palladium Shortage

By zilleric, March 30, 2013

Mike Ward, Money Map Press, and Peter Krauth, Real Asset Returns, promote small palladium miner under $2.00 plus an option trade, all based on Russia’s dwindling supply. Anyone follow palladium to know what stock they’re promoting?

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Biggun Returns

I think it’s North American Palladium, but not 100% sure based on the production numbers and the size of the mines… Anyone else want to chime in?


Glad you started this thread here —- Travis — please check this out!
Please weigh in on PAL and ETF’s, and the tiny miner being hyped by Ward.


Definitely North American Palladium. Couple of clues from his report when you research PAL (ticker symbol) company profile and general info available on the internet. First clue was 114 square miles jives with the Hecta Meter figure the company claims they mine and further research indicates they are only one of two primary miners of Palladium. So finding them as a primary Paladium miner indicated a 50% probability, but the acres mined confirmed it.

I have certainly gotten enough copies of of their hype on this Russian Palladium “Crises”. Most I’ve ever gotten from them and another name I’ve never heard of before. I don’t know if it is a buy. The company’s identity as North American Palladium seems pretty obvious. So easy I don’t even think its intended to be hidden really. I would think it will be in play Monday. No idea whether good bad or indifferent could gap to the high of the day would be my guess. Also trades in Canada as PDL on Toronto. I got a medical stock… Read more »

Not sure if the company is PAL. They say the stock was up 150% since they recommended it last Friday. I don’t see where PAL was up that much. Anyone have any other ideas on what this stock could be? Thanks.


Luke Burgess wrote about “Russian stockpiles depleted” in Sept. 2010.
So whats new?

Craig R

I think they were referring to the option price up 150%

Matt Ander

Yes, looks like PAL, but what troubles me with it is, they sold a lot of their mines to
Maudore Minerals Limited, which trade for about 0.95 a share.
Maybe a good thing to have a piece of both of them.

Steve Murdoch

PAL is going through a major expansion to increase production. they also own a lot of unexplored land around their mine that has potential to increase resources as exploration continues.
My feeling is that if you’re looking for a quick buck, you’re not going to find it here. If you are patient and can sit on it for a few years … and if things fall into place as expected … you can make some good coin.

time and patience is the key