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Hilary Kramer “Game Changers” Turn $5,000.00 into Million Dollars Retirement Investment

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What is she talking about? I would appreciate comments from her newsletter subscribers and all other info. Thank you.

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6 Responses to Hilary Kramer “Game Changers” Turn $5,000.00 into Million Dollars Retirement Investment

  1. she only shows you her winners until you join. if you trade just her winners you will do great. But after you join she also shows you her entire track record which shows that her losers are bigger than her winners so if you take all her trades you will lose. I have tried her gamechanger and high octane system and both are losers. Thank goodness she has a money back policy so I got all my money back. I guess most people don’t both to ask for their money back.

  2. I was about to subscribe her newsletter. Thanks for your post. I am still looking for a good investment newsletter. Any recommendations?

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