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By gina, February 7, 2013

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Has anyone subscribed to the Ultimate Wealth Report from Newsmax and written by James Rickards and Bob Wiedemer? This seems to be a new publication and I wonder if anyone has any thoughts about it. How would you rate it? It’s being highly advertised but I wonder if they’re just using scare tactics. Any thoughts would be very appreciated.

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    1. gmmpa
      Nov 29 2013, 07:47:39 pm

      No contradiction here. So… What is your point? Do you know or have a review or opinion about Sean Hyman’s news letter? Have you subscribed to this news letter? What do they think if you have? Or maybe you just don’t like his religion? You and your friend Eric should stay on the original topic or take you worthless comments to some other place. So how are you help the people that are asking for the truth? You obviously do not like the newsmax marketing approach. Are you mocking them?

      Reading this thread there seems to be many new to investing and the stock market. Trying to do it alone without help is the fastest way to losing money. You and Eric are telling them to save there money, not invest in something you know nothing about and stay poor. That is the contradiction. But then what do I know. I just use the service and them making money.

    2. Eric Alter
      Nov 30 2013, 05:46:32 pm

      Here it is again folks. A secret, magical biblical code to investing. Send your money to Sean and he’ll reveal this secret, magical biblical code to you. But you must send him your money first. Sounds familiar to you? Just like those TV preachers who tell you to send your money to them and they’ll send magical holy water to cure your diseases. These people make me sick. There is no secret, magical biblical code to investing folks. This is a promo meant to take advantage of the gullible. http://w3.newsmax.com/newsletters/uwr/video_money_codea.cfm?p=n&promo_code=141D8-1&gclid=CP6p6PvV1roCFUlp7AodQxAAcw

    3. Eric Alter
      Dec 14 2013, 09:54:56 am

      But it will be a waste of $90. Here it is again folks. A secret, magical biblical code to investing. Send your money to Sean and he’ll reveal this secret, magical biblical code to you. But you must send him your money first. Sounds familiar to you? Just like those TV preachers who tell you to send your money to them and they’ll send magical holy water to cure your diseases. These people make me sick. There is no secret, magical biblical code to investing folks. This is a promo meant to take advantage of the gullible. http://w3.newsmax.com/newsletters/uwr/video_money_codea.cfm?p=n&promo_code=141D8-1&gclid=CP6p6PvV1roCFUlp7AodQxAAcw

    4. Alan Forrest
      Dec 17 2013, 02:23:45 pm

      Well, I have joined the UWI and I am just beginning to review his 2013 recommendations to see their performance. And I did run across his high recommendation in June 2013 for The Revelation Forex Fund — which by the way is now in receivership just one month after his recommendation How could his due diligence be so very very much off?…was it the love of money?!! I am seriously questioning his ability to really see the true nature of an investment if he could be so so terribly WRONG on Revelation and the fraud its creators tricked him and its investors.
      See his quote below
      “The Revelation Forex Fund is the real deal,” says Sean Hyman, Editor of Ultimate Wealth Report. Revelation continues to outperform the equity markets, precious metals and most of the hedge funds across the U.S.”

      “We have been very pleased with the performance of the Revelation Forex Fund, and we continue to be one of the best performing Forex funds. The Revelation Forex Fund has a solid record since its inception in 2009, with positive results posted in 42 of the previous 52 months through April 30, 2013,” commented Kevin White, President of KGW Capital Management.

    5. Gabe
      Dec 28 2013, 05:06:25 am

      Hello people, please am outside the USA and subscribed to the ultimate wealth report could someone please recommend a good stock broker to me that i don’t need to be in the USA to buy stocks with. Thanks in anticipation.

      • George Martirosian
        Dec 28 2013, 11:08:29 pm

        Gabe, There are many exchanges in the world where stocks are listed and traded. You need to make sure the broker you select will execute trades for stocks that are listed in those exchanges. The ultimate wealth report is a USA based news letter and any foreign or domestic security that he discusses can be purchases using an American based broker like Fidelity, Etrade, Schwab, Vanguard, etc. You don’t need to be in the USA but it would make sense for your broker to be here.
        That said I suppose there are other brokers in other countries that will execute trades for any stock listed on any exchange from anywhere in the world but that would be a little over the top for a retail investor which I assume you are. Otherwise you would not be asking such a question from this forum.

    6. gmmpa
      Dec 28 2013, 10:36:07 pm

      I keep my portfolio and assets at fidelity and have traded through fidelity.com. I have traded there since the beginning of Internet 1995. Some folks use Etrade.com. I am sure there are others. I don’t know Etrade’s rules but Fidelity charges $7.95 per transaction to execute electronic trades. Phone calls to a trader is more. I don’t need to do that. Customer service is 24/7 anywhere in the world. I can monitor my account and trade anywhere in the world I have an Internet connection on any type of device, smartphone, Tablet, or computer without assistance. Etrade will probably do the same. The real question is where do you want to keep your funds, do you trust them, and how easy is it to move around electronically between your brokerage account and your regular checking account.

