sean and he’ll reveal this secret, magical biblical code to you. But you must send him your money first. Shhh! It’s a secret. And it’s magical. And it’s a code found in the Bible. Send Sean your money and he’ll tell you what it is. Remember to send your money to him first. He can’t reveal the secret, magical Biblical code to you without your money. http://w3.newsmax.com/newsletters/uwr/video_money_codea.cfm?p=n&promo_code=141D8-1&gclid=CP6p6PvV1roCFUlp7AodQxAAcw

  102. I like Seans chart analysis but most of his picks are from foreign companies and he almost never brings up current events that are happening with the companies. Its almost always on the premise that “these are multi billion dollar companies that aren’t going anywhere”. Well that doesn’t exclude the fact that they may be seriously mismanaging resources and are awful for shareholders even if they are “cheap” with a very low “P/E”. In fact most of his current picks in the Ultimate Wealth Report are serious losers over the course of 2013 which was really hard to do since the S&P 500 saw a record 30% gain.

    In summary he’s awesome on chart analysis and sentiment but has a clear bias towards foreign companies and doesn’t present any current events or future prospects for the company except that “we’re in a 5 wave and this is the 5th wave so it must go up from here.”

  103. Hey Scott and Ken —

    Thanks for your on point, responsive comments about Ultimate Wealth.

    One more question: Have you — or has anyone else — actually made a profit following Sean’s recommendations? Buying and selling the stocks he recommends when he recommends doing it?

    Thanks again –

    • I’m looking at Sean Hyman’s Ultimate Wealth Report Vol.2 No. 8/ August 2013.
      Re: VALE Entry Date 27-Sept-12 Enter Price $ 18.22 Todays Price 3/24/14 $ 13.19
      In his commodities Portfolio he has 20 picks in Vol.2 No. 8/ August 2013.
      17 out of 20 are losers.
      Loses range from -2.01% to -59.27%.
      I like the guy and his vedio presentation but the results speak for themselves.

    • Not been with Sean long and am new to investing. But so far so good. Made a little money and am following what he advises. We share see as time goes.

  104. Hey I’m in Australia. Does anyone know if I subscribed to Sean’s UW, can I invest in the recommended trades from Australia?

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