Aftermath: Stellar Biotech Conference Presentation. Much ado about little.

By theblindsquirrel, September 9, 2013

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By Jim Skelton
The Blind Squirrel
”Even a Blind Squirrel finds an acorn every now and then”
Hello Evryone:
Thought I’d follow up my comments re ”Great Expectations” now that the conference presentation by Stellar Biotech has concluded.
If you missed hearing/seeing it, go to the SBOTF website and do so.
First, as I suggested in that previous post, no ”news” at all was presented. These conference presentations are used for publicity, not announcements. So no surprises there. In fact, since the presentation concluded about 1 1/2 hours ago, the stock price has dropped a penny. Whoopee doo!
But it was informative. Here’s a few things that I had cleared up for me about which I wasn’t previously totally sure.
(1) Stellar IS NOT the sole provider of KLH to the market. There are two other companies that also can do so. One is of some size, but get this – they buy the KLH from Stellar and finish the ”distillation”, then sell it to the end user. So they are, in fact, a customer of Stellar and a source of revenue to us! The other company is a tiny little thing in Germany whose product is derived from the Limpets they harvest from the ocean and is of dubious quality and purity. No real competition there.
(2) There is no way a Limpet can be harvested and the blood drawn without killing the animal by any company other than Stellar. And we’ve got patents, issued and pending, on that process. Claims to the contrary need proving. This leads me to another statement:
(3) Since the Limpets die after blood extraction, and Stellar is the only company that has patented processes which can prevent this, why was there no statement or comment about the possibility of the environmental community starting to look at the possibility that continued harvesting from the wild could lead to an ”endangered species” classification for the Limpet? If they did so, and such a ruling was made, then Stellar would truly be the only game in town. I’m wondering why this idea wasn’t raised. Perhaps – and this is the only conclusion I can draw – is that, as of today, no such fuss has yet been made.
(3) Stellar continues to develop partnerships and alliances with Pharmas to be their sole provider of KLH. In fact, it was said that several companies have already come to ”us” requesting agreements to provide KLH for their use in continued clinical trials and bringing to market various vaccines and drugs. These pharmas want/need a reliable, sustainable source of quality KLH and recognize Stellar as the go-to guys for it. This can only be a good thing for the future.
(4) Most of the vaccines and drugs undergoing clinical trials at present involve treatments for various cancers – breast cancer being one mentiond that caught my attention. Other diseases and afflictions such as Alzhiemers seem further out there.
(5) Although I couldn’t quite hear the comment, it was indicated that a sizeable chunk of new revenue was anticipated to be coming on line in some 12 to 14 months. Other, larger sources – those tied to drug approvals and retail sales – are 3 to 5 years out.
(6) I was disappointed when the Q&A part was conducted. As best I could hear – the mics weren’t set up to catch the questions clearly – there was only one person that asked anything at all. Just one. And from the accoustics of the room, it didn’t sound as if this was a very large presentation room at all. So maybe not many attendees. And the timing of Stellars presentation – 12:05 PM – coincides exactly with what many people think of as LUNCH! So maybe, absent any previous interest, some attendees had wandered off to eat and missed the presentation. Unfortunate. But I’m just speculating here. However, in response to part of a question I could not hear, a little blurb in reply came out when he said ”Our balance sheet will look a lot better by the end of the week,” What was meant by that I wonder. We’ll see.
(7) No mention of the financing deal recently concluded was made. Perhaps the 12MM cash will hit the books this week and that’s what was being alluded to. Sure wish we know who or what that source is. An individual? A BDC? A venture capital firm? My rich uncle? Just curious, but in the end it doesn’t matter.
My takeaway from it all was that we got what we were supposed to get; exposure and a better understanding of what Stellar Biotech has going on. And what we can hope to see in the coming months and years. Absent some big deal being struck or some major event occuring, I think the ”easy money” has been made here. What comes next will be very nice indeed, but days of seeing 20% pops to the upside with no pullbacks are going to be far fewer if at all. Growth is coming and I still can see a day when we’ll hit up the ticker and see a Bid price of $5.00 – or more. But not tomorrow. Not next week. But someday. As for me, I’m going to double or perhaps triple the shares I currently own over the next severeal weeks, then just sit pat and let the wheel spin, the ball drop, and hopefully rake in a boatload of greenbacks. But that’s just me. I’m a gambler by nature, an optimist at heart. And I’ve learned to love Giant Keyhole Limpets!
Best Regards to the Gumshoe Nation! This is the Blind Squirrel, signing off until next time ..
Jim Skelton

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David Brown
Thanks Jim–nice summary. I’m glad to know that Stellar’s KLH competition is extremely limited. I would agree that that balance sheet comment does have to do with the Private Placement. The stock had a nice 4% pop today and I expect more of the same in coming weeks–perhaps a lot more if that balance sheet comment is not just about the Private Placement. The comment about significant revenue coming in 12-14 months is very intriguing. If that truly happens then we’re almost certainly off to the races re. the stock price at that point. Any other good news regarding deals… Read more »
Jana B
Yes, thank you Jim for all of your insights. This story fascinates me for several reasons. First, the sheer number of diseases that KHL could touch/benefit is almost unbelievable (but, being an optimist like David, I believe them). And the fact that they’ve perfected a way to extract enough hemocyanin to be useful but also leave enough of it so that these cells can replicate for survival of the limpet -wow!!!! It’s basically limpet dialysis, and to me that is impressive. That’s a lot of brain cells on one team. And now, I wonder… who makes the itty-bitty needles and… Read more »
Jana B

No I’m not drunk, just a little silly. The success of Stellar is near and dear to my heart. Also over 10% of my IRA. That is a sobering thought. I think I need a drink 🙂 To The Giant Keyhole Limpet- Salud!! JB

Jim Skelton, The Blind Squirrel
Jim Skelton, The Blind Squirrel
Wendesday, 12:00 PM Hello fellow Gumshoers. Couple ramblings: First, Jana – I’d be interested in you finding out what you can about the extraction process. Not that I’ll have any idea of what to do with that info, but like you said, inquiring minds want to know :0)! And thanks to David et al who appreciated the commentary and for their own thoughts. Everybody has something to add, a new perspective, so JOIN IN, folks! All are welcome on this train. We are getting a nice pop today – as of ~ 11:30 we were up some $0.07 per share… Read more »
Jim, nice summary – thanks. I became more ‘relaxed’ about the company with what I have heard on the web cast. As Jim said, it was informative and cleared up some questions. I think that all of us involved in this stock have optimism for a good future. I am currently at 12% and will grow this position. Remember the rule: hold a stock for five years to get a (hoped for) return. I’m looking 5 years out on this one, (which coincides with the projections), if it profits more quickly then that’s just a nice upside. I would like… Read more »
Squirrel boy, I’m getting whiplash reading that last post!!! I thought you were long SBOTF, and slowly adding to your position as price dictates. Are you really out at $1.41? I’m guessing you would realize some impressive gains, and then when (if) price drops, you would rinse and repeat. I’m generally a buy and hold type, unless/until something fundamentally changes. So this inquiring mind wants to know: 1) Are you already bored with the Giant Limpet rags to riches story, 2) Are you losing faith in the stock, 3) have you found a better place to put that $$ 4)… Read more »
Jana B

Jim, it’s confusing having two different blogs about Stellar. Is there any way to transfer these comments to the main (first) page? Sean, David or anyone feel free to chime in. I’ll post this on the other page so hopefully all will see it


I agree with Jana B. We need one new “main” Stellar page. I have found this to be the go to for Stellar news.