    7. Eric Alter
      Dec 29 2013, 09:21:20 pm

      This is just sad: “Well, I have joined the UWI and I am just beginning to review his 2013 recommendations to see their performance. And I did run across his high recommendation in June 2013 for The Revelation Forex Fund — which by the way is now in receivership just one month after his recommendation How could his due diligence be so very very much off?…was it the love of money?!! I am seriously questioning his ability to really see the true nature of an investment if he could be so so terribly WRONG on Revelation and the fraud its creators tricked him and its investors.
      See his quote below
      “The Revelation Forex Fund is the real deal,” says Sean Hyman, Editor of Ultimate Wealth Report. Revelation continues to outperform the equity markets, precious metals and most of the hedge funds across the U.S.”

      “We have been very pleased with the performance of the Revelation Forex Fund, and we continue to be one of the best performing Forex funds. The Revelation Forex Fund has a solid record since its inception in 2009, with positive results posted in 42 of the previous 52 months through April 30, 2013,” commented Kevin White, President of KGW Capital Management.”

    8. Paul Berry
      Dec 30 2013, 04:54:23 pm

      Your readers might be more enlightened by searching for reviews of Newsmax, the Ultimate Wealth Report publisher. The complaints about Newsmax are very revealing!

    9. gmmpa
      Dec 30 2013, 10:37:33 pm

      To these that come here looking for the Truth!

      (Eric Alter —- Paul Berry)

      The readers on this blog should be weary of these two guys above. They consistently posting negative robo-comments on this forum about Ultimate Wealth Report. I don’t read every subject on this website but I compelled to here in this subject because it keeps showing up in my inbox. Those of you that already subscribe to Ultimate Wealth Rport already know the truth and probably don’t care about newbies. These guys above are dishonest and are doing a great disservice to the editors of this blog and the new readership. The postings number 108 and 109 are completely off the charts bogus comments that are not even close to what the Sean Hyman’s newsletters is all about. Whatever the reason for their dislike of Sean Hyman it must be personal because it make no sense why they would be doing this. They trash everyone that claims to have subscribe to the newsletter or anyone that posted the truth about this service and tries to dissuade these that are thinking about subscribing.

      For you newbies out there reading this… The Internet is great median to get information about just about anything you can think of. It is also a place that have guys like these that are viruses to the TRUTH and make it a place not for children. I cannot even imagine their agenda. It certainly is not helpful to the readers that come here to get honest comments and reviews.

      • Frank
        Jan 11 2016, 05:52:51 pm

        I disagree, I am a subscriber of the UWR and I have lost most of my money on every pick that Sean recommended. Just in the last month he recommended yet o ce again a stock that has tanked. The stock is RIO. He recommended this just a month ago at 50.00 or under, well, it is now under 25.00. Thank god I did not buy in this time.

        • CT Bell
          Apr 7 2016, 06:11:24 pm

          I am beginning research on UWR, but this comment is completely false. First, why would anyone keep on trading a losing strategy to the point that they would have “most most of my money”.
          Second, the commentator states that the UWR recommendation was made when the stock’s price was at $50. He is writing this on Jan 11, 2016. He says that the recommendation came in the previous month (December). Well, the stock, RIO, has not been at $50 since September of 2014.
          In fact, the highest price for RIO in December, 2015 was $30.07. This stock, did drop to as low as $23in January, but has gone up to as high as $32 at the beginning of March and has gone through a normal pull back to about $27 now. Also, it is paying a dividend of 7.78%.
          All in all, not a great short term return, but still not a loss. And, my understanding is that this newsletter is for trading 12-18 months. So, if that is the strategy that is the platform the advice, then it is too soon to be making any conclusion on this trade of RIO.

    10. dvh
      Dec 31 2013, 02:39:07 am

      For those who want to see one of his old reports, here’s a pdf of one from August 2012. Just remember that he does give weekly updates to his subscribers, and may have told his subscribers to sell these stocks already. Judge for yourself what you want, I have not yet subscribed, but have started looking into subscriptions. Being newer to investments I’ve been reading up on basics and fundamentals of investments, and the fact that he gives out an investing guide with the subscription intrigues me. As he says to do in his video I’m doing my research both on this newsletter and others before I make a decision, and many newsletters have people who say they are horrible newsletters/scams as well as people who say they did well with the newsletter.

