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Motley Fool’s “$14.4 TRILLION SECRET?”

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Recently, I received a teaser email from Buck Hartzell of Motley Fool, with the subject: ” I think your family has something to tell you… ” and the article headline ”YOUR FAMILY IS HIDING A $14.4 TRILLION SECRET
(BUT NOT FOR LONG!)” – caps not mine :)

This is again about some ”special” new material, as evidenced in the line ”I’ll tell you what that ”special material” is — and why it’s already made some investors over 944% — in just a moment…” The code name for this is ”Project Willow”

Do any of you have any idea what this is? Or is it somebody trying to sell Graphene stocks again?

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5 Responses to Motley Fool’s “$14.4 TRILLION SECRET?”

  1. Hi tanglewood,
    Thank you for the link! I checked it out, and the trillions match :)
    I couldn’t figure out how one gets in on this, though!
    As you said, we’ll have to wait for our Gumshoe to investigate this.

  2. I just got a lengthy email today on this very subject. But Motley was pushing their stock sniffing documents and annual insider’s membership. Also, it seems 7 September is the “BIG DAY” for a conference of sorts that we are led to believe is the pivotal day for this stock…

  3. The “special material” is Willow Glass, one of Corning’s newest products. (Ticker symbol GLW) In June 2012, Corning unveiled what The Motley Fool considers a breakthrough product. Wall Street ignored the potential of the product, but TMF believes it will become a defining product of our time. The teaser ad from TMF indicates that an upcoming trade show in Sept. 2013 is likely to finally wake up some people and make them realize Willow Glass’s value, sending GLW skyrocketing. I would love to see it. I bought GLW a year and a half ago, and it has muddled along about where I bought it ever since.

  4. BJH:

    I share your sentiments having been a stockholder for almost same time as you. If nothing happens these next few weeks, I will be dumping.

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