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By xiexgp@gmail.com, January 27, 2014

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I received a pitch from Sean Hyman (Newsmax) who is part of Ultimate Wealth Report investing with biblical codes, about the Prime Season Calendar. According to him you should make a 21.49 % annual returns by investing according to this calendar. The initial newsletter, Absolute Profits cost $147.00 but when you click off you are offered a special deal without the newsletter for $19.95. Has anyone heard of this pitch?
We could all be rich if it is true!!!!!!! WOW.

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    1. Greg Andrews
      Jan 28 2014, 04:51:57 am

      I just saw the Prime Season Calendar, pitch, too. Now it’s called “The Ultimate Profits System”. The graphs and info looked pretty convincing.

      I know, it’s a sales letter, so that’s the way it’s supposed to look. But unless they were making up the graphs and info, it really did look good. For $19.95 I might give it a try, but I’d sure like to hear about anyone else’s experience with it.

      P.S. Please limit replies to just *your experience* with *this product*. If you haven’t bought it and tried it, please comment someplace else.


      • Ken
        Feb 8 2014, 07:03:15 pm

        Greg; I have the US sector prime season calender (By Sean Hyman) on my refrigerator. I got it free with my subscription to Ultimate Wealth Report. I am also a subscrber to Sean’s other service, “Absolute Profits”. The calender makes sense to me, but i dont use it,because I know Sean uses it,as well as fundamental,technical,and sentiment analysis for his stock picks. I am so pleased with his news letter, I just subscribed for two more yrs. for each service! Sean tells us what to buy & when to sell!!! I like that,& wwith his picks,I sleep verywell,& don’t have to worry about my porfolio! first 3 months are free & if you dont like it,you cancel! I look forward to Sean’s weekly vidio updates every week!
        I Highly reccomend UWR & AP!! I hope you dont listen to any of the Crap some posters on here say! Their just showing their Ignorance!!! Hope this helps you! Ken……….

        • Valerie
          Feb 19 2014, 10:16:55 am

          Ken…are you actually investing based on Sean Hyman’s program?
          If yes, how long have you been doing it and what kind of returns have you seen?

        • Rod
          May 13 2015, 09:11:48 pm

          Thank you for that Ken. I did subscribe to Sean Hyman’s Absolute Profits weekly updates. Sad to say I was able to view only five such updates. The new ‘monthly’ log on code never arrived, and so I was unable to access further information, and my pleas to them went unanswered. Rightly or wrongly I wrote it off as a scam. Pity, because the information had been useful, and three of four recommendations were profitable.

    2. Greg Andrews
      Feb 5 2014, 01:14:32 pm

      I haven’t seen the product yet, but I do have some info.

      If you start to close the main order page, you’ll get taken to an OTA (one time offer) page that gives you a chance to order just the Prime Season Calendar for $19.95/year with auto renewal every year, unless/until cancelled.

      I haven’t purchased it yet, but I wrote to their customer service dept. and asked for the chance to buy just the calendar without auto renewal. I said I never allow auto renewals on my credit cards. After about a week, I just got an email from a service rep who said he could take care of that kind of order (no auto renewal) for me manually. Can’t do it online, but he’d do it for me if I wrote to him, gave him my credit card info, and told him what I wanted to order.

      Hope this is helpful.

      • Greg Andrews
        Feb 5 2014, 01:18:06 pm

        When I say “start to close the main order page”, I mean, start to close that tab on your browser. Click the “X” to close it. You’ll get a small pop up window that asks if you really want to leave the page. Choose “no” or “stay on page”. Then you’ll see the OTA page where you can get the Calendar for $19.95.