    11. gmmpa
      Jan 1 2014, 02:22:15 am

      I believe this service only started around July 2012. Maybe a few months earlier. I subscribers to the service around May 2013 after viewing this promo : http://w3.newsmax.com/newsletters/uwr/video_hyman.cfm?promo_code=11E57-1&gclid=CJyfyp-w3LsCFUjNOgod5DgAdw
      I would love to post just one page of the full current newsletter. The one that has the closed positions with the realized gains from the beginning of the service to today. However I would be no better than the clowns above posting lies. It is not ethical to do so. However, I can give an honest review:
      I believe is an excellent newsletter and service for the price anywhere. Believe me I have subscribed to many over the years. The test for a good newsletter is whether you believe in it enough to use it and above all it makes money for you. It isn’t just the monthly newsletters that I like, but the weekly updates that are educational and most informative as a technical trading aid. I am a long time individual investors that have always believed in a contrarian style that focused on fundamental analysis and lots of reading of current business and economic news. This service fills a technical analysis hole in my background. It makes me better more confident more complete investor that has much greater chance of success in what some might call a rigged game.
      Happy New Year to you all. Live long and prosper.

    12. Gabe.
      Jan 16 2014, 03:46:17 pm

      I simply asked for refund and i truly got it. Am surprised but really the programme was not going to work for me as am outside the Unites States. Happy investing am happy i got my money back without hassle.

      • John
        Jun 4 2015, 01:11:05 pm

        Gabe, I’m surprised you weren’t able to find a way to invest in the picks highlighted in the UWR newsletter. I know that earlier you were looking for a stock broker but that’s not necessary, I invest using an online account which I believe is available to those outside of the United States as well. I use ShareBuilder but am not advocating that in particular, Fidelity and other highly reputable firms are just as good.

    13. Gregory
      Jan 20 2014, 03:15:38 am

      Thank you all for providing your insight about UWR and other strayed topics. Not quite a newbie, but one still learning what to look for and to understand what it means. I tried several newsletter in the past and followed their recommendations (Leeb, MF, bunch of KCI (SoR, BY, PF, LR)). I did not do very well, but I did very good following Neil George’s Inner Circle. Lately I realized I need to do more research on my own before investing into recommendations either from newsletters or by word of mouth. It appears Sean’s newsletter will teach me more. So after viewing Sean’s video and reading these threads, I just took the plunge tonight and subscribed to the electronic version for 2yrs at $86. While my order was processing, his publisher entertained me with another video.

    14. gmmpa
      Jan 20 2014, 11:38:45 am

      I believe you made a good decision. This service is like no other out there that I’ve subscribed ever to. It is more interactive for a service under a $100. However, if you have tried other services or taken advice from others money managers you should know that you don’t just jump in and start buying every stock in the newsletter without knowing the stories behind the companies and why Sean likes them even though he says you don’t have to. Remember the Sean uses a contrarian strategy and uses technical analysis to time entry and exits to positions. Timing is important and what it is for me and my portfolio is not the same as yours. Your existing portfolio, strategy, available cash needs, and timeline should be considered. You should read all his past newsletters and view his weekly update videos to see where he has been and where he is now. Buy existing picks slowly or wait for new recommendations to add to those you already own.

      Also you should ignore robo-postings on this website from “Eric Alter says:” which may have already seen here. This guy has some sort of agenda and hates the Sean Hyman service. He has no clue what it is. I suspect he has one of his own that no one reads.

    15. Jeff Cooper
      Jan 23 2014, 10:51:50 pm

      Here it is again folks. A secret, magical biblical code to investing. Send your money to Sean and he’ll reveal this secret, magical biblical code to you. But you must send him your money first. If you fall for this I feel sorry for you. Suckers. Sean gets rich from your subscription money, not from his investments. Watch the promo in the link and tell me you don’t feel stupid for falling for this. http://w3.newsmax.com/newsletters/uwr/video_money_codea.cfm?p=n&promo_code=141D8-1&gclid=CP6p6PvV1roCFUlp7AodQxAAcw

    16. robv
      Jan 26 2014, 12:33:33 am

      If following the principles gained by subscribing, makes your overall position -say- 5% better off, but the food chain you invested in gave the final push for Yay Energy company to start drilling for CSG near your home town, are you still happy with what you “won” via stocks.

      Oh wait, the whole trading game always has the rubber meeting the road in some other poor sap’s home-town. You can afford to relocate.


      • robv
        Jan 26 2014, 12:43:25 am

        strike that comment.
        I realize ( a few minutes later ) that’s part of his first prong of fundamental investigation. “do i have belief in what i’m in vesting in? what if i’m buying the whole company?”

