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Any Ideas as to what he is so excited about?
The minute you sign up for the Small-Cap Rocket Alert, your inbox will be buzzing with my most recent email alert.

In it, you’ll find every last detail on the hottest, catalyst-ready stocks I’ve got my eyes on right now.

For example, one of the Rocket Stocks I’m watching is a company that makes specialized scientific equipment. Their products enable researchers to study cells all the way down to the protein, and even gene level.

Most importantly, with this company’s solutions, scientists can quickly translate their research into very personalized – and very profitable –cures.

It’s only a $430 million company today.

But according to a report by the UnitedHealth Group, the market for genetic testing is expected to quintuple to $25 billion by 2021.xxv

So when this ”Sector spark” finally ignites, this company could be looking at having a decade of wind in its sails.

In fact, I believe this company is positioned to multiply your money 10 TIMES over the next 15 months.

Here’s another Rocket Stock that could gain over 1,737.9% by the end of 2015

This $800 million company was dragged down with everyone else when the solar sector collapsed in 2008.

But this company didn’t just sit there and bleed. It diversified its operations into other industries. And that move has provided it with extraordinary revenue opportunities.

Today, it’s a market leader in crystal growth equipment and solutions. Year to date, the stock has more than doubled – but that could be just the beginning of an epic long-term growth story.

I calculate that this company could easily gain 1,737.9% by 2015. That could be a gain of 18 TIMES YOUR MONEY within the next 2 years.

Now, incredible as that is, it’s still only about HALF the gain potential of the next, new Rocket Stock I want to tell you about.

To others, this small, $91 million company is unremarkable. It specializes in capturing, managing and delivering Internet video.

But I discovered that it’s sitting on 2 catalysts. And when they spark, this could be one of the biggest gainers of the next year.

First, a ”Management spark” is already changing this company’s corporate branding and strategy.

It’s taking steps to focus more on the rapidly growing enterprise video market. That’s the sector that includes Conferencing, Webcasting, Video on Demand, Video Streaming, and Video Security.

But there’s a second, ”Sector spark,” that’s about to send that entire enterprise video market through the roof.

The Gartner research firm estimated that the enterprise video market, including hardware, software and services, will TRIPLE from $11 billion in 2011 to $35 billion in 2018.xxvi

Based on everything I see, when these sparks fully ignite, this company is poised for a potential gain of 3,457.1% by the end of 2015.

Of course I certainly can’t guarantee all this will happen. So please don’t go mortgaging your house to get in on these Rocket Stocks.

But I can guarantee that, based on my Rocket Stock strategy, gains like this are not simply very possible. They’ve actually happened before. And they’ll happen again.

And when they do…

Can you imagine YOU being the one who pockets 35 times your money in just 15 months?

Can you imagine turning a $30,000 portion of your portfolio into OVER $1 MILLION? In barely over 1 year?

Remember, I tend to the conservative side of things.

And I firmly believe every one of my latest Small-Cap Rocket Alert picks has the potential to be bigger than anything we’ve seen so far.

Bigger than the 987.5% gain from HGSH… bigger than ACAD’s 1,329% gain… even bigger than RVLT’s 3,900% gain!

The key is that you join me now to make sure you don’t miss out.

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17 Responses to From: Sid Riggs Editor, Small-Cap Rocket Alert @

  1. On the email you sent me i went and looked at you video you mentioned thaton DEC 27 2012 if you bought IBCP and sold APRIL 1 2013 you would have made 568.7% looking at history the stock traded as low as 3.55 on dec 27 and as high as 9.00 on april 1 that 255%.


  2. on your video you say tat starting DEC 27 2012 TILL APRIL 1 2013 IBCP went up 568.7% on DEC 27 2012 the low on the stock was 3.55 adn on ARL 1 2013 the high was 9.00 thats 255%


  3. The past is behind us , but the proof of the pudding is what the Small Cap Rockets Stock picks will do next . Does anyone know what their current pick is?


  4. got my money back on Small Cap Rocket allert. All the stocks the recommend are at 52 week high. The time he tells you to buy they just beat the street the stock is runing and than a correction. None of them are beaten down to buy them dirt cheep thats when you make the money. For me this service was worthless and too expensive.


  5. I also was a subscriber to “Small Cap Rocket Alert” but lost money on BCOV , EXFO, NEO , but did make a small win with AFFX. As a fighter who is beaten up badly in the early rounds , I threw the towel in and got my 2 GRAND back before a knockout.
    There was a tease that he was coming out with a new pick that would be better than the previous 4, but I decided that I had suffered enough punishment, and losing an additonal 2 GRAND by staying in was not in the cards for me.
    Perhaps I quit too soon , and maybe I should have waited around for that next SUPER PICK? Anyone know what that beauty was?


  6. Just received a new email promoting , “Small Cap Rocket Alert” . Apparently spaces have opened up . I would venture to say that people are beginning to exit in droves , as the stocks they promoted have NOT delivered the goods. The supposed “SPARKS” have not really ignited and the stocks are just languishing , a far cry from what was predicted!


  7. was considering SC Rocket Alerts but my due diligence landed me on this page prior to dropping 2K on subscription. what i see so far makes me very cautious indeed. any words of advice from those with first hand experience ?


    • I signed up lost money on all his stocks none of them sparked from last year affx, neo,exfo,bocv wast of money


    • Never bother with Sid Riggs ever, biggest con job I have seen so far. I dropped 2K and after losing much much more [more than $50K] on 80% of his recommendations, I wanted to bail but was out of luck as the refund period already expired, not even allowed pro-rated refund. He trumpets a couple that gained and leave subscribers holding the bag for the rest, and he pads his numbers up with all the options, he calls his ‘insurance policy’. Never again.


  8. Sid Riggs is a waste of time and money. Don’t bother if you want to see any ‘rocket’ moves. Better off some where else. No big picture perspective of the markets at all, and always suggest buying ‘insurance’ with stock options to cushion any down slide in his recommendations. Lost 2K and much much more on his picks.


  9. Sid Riggs Off the very top rope! Sid “Niches” Riggs Nice job on your “Golden Child” SYNA reco — up 29% 6/11 … Cha Cha Ching up 10K in profits today! Keep up the solid recos with Money Map… Keith really turned me off with his lovely JPM recommendation… I wouldn’t buy that stock if it was only stock in the world. Thanks for the solid reco… on first week of June SYNA at $66.50… today 6/11 $84.50 … You said it would blow thru $80… You weren’t joking… sweet… You are the reason I will continue with the money map publication… Rock on Stewart…



  10. I just invested in your company last week and i would like to cancel my subscription ! I should have done more research on your site before I sent any money ! I just turned 89 today and that looks like a hell of a birthday present if you do not intend to return it ! I do nope that you have an honest bone in your body and do not intend to defraud an old lady ! You website looked very promising and i do hope the you will send the money ASAP !
    Thank you very much for your attention as I do not think you will defraud an old lady !
    Margaret Adams

    Regards ,
    Margaret Adams


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