    3. James Stewart
      Feb 25 2014, 02:53:09 am

      Greg, I subscribe to both newsletters. I have been with UWR since September 2013 and Absolute Profits for just 1 month. UWR clearly states it’s goal is 12-18 months for each pick, so it will take time to see how successful it is. I like how much time Sean takes to educate subscribers, it is like enrolling in a course. He is redundant because new subscribers are always joining. So far with UWR I have had a few positions that i have sold, the best returning 27% and some others returning 13-15% in less than 6 months that is good. Some of his picks are down as much as 20% but they are fundamentally sound companies that should return gains in 12-18 months. Time will tell.
      Regarding AP, I have bought 4 or his 5 picks and have to wait to see the results. The calendar make sense but I am skeptical since I have invested in the stock market for over 20 years and know there are no easy money autopilot approaches. In the internet age, I don’t think a secret calendar could remain secret of this nature. Sean also evaluates and picks the stocks in each category based on his technical, fundamental, and sentiment approach. His goal is 6-9 months with each pick on the AP. I have 6 figures in the UWR portfolio but I am just trying about $1500 in each position with AP to see how it performs. The money back guarantee that Newsmax offers is true to it’s claim. 100% refund the first 3 months and is prorated for the rest of the year. I tried Financial Intelligence Report, one of their other products, for 4 months and cancelled. I received a prorated refund as promised. All these products are worth trying, just don’t put your entire savings into any of them and invest equally in the positions. Be willing to leave your money the recommended duration or don’t invest. Beware that Sean does not claim to buy at the bottom and prices normally fall more after your purchase. I have made a practice of buying lower than his recommended price and that works 90% of the time. i.e. If he recommends buying a position at $38 per share, I set a limit buy at $34-36 to buy in lower than what he buys. It takes a couple of weeks often to get the better price but it almost always works out for me that way.

    4. Anthony
      Feb 28 2014, 03:56:12 pm

      I am wondering why this is made public now. I am not typically a conspiracy theorist, but i am seeing this video for the first time on the heels of multiple suicides of investment bankers. Some predict a crash in mid-March. I am wondering if this was not released by a rogue insider, but a well-calculated tool to bolster consumer confidence on the horizon of another crash. i am not expert on the subject, but try to look deeper before i make any decisions.

    5. denise elliott
      Mar 3 2014, 11:03:23 pm

      I just saw the video of Sean Hyman about the Ultimate Wealth Report investing with the Prime Season Calendar. I’m trying to understand the system before I order it. D you pay the $147.00 annual for the premium membership and buy his picks?

      • k Hartlin
        Mar 25 2014, 02:00:16 pm

        You pay the 147 for a one year membership.

        Initially you get access to some documents that teach the basics of investing.

        Every Tuesday, he makes a video that reviews his pics and he tells you what to buy and what to sell. I’ve been a member for a month and I look forward to the videos each week.

    6. 17 |
      Mar 4 2014, 07:24:43 pm

      I’ve been a subscriber to Sean’s Ultimate Wealth Report for about a year and more recently to Absolute Profits. As I understand it, Sean’s Absolute Profits was created during the 4th Qtr last year for investment opportunities geared toward short term investments. Ultimate Wealth Report is geared toward longer term investments (12 to 18 months) that basically relate to commodity and currency investments. There have been exceptions. Sean uses good fundamental reasons for choosing his picks. After that he’s more into evaluating the progress of those picks based on where they are on the cart using the Elliott Wave theory. I’m not one to invest my $ without 1st doing some research on the investment myself. So here’s my take so far on both of these.

      Absolute Profits:
      Prime Season Calendar – If you’ve looked at it you already know it claims to represent how each sector has performed over its prime season for the past 20 years. There’s an ETF shown for each sector if you choose to invest in the ETF during their respective prime seasons. I would strongly urge you to check the charts for each of these ETFs since the recovery from the Great Recession before you invest your $. I took a quick looked at each one and it doesn’t appear to me they’ve all performed as advertised during their respective prime seasons since then.

      Absolute Profit stock picks – It’s really too early to tell. Again I view any stock pick recommendations as a beginning point to invest my $. When I subscribed I already owned one pick and had recently sold another for a profit (over 30%) shortly before the January correction. I bought it again and it’s up ~4%. I also bought his most recent pick and I’m slightly up on it. For now I’m still down on the one I already owned. His other 3 picks that I haven’t bought are below his recommended buy at or under price and currently below his entry price shown for each. Again too early to say how these will perform this early in the game.