    17. Greg Andrews
      Jan 28 2014, 04:19:47 am

      I’m with gmmpa. I wasted almost half and hour reading a bunch of rants and blather about everything *except* whether Sean Hyman’s product was a good one. Oh, yes, and also a few replies that were on point. “Thanks”, to those posters.

      Don’t the rest of you guys have anything better to do with your time? IMO, StockGumshoe needs a moderator to delete non-responsive comments. Or put them into a “junkyard” where people who want to read them can. I think something like that would greatly enhance the value of the site.

    18. Greg Andrews
      Jan 28 2014, 04:25:37 am

      Did I see that right? “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”?????

      You mean these comments *are* moderated and you still let all of those non-responsive posts get published? Shame on you!

      Come on Mr./Ms. Moderator, start doing your job and deleting the non responsive BS.

    19. Jeff Cooper
      Jan 28 2014, 09:26:57 pm

      Here it is again folks. A secret, magical biblical code to investing. Send your money to Sean and he’ll reveal this secret, magical biblical code to you. But you must send him your money first. Shhh! It’s a secret. And it’s magical. And it’s a code found in the Bible. Send Sean your money and he’ll tell you what it is. Remember to send your money to him first. He can’t reveal the secret, magical Biblical code to you without your money. http://w3.newsmax.com/newsletters/uwr/video_money_codea.cfm?p=n&promo_code=141D8-1&gclid=CP6p6PvV1roCFUlp7AodQxAAcw

    20. Danny Smith
      Feb 4 2014, 05:58:03 pm

      I like Seans chart analysis but most of his picks are from foreign companies and he almost never brings up current events that are happening with the companies. Its almost always on the premise that “these are multi billion dollar companies that aren’t going anywhere”. Well that doesn’t exclude the fact that they may be seriously mismanaging resources and are awful for shareholders even if they are “cheap” with a very low “P/E”. In fact most of his current picks in the Ultimate Wealth Report are serious losers over the course of 2013 which was really hard to do since the S&P 500 saw a record 30% gain.

      In summary he’s awesome on chart analysis and sentiment but has a clear bias towards foreign companies and doesn’t present any current events or future prospects for the company except that “we’re in a 5 wave and this is the 5th wave so it must go up from here.”

      • Frank
        Jan 11 2016, 06:09:47 pm

        You hit the nail on the head, his Elliott wave chart reading sounds great but every stock I bought well below the at or under price, I still lost my shirt.

    21. Greg Andrews
      Feb 10 2014, 12:27:29 am

      Hey Scott and Ken —

      Thanks for your on point, responsive comments about Ultimate Wealth.

      One more question: Have you — or has anyone else — actually made a profit following Sean’s recommendations? Buying and selling the stocks he recommends when he recommends doing it?

      Thanks again —

      • Robert
        Mar 24 2014, 04:26:21 pm

        I’m looking at Sean Hyman’s Ultimate Wealth Report Vol.2 No. 8/ August 2013.
        Re: VALE Entry Date 27-Sept-12 Enter Price $ 18.22 Todays Price 3/24/14 $ 13.19
        In his commodities Portfolio he has 20 picks in Vol.2 No. 8/ August 2013.
        17 out of 20 are losers.
        Loses range from -2.01% to -59.27%.
        I like the guy and his vedio presentation but the results speak for themselves.

        • Sandi
          May 9 2015, 12:57:18 pm

          I have lost a serious amount of money as a direct result of recommendations from Sean Hyman. He said that VALE would fall to around $11 before it would then surge upward. It’s currently sitting between $7-$8 and despite asking Newsmax for a refund within a couple of days of being relentlessly pestered by email, suddenly I never heard from them again. So they have my initial trusting payment for shoddy subscriptions and for questionable advice from a ‘missionary man’. Shame on you Mr. Hyman!

          • maxx
            May 10 2015, 06:52:06 pm

            What do you expect, Newsmax just passes lies about more than info. If I read s/t on Newsmax I can pretty well be sure it is a lie or at best a shading of truth to get whatever silly point they want to tout or sell.

          • John
            Jun 4 2015, 01:34:31 pm

            Sandi, VALE is a position which has not yet received a recommendation to sell from UWR In other words, we don’t yet have the entire story. Every position I’ve taken and subsequently sold following recommendation i’ve made 12 to 20% or more. I own VALE and believe that this will be the case with this company as well. Vale is a Brazilian metallurgy company and both metal prices as well as the Brazilian market and currency are on the rise. Vale is the largest world iron ore miner and with demands from the East and other reasons has strong future growth prospects. I expect that by the time it is appropriate to sell I’ll make in the 20-30% on this stock, I only which I had the funds to be more invested in it.

