Disappointing SAND

By Anonymous Questions, May 16, 2013

SAND is a severe disappointment. What’s your take on it now, Travis?

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It is worrisome… But, I still long on this one along with SND.

Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
I agree, but my take on the company hasn’t changed — it has fallen in similar fashion to the other royalty companies and, somewhat surprisingly, has fallen almost as badly as the big miners lately. That’s obviously due to the drop in the gold price, which snowballs into large investors rushing out of the gold ETFs and gold miners. I’ve written many times about SAND, and it remains a major holding (no longer the largest one, thanks to the fall in price). Over the past six months or so I bumped out my warrants to later expirations and have also… Read more »
John Green

My guess — gold will be at $1500 in January. Disappointing both the gold bears and the gold bulls. The physical buyers come out in force at prices below $1400, the paper traders go heavily short above $1600, and it all averages out to $1500.

For what its worth (a lot to me!) the fine folks at Investech dusted off their 1-2 yo analysis on gold (they were bearing as they felt it was in a bubble despite overwhelming opposition) and are still maintaining a likelyhood of 1050-1150 an ounce and not recommending bottom fishing. They are saying Gold in the very long term is still going to shine. I closed out my warrants on Sandstorm last month (all in all at my cost as prior gains were wipes out) and last bunch of shares last week. I will revisit them in 6 months or… Read more »
Sand does not have anybody holding the rope over the cliff, for me to think Nolan and his team will loose to Ben .’s, money printing machine , they still have there feet on the ground . I took my profit a long time ago and still have part of both sides of there company but it is funny when some of the investors said to keep it. Well I kept the half that was paid for with the profit , now if they fall more I will be out my profit more r less break even , I think… Read more »

Owning SAND, AAPL and other hits, have made this a bad year for me so far…sniffle…. even more annoying reading about new highs on the (US) markets daily…. 😉