      Ultimate Wealth Report:
      As I said above, picks here are for longer term investments. From his 29 recommendations so far I’ve bought 10. I’ve sold 3 positions from his recommendations for profits ranging from ~22% to a little over 50%. Of the remaining 7 stocks I still hold, 4 are up and 3 are down. So far Sean has sent out email alerts to sell 9 of the positions, all for profits ranging from ~13% to ~51%. Currently from Sean’s March newsletter 19 positions remain in his portfolios, excluding 1 new buy. Of those 19, 5 stocks are up and 14 are down. With that said, this portfolio is for investments ranging from 12 to 18 months and Sean is attempting to pick stocks based on value that hasn’t been realized by the market yet. 10 of these remaining 19 portfolio stocks are beyond the 12 month period and a couple are beyond 18 months. Overall, I’ve done well with the picks I selected from Sean’s recommendations. I’ve made far more in profits than the cost of the subscription. I also used the same basic value picking criteria to pick a couple of my own stocks since then, selling 1 a couple of days ago for a 42% gain.

      Lastly…when I subscribed to the Ultimate Wealth Report I also received a 3 month trial offer to Bill Spetrino’s Dividend Machine. After the 3 month trial period I subscribed for another 2 years. Bill does an outstanding job with his picks. Bill has very sound fundamental reasons for picking stocks and does a great job explaining his reasoning for making each pick. The only thing I regret is not having found his service several years ago. His service has been available since April, 2009. From his 18 sold positions only 1 has been sold at a loss. Most of Bill’s positions are long term positions, especially his conservative positions. When I first received his service many were above the buy at or under recommended price. So far I’ve bought 9 of his recommended stock picks. One has been sold for a profit, 6 are up and 2 are slightly down. From Bill’s March news letter, 13 positions are still held in his conservative portfolio, excluding 1 new buy recommendation. They are all up anywhere from ~16% to over 400%. In Bill’s aggressive and international portfolios 20 positions are still held. From the March news letter 17 are above his buy at or under recommended price & 3 are under it. As of today’s close one those 3 (a January recommended pick I bought) is up ~27% now. They don’t all run up like that though.

      In summary…if I sold out all my positions right now from Sean’s recommendations, including the profits I made from the 3 sales I could have easily paid for the cost of his 2 services for a lifetime with $ to spare. However, if I could only afford to purchase 1 service from the 4 I already have, it would be Bill Spetrino’s Dividend Machine. Yes, I own a 4th I received on a trial basis that I plan to drop.

    7. gb
      Mar 6 2014, 11:17:05 am

      I sat for the best part of an hour listening to Hyman’s waffle, ostensibly about the Prime Season Calendar and how wonderful it was. He showed the same graphs at least 8 times and, by the end of all that, I was disbelieving him more and more. The purpose of the whole effort was to sell his newsletter which advises investments over far longer periods than the 6 months he was advocating in the Calendar.
      He failed to convince me. All results were based on back testing, therefore can be fiddled. What he failed to do was to show what actual investments had been made according to the Calendar and with what results. Largely drivel!

    8. Robert Waters
      Mar 12 2014, 01:12:11 pm

      Sell in May and go away, come back on St Leger day (that’s a decades old London Stock Exchange maxim). There. I’ve saved you loads of money. The video basically shows the January effect (which is not confined to January, btw) – i.e. buy in November, sell in May, stay in cash for 6 months, buy in November …

      • k Hartlin
        Mar 25 2014, 02:10:57 pm

        I’ve been a subscriber for a month and I like it. He buys companies that are fundamentally sound and waits for a technical indicator that signals a buy. Then he advises his subscribers to buy and updates them when it’s time to sell.