            • frank
              Jan 12 2016, 09:55:40 pm

              Hi John, Hows VALE working out for you, I lost 80 percent on it. it is now under 3, so there you have it, another looser courtesy of SEAN HYMEN from the Ultimate looser report. I trusted him and his eliotte wave BS aswell, and lost most of my 30,000.00 that I invested in his pics. At the end of the day it is my fault because I trusted him. News Max is disgusting,
              they should have bench marks that have to be met by these guys, but what do they care they still get our money. The only news letter I follow now is the DIVIDEND MACHINE by Bill Spetrino. Doing really well with that.

          • Danny Smith
            Jun 28 2015, 12:56:10 pm

            This is complete gibberish. Sean Hyman has never issued a SELL to an active losing position that I am aware of. He just holds on to them in perpetuity bring up his charts and claiming Elliot Wave will turn everything around. Meanwhile his stocks continuously make lower lows. This includes BTU (95% loss since his recommendation), VALE, and CIG. Sorry I can judge if a stock has lost 95% value that it isn’t going to make that up any time soon.

            Meanwhile anytime a stock goes up 10-15% Sean is quick to sell it to take profits. Take Apple for example. He sold that twice and bragged about a 60% return in less than a year. Well what he didn’t say was that you would have to pay a higher tax for that twice since its less than a year. And that if you simply kept Apple since his last SELL recommendation you would of make 45% MORE profit and had a lower tax to pay on it. Sean has no clue when it comes to a company like Apple. All he knows is his charts. He kept hammering on the fact that the 7 to 1 stock split was driving the stock upward. He never mentioned that stock buy backs, incredible Iphone sales, the Iwatch etc were the real catalyst.

            Seriously stay away from his portfolio. I have lost thousandths following his horrendous picks. Follow Bill Spetrino instead. He’s the only reason I still have any money left to invest in. Bill is an actual investor and not just a newsletter writer. He puts his own money into the stocks he recommends. He feels passionately about them. In short he has skin in the game. I had high hopes for Sean’s newsletter 2 years ago. But enough is enough. All his active picks are SERIOUS losers. It got so bad they took away the percentage losses column from the newsletter. How this man still has a newsletter is beyond me. Seriously how many horrible picks do you have to have before you get canned?

      • Lisa Schmidt
        Apr 7 2014, 06:51:49 pm

        Not been with Sean long and am new to investing. But so far so good. Made a little money and am following what he advises. We share see as time goes.

    22. Rob
      Mar 29 2014, 09:25:33 pm

      Hey I’m in Australia. Does anyone know if I subscribed to Sean’s UW, can I invest in the recommended trades from Australia?

      • 2224 |
        May 10 2015, 07:36:31 pm

        All of Sean’s picks are fairly large cap companies easily available from major US brokers.
        He likes large companies.

    23. Dave
      Jun 23 2014, 03:36:11 pm

      I am a member of the Ultimate Wealth Report, and have been for about 9 months. Although I cannot reveal his portfolio choices, he has earned an average return of 26.08% to date after taking profits on 15 positions. The highest return was 51.46% and the lowest was 12.72%. He has been extremely educational in his approach, and transparent about his decision making processes.

      NewsMax is a very aggressive sales type system, and caused me initial red flags as well. NewsMax has had some complaints about some of the people selling things via NewsMax, but nothing I can see regarding Sean Hyman himself.

      I have seen Sean’s performance, and understand where he is going with the program.I am inclined to believe what he is saying in general, understanding that past performance is not always an accurate predictor of future results.

      This system is really about minimizing your risks, rather then guaranteeing future profits. He makes recommendations, and encourages you to learn investing basics, and to put your knowledge to work for yourself.

    24. Jess Counts
      Dec 14 2014, 05:18:42 pm

      I am a subscriber to Sean’s newsletter. He is very informative about his recommendations. Never talks about the bible only says God bless at the end. He has made me money. I recommend his newsletter. It is a great one for beginners. Never follow blindly do your own research.

    25. 2224 |
      May 10 2015, 07:31:08 pm

      Robert and Jeff Cooper— we get your point of view, you are entitled to it.
      No need to flog it.

      I am a subscriber to UWR and became one because Sean’s outlook on value appealed to me. I was predisposed to hard assets to begin with, and when I saw his picks, they were primarily in asset-backed companies although he does not present himself as a “hard asset” guy”…he looks at the surviveability, earnings, and staying power of the companies.

      At the time, it just so happened that his picks were in the commodity sector. I agreed with the picks. And have been savaged in the recent months, but I cannot fault Sean for this. The timing of entry was very poor for commodities, but Sean is a longer term view investor and has…um… faith that the beaten down companies will turn around, and he sticks with them because he understands their fundamentals. Eventually his picks will be mostly vindicated, although patience will be required for it.

