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Any thoughts out there in Gumshoe world on Golar? The chart looks terrible and it has been pretty weak lately. Has the fundamental story changed with this company? Anyone know of the reasons behind the decline of this stock? I’m starting to look into it as a new addition in my portfolio once the bloodletting stops but I do not it’s an irregular holding as well as in Travis’ personal portfolio.

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2 Responses to GOLAR(GLNG)

  1. Thanks for the reminder, I need to take a look at this one again in relation to some of the other LNG tanker stocks and see if I should update my opinion, I’ve hemmed and hawed on GLNG over the last six months but not updated my thoughts since the Winter.

    I do still hold GLNG and think the market for LNG shipping and, perhaps more importantly, the floating liquefaction and gasification vessels they’re tinkering with should be strong for quite a while, but they do not have as clean a story as larger (Teekay LNG) or newer and more focused (GasLog) shippers who also ride this same expected long-term trend. All three of those, incidentally, have decent and probably growing dividends.

  2. Thanks for chiming in Travis. I’ll await your recommendations in the future on how to play the aforementioned trend in LNG. I take it then that you see it as a HOLD rather than a BUY at these levels? I have kept GLNG on my watch list and ended up dipping my toe in with something else – Portugal Telecomm(PT).

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