        There’s a new video every Tuesday that reviews his pics and summarizes the changes in price. I paid 147 and I think it’s well worth the money. I’ll probably subscribe again when it expires.

    9. Always The Skeptic
      Apr 16 2014, 03:24:35 pm

      Dear Dummies, please observe these simple three rules.
      Rule 1: If something sounds too good to be true, it is. Addendum to rule 1: There is no free lunch.
      Rule 2: If this dude and his so-called maths genius really could make guaranteed profits, why on earth would he be doing it for you?
      Rule 3: People have been trying to predict the future for thousands of years. To date, nobody has gotten it right. Ask Nostradamus.

    10. Ron Visco
      Apr 17 2014, 01:02:29 am

      The system to my Knowlege does not exist on Wall St.
      Having worked on WALL St for over 35 years @ 2 major firms & handled
      Many institutional as well as employee accounts I have never seen this system in practice.
      I also was a member on the MTA ( MARKET TECHNICAN ASSOCIATION and if anyone
      Had this system our members would know about it and use it.

      In summary, my challenge to Mr Hyman is, SHOW US YOUR PERSONAL ACCTS &
      Let us see your results.
      Another item, right before the tech bubble, Morgan Stanley back tested the technology sector, saying this is a good investment. We all know what happened next.
      They came out with a High Tech fund right @ the top of the market.
      So Mr. Hyman, I’m from Missouri, show me the results.

    11. Walt Jevremov
      Apr 17 2014, 11:42:56 am

      Sean does show ALL the results including all important details, (no matter how good or bad they are, yes there are a few that are quite down at this point, so they are a better entry point), and he never claimed that he buys at the very bottom. When I first bought AWR, while following it, I waited for about 4 months before investing. So far, I like Sean better than 98% of prior guys and his price is a very low risk. Yes I have bought one of his suggestions and am tempted to sell it as it is up 35% in about 6 weeks, but that is not typical, and an udjustment or sideways move is due when it goes up that fast. However, the upside potential is very strong, so I will probably sit on it for a much longer time. BTW, the afore mentioned $49 a month is an unfair mistake of Sean’s criticizers, it should say $49 per year. I am convinced that he is a decent person, and now I know that he admits a mistake or change of mind, plus when needed will promptly advise you to sell a particular stock because he is selling it too.

    12. Robert Matthews
      Apr 20 2014, 06:03:00 am

      There are precedents for the success of the kind of seasonal effects Hyman is talking about – most notably the “January Effect”, first identified in the 1940s. But as Burton Malkiel (ex Vanguard) notes in his classic analysis of all methods of investing, “A Random Walk Down Wall St”, while the January Effect did work for a while, market efficiencies have driven the benefits down to below transaction costs. The same is most likely true of Hyman’s calendar in the medium/long term. As someone once said, effective investment strategies are like vampires: they whither and die if they ever see daylight.

    13. bumbul
      Apr 23 2014, 01:37:28 pm

      I am a subscriber to both the UWR and to AP. I have found both services very satisfactory. I have invested a significant portion of my own assets on his recommendations and am confident that these are good companies that are priced at a good value at his recommended entry price. As another commenter pointed out, getting in at a limit price of 7-10 percent below is a pretty good strategy – neither SH nor anyone else can call a bottom reliably, but I’ve missed out on some winners with that strategy too. My activity so far has been profitable, although I am having to be patient with some positions – but patience is paying off in others that I was about to give up on not many months ago. The total return I have realized so far is at least commensurate with the higher risk you take on when investing in equities instead of fixed income instruments.

      I think the greater value of the service that he provides is in his analysis of sentiment, technicals, and fundamentals, and as others have indicated, I have begun adapting his techniques in picking some other stocks – with much better success than I had previously had. I consider the subscription price to be a great value for what you get for both services.

      • Paul B
        May 27 2014, 08:08:50 am

        I’ve been a subscriber to AP for 6 months now and am also happy with the service.
        I have refrained from investing too high a portion of my assets to see how it works and I think this should give anyone considering the program a clue!