      I have found Sean’s approach towards emotions to be extremely helpful. He ignores the noise and recommends value where he sees it. He believes in Elliot Wave although I think he sometimes sees patterns that are not really there.

      About his religious beliefs. It is my surmise that the publisher polishes up Sean’s piety
      to appeal to a certain market segment. This is the copywriter at the publisher, whose job it is to sell sunscriptions. Sean himself does not proselytize, nor does he make his picks by some mystical Biblical message. He looks at numbers, market cap, and technical analysis. What I do get a sense of, is that Sean is ethical, practical, believes in what he is doing, and has the welfare of his clients at heart. That he seems to be a person of religious conviction is a plus for me, although I do not necessarily share in his religious
      denomination, which is not disclosed nor is it of interest.

      The picks that were a disaster six months ago are likely to be pretty good in the coming year. If you got blown out of Vale, Newmont, Barrick, Gazprom, or Teck in the last year,
      I understand you may be skeptical. But if you go into them now, and Sean still recommends them, my guess is that you’ll do pretty well.

      Long all tickers mentioned. Teck is one of my largest positions.

      • 2224 |
        May 10 2015, 07:33:08 pm

        One other thing, the price for UWR is very reasonable, and Sean’s calming of emotions in his regular updates is worth the price of the subscription.

        • marrdrm
          Jun 25 2015, 04:06:20 pm

          I have been with UWR since the beginning and agree with much of hendrxmuzzles cooments above. I also am in Sean’s absolute profits- it is worse. I have a few comments:
          1. The portfolio is down in total over 20% in almost 2.5 years while the market is up!
          2. I think the one place Sean is wrong is he never sells a loser. 4 of the stocks or around 20% of the port is down 50-87%.
          3. No one ever new the dollar was going thru the roof which is killing about everything we own, But he never adjusted.
          4. Just listen to the weekly video and how all our positions are set to go up. 7 of them were down 3-7% TODAY! The market is down .25%
          5. What really frosts me now is they( NEWSMAX) don’t have the nerve to publish the return for the portfolio . They have deleted it from the Newsletter! They show total return on what he has sold but not what he owns in the current portfolio. Can the editor do that ? Seems like it not full disclosure. I don’t need him to tell me – I know where all my positions are. It just is discusting that they don’t report their own performance- but watch some of their ads!

          • Danny Smith
            Jun 25 2015, 11:46:37 pm

            I agree with this 100%. His videos have been showing the chart setups due to go up for the last year and a half. In fact almost all his positions have gone down by 50% or more. The brazilian stocks have got hammered. Sean never sells his losers. He’s got one stock which I had the misery of following which has lost 90%. He still thinks it will go back up to the point he bought it and even higher.

            Its clear Sean doesn’t trade these stocks with his own money. If he did he would of gone bust a long time ago. I’ve been fortunate to only follow a couple of his stocks and not make an entire portfolio about it.

            On the flip side his winners he sells too fast. Take Apple he sold it twice and was bragging about his 60% profit he’s made twice in a year and he “would take this every day”. Well Apple has since gone about 50% higher while the rest of his portfolio has gotten trounced. On top of that selling it twice within a year subjects you to a much higher tax rate for the gains than if you would of kept it the entire year. Sean incorrectly believed the 7 to 1 stock split was causing all the stock movement and never considered the fact that Apple is one of the best companies in terms of innovation and growth. He just looked at his chart, saw price overextended, and reacted without really doing too much long term analysis on the company. Fortunately I did not follow his sell recommendation however I feel for his subscribers who did.

    26. emmanuel de castro
      Sep 21 2015, 03:12:35 pm

      I am fully aware that I subscribe to one of their services. Last May 2015, I cancelled Ultimate Wealth Report. I seldom read the email. Today, my wife noticed in our credit card statement that an amount $97 was charged in our credit card. Vendor is High Income Factor. I called High Income and reasoned out that I cancelled it last May. The lady explained to me that I have 2 subscriptions. One from Ultimate Wealth, second is High Income. I explained that I am not aware that I have 2 subscriptions. As far as I know of, I only have one which I already cancelled month ago.

      I checked my email. Last Sept 5, 2015, they sent me an email informing me that my subscription to High Income will be renewed if I will not respond within 30 days. I said, today is only Sept 21. 16 days only. below the 30 days . How come they already charged my credit? The lady explained that while the email mentioned 30 days, but it is not always like that. I voiced out that I do not appreciate their misrepresentation. I emphasized to the rep that I am not mad at her but disappointed on how they company is doing their business.

      In fairness, the rep said that I will get a refund in 60 days. Let us see if they will hold their words.

