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By gumshoepwj, March 17, 2013

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Does anyone subscribe to or know of RC Pecks’ Insiders Club?

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    1. Myron Martin
      Myron Martin
      Mar 18 2013, 03:30:38 pm

      Yes I am on R C Peck’s mailing list but have not as yet subscribed. He seems quite knowledgable and his frequent market summaries have some value in gauging market moves. I frequently do a “trial” of such free sites to get a feel for what they have to offer but very RARELY end up subscribing due to information overload.

    2. Michael Sullivan
      Mar 23 2013, 10:12:54 am

      I subscribed to the Insiders Club. I couldn’t handle his commentary via video. I prefer a written newsletter. Customer service is prompt. If you want to cancel within the grace period it’s no problem, however takes about a week or two to see the refund. Not bad if you can handle videos.

    3. Ivan Hsieh
      Jul 3 2014, 05:17:51 pm

      I was a member of Investors Elite (need to renew my membership). As Michael mentioned, RC provides updates via video (live webinars and recordings) and email alerts. RC has continues to simplify the Fearless Wealth strategies, which makes it easier to follow his recommendations. The 3 strategies are: 1) Long-term Economic Cycle (investing in Physical or Paper market for 16-18 years), 2) Market Probability (In or Out of the S&P 500), and 3) Obvious Trend (trading large companies that are in long term price growth but had major declines). If you believe that things happen in cycles (e.g. , history repeats itself) and you don’t trust Wall St. brokers, RC Peck’s Fearless Wealth is worth checking out. I see it as learning and re-training my investing mind (I used to work for large brokerage firms). If I can avoid the next S&P crash, that already pays for membership.
      What this is NOT: Fearless Wealth is NOT pick-of-the-month type of newsletter and NOT buy-and-hold-forever. What it IS: Fearless Wealth invests in the 3 strategies mentioned above. Sometimes trades in the Obvious Trend strategy happen in less than a year, if the price declines passed the stop-loss OR if the price appreciates very quickly. Otherwise, Obvious Trend trades can last for several months or more than a year.
      If you watch the videos on his website and check out his weekend podcasts (free, just subscribe via email), you’ll get a good feel for his style and approach. BTW, Obvious Trend has been the winning strategy with some awesome trades. The Long-term Economic Cycle strategy was very difficult last year because we’re still in a Physical cycle and Gold and related stocks got creamed in 2013.
      P.S. I’ve connected with RC Peck in person. Great guy! He’s honest and upfront. He knows that his service isn’t for everyone. If you decide to join, tell RC and Patty that Ivan sent you. They’ll take good care of you. Cheers!

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        Myron Martin, Junior Mining Columnist
        Myron Martin, Junior Mining Columnist
        Jul 8 2014, 06:17:45 pm

        While I have not met him in person, i have the same impression, he is honest and upfront and quite knowledgable.

    4. 126 |
      William Ransola
      Jul 8 2014, 06:35:27 pm

      MYRON—Thank you for getting back to me on -AVCVF— i am currently up about 13%. I am still keeping an eye on LMRMF. Thank you again

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