        If you use your own intelligence in stock picks & decisions when to buy & sell along with the information provided within AP, you should overall come out positive.

        As bumbul quite rightly says: “I think the greater value of the service that he provides is in his analysis of sentiment, technicals, and fundamentals, and as others have indicated, I have begun adapting his techniques in picking some other stocks – with much better success than I had previously had. I consider the subscription price to be a great value for what you get for both services.”

      • APsubscriber
        Aug 6 2014, 02:34:59 pm

        I wish Sean Hymen is barred from any advice. Two of his stocks tanked too bad, one made a little money, one was bit better. I wish he goes out of business. He is anyway not writing Absolute profit.

      • Mary Young
        Jan 28 2015, 06:24:37 pm

        you are so wrong Zdenko I have been a subscriber to UWR since Oct 2013. In the year 2014 I sold 8 stocks for a 21% overall return on investment. A high of 59% and a low of 13% (because I got in on this one stock later and at a higher cost than Sean recommended.) I was happy with the 13% on a 90 day investment. To try his system out I bought 100 shares of the 22 stocks Sean recommended. I sold 1 stock at 28% in 30 days, 8 stocks in 2014 and am looking forward to over 30% return on 1 stock in early 2015. I have learned skills from Sean’s videos and news letters and have double downed on some stocks to give unbelievable PE ratios. Hope more of you get the the opportunity I have had this last year. God Bless1

        • Danny Smith
          Jun 27 2015, 11:45:31 pm

          ??? With all due respect Mary, Sean’s UWR has been atrocious. Its gotten so bad he has removed the percentage performance of each stock. Almost all of his active stock picks are significant losers. Like 70% + losers. I wish I never found his service. In a market that has averaged 20% over the last 5 years, Sean has found a way to pick 70%+ losers. This man should not be giving any investment advice. My portfolio has gotten obliterated. Why he’s still in business I have no idea.

      • Fred
        Jun 11 2014, 06:13:43 pm

        I couldn’t find him on the Forbes Rich list so his system can’t be that great. If it was he would have borrowed a few million to invest and be a billionaire by now. I guess he doesn’t believe in his own ‘magic’.

    14. john powell
      May 15 2014, 05:09:04 am

      I have signed up and paid for this service by Sean Hyman. It is promoted by a company called Newsmax. They have taken my money for the service,but have not acknowledged the payment and I have heard nothing from Sean. I signed up on Saturday 10/5/2014.I have written to Newsmax about this,and all I get back from them is,your e mail has been received you will be contacted shortly to 15/5/14 and have not heard anything? what do you suggest I do?

    15. 78 |
      Jana B
      May 15 2014, 09:47:39 am

      I just UNsigned AP, and am probably not renewing UW. I get the logic- buy good cos. that are beaten down and have low pe’s….in unloved sectors….well that’s great until you realize there are no real timing guidelines, the stocks are FAR FROM THEIR BOTTOM. plus they are mostly megacaps…in short, the stocks I bought on his advise are the REDDEST assets in my acct. I’ve managed to get out of a few when they got back up to my buy price, but Newmont is killing me. You can see the portfolios in each service have lots of stocks that are majorly down. But it doesn’t bother him because he’s got all the time in the world to wait I guess. The last straw was when he told readers to sell APPLE few months back to “lock in our profit”. Of course I didn’t sell mine. Then he reissued a buy alert on Apple when it was 40 or 50 $ per share higher. I’m done.

    16. John
      May 29 2014, 12:30:33 pm

      If Sean Hyman is so profitable with his system, why isn’t he giving it away FREE to other people? Answer: because it really does not work well and Sean and Newsmax are simply making extra money. This is nothing new.

      I tried seasonal investing before using stocks(from another website). Perhaps this worked well in the past, but it certainly does NOT now. Like other reviewers have said above, there is no magic system.

      I’ve always done my own investing and have done just fine. All mistakes are my own. All profits are my own.

      Do your own investing if possible.