    27. Lady Lawler
      Oct 16 2015, 07:57:14 am

      Hi, I subscribed to the Ultimate Wealth Report less than three months ago. I had all my money in cash as I had ported over a former company IRA. I have a significant portion of that portfolio invested based on Sean’s report and to date I have done really well. With the volatility in the market, I have seen big swings in many of the stocks, but overall I’m up (based on yesterday’s close) over 9%. I have 13 investments, 12 are Sean’s recommendations. Four investments are up between 12-18%. One (1) is down 1.27%. I like the way the report is structured. Where to buy in at, where they (whoever they are) bought in at and yield. I’m happy with my $90 investment. I’ll see what the long-term results are. I’m not going to make all the money. I recognize that as a 30+ year investor. I won’t get the maximum amount from each investment because that still involves timing the market which, even if it did work, doesn’t work for me. I have a life. A 9% return is less than 3 months does.

      • 2224 |
        Nov 7 2015, 10:34:24 am

        Hi Lady, your timing is your salvation. Sean’s picks just don’t have a lot lower to go, they have fallen so far a lot of them are at multi-year lows. Buying now has to be better than 18 months ago.

    28. loreto
      Oct 16 2015, 11:29:51 pm

      I’ve been a subscriber for 3 + years and all the stocks he recommended that are losers are still in the porfolio and they keep on going lower and lower and more and more losses. Please stay away from him..just find a good mutual fund.

    29. alastair
      Oct 27 2015, 12:30:33 am

      I am with Loreta on this man.
      I paid a sub about 2 years ago. What a waste of money. the overall portfolio down about 35%. Hopeless. Worst one was (DB) DEUTCHE BANK. It went below 25% of purchase price. Hyman kept preaching to hold. I got out at about 35% loss( you need to stop them out at 25% at least). So I sold the thing. DB descended from about $47 US down to $28 or so- still Hyman said to keep it!!! What a lot of codswallop. His latest revealations are HGO harlery Davidson and USO Harley D has plummeted to a yearly low. Hyman has no financial nous whatsoever. He has no degree in finance. He has no anointing for wealth, I feel. You would lose big time if you succumbed to his “bible code” God is not a loser. He makes good profits, 30, 60 90 fold.
      The bible code is this. Get out of bed early, pray, get a good job, learn about your work, learn about hard work diligence and wisdom. Issac got out of bed, worked hard for 14 years leasing his father in laws sheep. He made big profits thru hard work and endurance and studying his farm and sheep. that is the bible code.
      I will not buy one single recommendation of Hyman’s cos it will be a loser!!!!!
      I have made good gains with Stansberry and associates; not wasters and lazy and spooky men!!!

    30. Tyler Phillis
      Oct 30 2015, 06:10:24 pm

      I was a subscriber to Sean Hyman’s Ultimate Wealth Report for two years and have thus far experienced a (roughly) 60% drawdown in the stocks bought on his recommendation. Some reviewers complain that people here aren’t subscribers…well, here’s one telling you that Sean’s picks are worse than random.

      Two of his picks (VALE & PBR) were embroiled in corruption scandals, causing stock sell-offs of 62% and 68% respectively.

      BTU, a coal energy company, has plummeted over 88% since Sean recommended it. Recently BTU has tried to mask the horrible performance of its stock by a stock split – a REVERSE stock split of 15 TO 1! All but two of the picks I bought (at or below his recommended price, as he prescribes) are suffering price declines of no less than 50%. THEY’VE LOST OVER HALF OF THEIR VALUE WHILE SEAN RECOMMENDS HIS SUBSCRIBERS TO HOLD AND BUY MORE!

      Here’s the real kicker: Sean graciously offers a $10,000 guarantee as part of his welcome letter sent to new subscribers. A $10,000 “no questions asked” money guarantee. I’ve tried numerous times to contact him with the intent of collecting, but Newsmax (the publisher of his letters) won’t pass my requests on to him, nor will they supply me with Sean’s personal contact information. I have the guarantee in black and white and PDF format for all to see.

      So, here you go…a review from a real subscriber of two years. I followed his recommendations, bought when he said buy, sold when he said sell, and now the account dedicated to his newsletter picks is 60% smaller than it was when I began.
      Sean, if you read this and do not make good on your guarantee you can count on reading more reviews from me like this in as many places as I can reveal the truth. No personal attacks, no embellishment, just facts.

      Here are some of the declines you will suffer if you subscribe to Sean Hyman’s investment news letter:
      ECA: -52%
      BTU: -88%
      PBR: -68%
      VALE: -62%
      TCK: -57%
      MBT: -60%

      …but there’s more! However, I’ll save those for the next review.

      Sean may be a nice guy, but it’s a good bet that he makes more money with his newsletter subscriptions than his investment picks.

