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Lombardi’s new recommendations for oil pension checks

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Could someone address which three companies he’s recommending to receive oil pension checks?

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19 Responses to Lombardi’s new recommendations for oil pension checks

  1. Never got an answer about Lombardi’s three recommendations for oil pension checks. Does anyone know. Please discuss. Thanks. Susan


    • I tryed to get e money back from Lombardi. The reason you cant get the info, is he keeps you in a continuos loop of having to buy report after report and this is after I subscribed to his newsletter. All the newsletter gets you is the opportunity to pay for more info!

    • A company like VNR pays a nice 8.8% monthly dividend. It’s not a true pension but there dividend has been consistent and they seem to invest conservatively.

  3. just watched Washington Times video of Lombardi Publishing and oil pension checks. Is this one of those to good to be true scenarios? I would like to invest in oil, lord knows oil folks usually are doing well.
    Whats the minimum investment needed and how do you get involved. I would also like to read more about it, where do I find literature for OPC.

    • Stock Gumshoe probably has a governor on their info sharing by Lombardi Publishing’s request, since they are selling the ‘True Wealth’ subscriptions which gives that particular info and a whole lot more. Check it out. You can gain access initially for $5 and still have a 30-day free look with money-back guarantee.

      • We don’t have governors on any information, though we also can’t cover every single topic. We do accept ads, and we also end up writing about and discussing the “secrets” of many ads that have also paid to be on the site. We try hard to keep editorial and advertising decisions separate.

  4. I am interested in finding out a few things.. Cost of investment, amount of return per $100…per month? IS this Oil Pension Check thing a scam, a one in a million shot, or is it a true investment on money….at least break even ?

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