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What are the Eisenhower Trusts that Nathan Slaughter
Editor, High-Yield Investing is teasing?

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  1. It’s insulting to think that a well known financial writer can take a commonly owned equity such as a reit put an Eisenhower Trust spin on it and make it out to be some financial nirvana product that will make you a millionaire. C’mon SLAUGHTER we aren’t that STUPID.

  2. They are also available as ETFs. I have one and for the past 6 months it has fluctuated up and down Between $40 and $44, and is currently close to the middle of that spread. I have never had any significant gain or loss on it. I’m assuming that I will have to hold on to it for a while if I want to see an appreciable gain.

    • Do note that if we enter a long period of sustained interest rate increases, REITs may suffer — they’re not as interest rate sensitive as bonds, but they do generally trade based on their yield and compete with bonds, so if bonds start looking better REITs also have to start looking better, which means they have to get less expensive and have higher yields.

      That’s not a straight-line relationship, and different individual REITs will react in different ways, but for the index as a whole — which is what you’re following with an ETF — that’s the likely trend. Of course, if interest rates remain low and stagnant for a long period they’ll continue to look good with their hard-asset base and their 3-6% yields.

  3. So what is it? Can anyone out there REALLY know? Is this just another b——t conducted by supposed-to- be learned professionals?

  4. What are we dealing with other than REITS ? Most curious to learn more of what and how to analyze the info before leaping…

  5. Most of them are reits. But you do not purchase them on the exchange and reap the dividends. That’s common knowledge. You contact the particular reit directly and invest your money directly to the fund. They will send you paper work which i suggest you go over with a lawyer, and choose yourself as primary benificiary. You can also put next of kin when you pass as this will go on potentially forever. No know ahead of time most of these “eisenhower trusts” typically want between 20k – 100k as an initial buy in. Hope I helped

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