      • marrdrm
        Nov 7 2015, 07:17:58 am

        I have been with Ultimate wealth from the beginning. Tyler’s summary is right on.
        How can someone pick over 20 stocks and they are all down 10-90%. It will take 3-4 years to recover (just recover). The sales pitch was we invest for 12-18 months not 5-6 years. No wonder we never see him on TV anymore. CNBC and Fox figured it out.

        • 2224 |
          Nov 7 2015, 10:31:42 am

          Hi Tyler,
          You are accurate but Sean’s mistake was not in the stock picks per se, it was that he was too concentrated in commodities.

          His overconcentration in stocks based on physical commodities led to disaster, of which I have been a participant. Within the commodity sectors , I’m not sure his picks have been a lot worse than other stocks in those sectors. If you were in mining, oil and gas, South America, Russia, and coal, you got murdered.

          He never pitched his service as a commodity or resource newsletter, but his picks were mostly in those sectors and you have accurately described the results.

    31. Danny Smith
      Nov 7 2015, 06:02:10 pm

      I wish I read these before I started taking Seans picks. Its a shame he promotes his picks as a sound Christian philosophy. Judge the man by his results. Most of his picks are down 20-97%. I have lost thousandths from this charlaton. BTU is going to 0. Vale, CIG, pbr, abx are all near their all time lows. I would love to get his response. To me he is a wolf in sheeps clothing. I will never be this naive again.

    32. Gordon
      Dec 9 2015, 08:25:11 pm

      I was a subscriber for a year and waited to watch how the stock picks performed. Some of them did really well but many of the commodity related stocks dropped way down. Sean never sold any stocks that were way down because that locks in a loss. However, the stocks could take 5 years to recover. His oil and commodity related investments really tanked. He stopped publishing the return rate when the early returns went from positive to negative. I didn’t renew after a year because I wouldn’t use his picks after observing the performance.

    33. agmonaco
      Jan 29 2016, 11:15:00 am

      I subscribed to Sean Hyman and the Ultimate Wealth report for a couple years. At first I didn’t do to bad when I was testing the waters.. Then I went in rather aggressively for my portfolio. First thing I noticed was there was no exit strategy or stop loss on his losers. He would drone on consistently about how the waves in the market or stock would predict a positive return for those stocks or funds he recommended. Then I noticed that he stopped posting the % of loss on his selections I assume because it showed how disastrous his selections were, that the vast majority of his selections were in the red and 1/2 of them were grossly in the red. VALE down 80% and BTU down 99% and numerous others I invested in by his advise tanked. And this was in an up market. Beware of Sean Hyman and the Ultimate Wealth Report. I am surprised that Newsmax promotes him.

    34. Mike
      Feb 11 2016, 11:59:58 am

      Signed on over two years ago. Began with just over $10,000 with 7 or 8 of Sean’s picks. As of today, my portfolio worth is around $300. Wish I could go back in time. I blindly trusted Sean despite the naysayers. Wish I could get my money back.

    35. soutpaw
      Mar 21 2016, 10:24:29 am

      I invested on Sean’s recommendations for over 2 years and only had 2 or 3 winners. The rest are dramatically lower. Overall I lost about 40% of what I invested and I got out.
      So here is an unbiased opinion of UWS from someone who lost real money using Sean’s advice:
      1. After using a traditional investment broker for years and never getting any calls returned or feedback I really liked that I got a weekly updates breaking down each pick and a monthly news letter with new picks.
      2. There really is a lot of good information on the site for the novice investor. Information is presented in a way that a novice can understand.
      1. Sean makes bad picks. He is heavily leveraged in commodities, and foreign companies that are highly speculative given certain geopolitical environments (MBT, VALE, RIG), and the global policy position of the current administration (BTU). Although to be fair I’m holding on to my oil because I think it will come back at some point.
      2. There is no backstop strategy. Sean will ride a pick into the dirt. There are many examples of this from comments above.
      3. Based on the last few weekly updates I’ve received I don’t think Sean is being honest with himself, let alone investors. The video updates seemed to have transitioned from chart and trend data to hope and wish sentiment.

      Bottom Line:
      If you buy some of his picks now you may have a chance to make some gains, simply because 90-95% of his picks are at historic lows. But if you took his advice 2 years ago you’ve most likely lost all your money you invested based on his picks.

      I started transitioning 85% of his picks over to blue chip dividend stocks a couple of months ago to see if I can make up some of the money I lost. It’ll probably will be another 3 years before I begin to recuperate that money through this strategy, but it’s a lot safer. I’ve also started looking at VC stock investing and put a little into one company to see if that works.

      Anyone here try another system that actually produces overall gains? I’d love to hear some good news right about now.

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