Penny stocks that bad?

By seamles, October 30, 2013

I know stock gumshoe is full of smart and savvy investors. I keep coming back to this site as one of the true safe and intelligent websites not trying to scam or take people’s money.
On that note, I know a lot of people don’t like the idea of trading penny stocks and there was a similar post on a guy asking about a specific company.
I’m curious if people really think penny stocks are that bad and if all the people touting them (Tim Sykes, Jason Bond, Picks that make cents, and all the other ones) are really that bad? I saw falconstocks from this site and had great reviews and was wondering if that was worth it. It’s 145 for 2 years and they say they have great success?
If that’s the case, does anyone actually recommend other places for stock picks that are good beyond stock gumshoe? Is that just a bad idea/question?
Most of my money is with a financial advisor (which I’m sure most people would disagree with also) but it’s because I didn’t really want to have to worry and reallocate and trade all the time. However, I keep getting the bug to try to trade some myself so I have some set aside that I would like to play and trade with.
Any thoughts would be helpful!
– A new lifetime irregular

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4 Comments on " Penny stocks that bad?"

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You know Penny stocks and scams go hand in hand. I do invest in some penny stocks. Big risk — big reward. It takes the place of going to the casino. I’ve been burned a couple of times. Now the only person I trust for penny stock advice is Myron Martin. And I think he would say don’t trust him. After a few years of looking around, I now take 90% of my investing advice from this site and Seeking Alpha. I don’t think you can buy investing success. If you invest in penny stocks one site you need to… Read more »
0 is also a useful site for penny stock enthusiasts.

Ken Whittington
This comment is a bit late (ya think?) but I do like the Falconstocks website. What most think of as penny stocks, fly-by-night, $0.10 stock price, no revenues or profits, P.O. Box for a headquarters, etc… That’s NOT what they and a few other sites do (I like RCstocks too but that was a while ago). The stocks from falcon are almost all listed on the top three exchanges (NY/AM/Nasdaq). Their stocks are actual companies with revs, profits, etc… they’re just cheap as far as cost per share goes. I’ve never seen a 10 cent stock pick there. Seem to… Read more »