Minting Millions from the Magic Molecule

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This is a teaser from Nick Hodges Early Advantage advisory. He is promoting the stock of a company that has a salt water farm where they grow Keyhole limpets or sea snails. The claim is that the blood of these creatures is very rare and commands extremely high prices, especially from big pharmaceutical companies. He claims that the development of some cancer fighting drugs is dependent upon the blood of these creatures. You can read the rest of his pitch in the teaser. What do ya think Travis?

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4 Responses to Minting Millions from the Magic Molecule

  1. Looks quite likely that it’s these guys, Stellar Biotechnologies (SBOTF, thinly traded over the counter and very small) though I’ve done no more than take a cursory look:

    The stock spurted up on big volume for some reason in February, that could have been a newsletter recco (or real news, I suppose).


  2. There are a number of “Investment Gures” that will sell you the name of the company that supplies the BLUE BLOOD PROTIEN from $49 to $149. They call it “FREE Information”.


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