    17. Clarence
      Jun 4 2014, 02:17:42 pm

      Please advise me if Shaun comments on and suggest shares on the South African stock exchange, If there are any South African residents subscribing to Absolute profits I would appreciate your reply,

      • Klaus Wagner
        Feb 14 2015, 03:31:30 pm

        I lived in South Africa for nearly 20 years and know the market quite well. Some, especially metals, mining and energy stocks have done well at various times, and I see no reason why Shaun would not invest in these stocks or others as long as they matched his criteria and risk profile. In the meanwhile, many of the largest cap firms have reincorporated elsewhere, mainly in Europe, so there is actually somewhat less opportunity in South Africa than before.

    18. Scott
      Nov 10 2014, 11:34:09 am

      I have been a member of absolute profits for about 3 months and I am very unimpressed. Looking at their current holdings they are down a large percentage and their closed positions also performed poorly. Based on my calculations if you had followed all of their recommendations you would be down a lot of money. The website talks about previous very good long term returns however, not of that has happened for quite a while. Take the free sample, see what you think and then run the other way.

    19. Razr
      Dec 31 2014, 05:16:42 am

      I have spent the past year reading and experimenting with several so called experts at this. The main ones – motley fool, absolute profits, O’Leary, Cramer. Out of all of them, the one that I feel understands the market the best and provides the reality and complexity of what we’re wrestling with is Cramer. You have to do your own work and buy companies / sectors you believe in at the right time based on economic factors currently at play. The market for the foreseeable future will be volatile and chaotic. Cramer and his team don’t always get it right but I believe they understand the market better than any of the rest. On a side note absolute profits recommended Deutsche bank (down over 40%), Transocean (down over 60%) and a WTI fund (down over 50%). The most conservative investment strategy is by O’Leary (21 mid to large cap stocks that all pay decent dividends).

    20. AIndy
      Feb 15 2015, 01:27:12 pm

      Sean gives a thorough review of all his stocks each week in his video and comments on the general stock market. A new recommendation from 1/22/2015 was up 25% as of 2/13/2015, 3 weeks later. His recommendation on Transocean was too early, but the stock has gone up dramatically recently. I have just been in a few months and made money on his now closed Cisco recommendation.

    21. Peter Varcoe
      Mar 19 2015, 06:26:00 pm

      There are many negative comments here regarding Sean and his system and I think many are missing a major point of trading – there is never a fool proof system which wins ALL the time. All systems have drawdowns (periods where they lose money) what is important is to evaluate the maximum drawdown and see if that is tolerable for your own risk management. I have been trading for 15 plus years and have developed many systems and had to change them because the market changes constantly, it can take several months to develop and test in real time prior to releasing a new system – or recommendations based on the new system. I would never rely solely on a single system, but I am about to invest in Sean’s newsletter because his analysis is different to mine and I may be able to learn something new which could improve the returns I am already getting – which are far higher than Sean’s – I only need to get 1 new idea which gives me an extra 2-3% / year and it has paid for itself many times over. $147 is a very small amount of money in the trading world and you have 3 months to test the system and then you can get a refund if you are not happy – but remember the equity curve charts he showed in the video also showed some extended periods of drawdown – not a single upward line of profit each month…..

      • Danny Smith
        Jun 27 2015, 11:52:11 pm

        Sean comes across as very sincere but his results speak for themselves. His Brazilian stock picks are all 50%+ losers. BTU is a 90%+ loser. And the thing is he never sells the losers. He pulls up his charts every week, cites Elliot Wave Theory and then finishes every stock with “it will go up from here and take out its previous highs”. Invariably a month later the stock is lower and he says the same thing…. Its clear this man doesn’t invest his own money with these stocks. I’ve lost thousandths following his horrible picks.

    22. meg hillman
      May 17 2015, 06:33:46 pm

      If everything Sean says is TRUE? He must be SOOOO WEALTHY ……why would he even ‘bother’ with this web soliciting?!!!

    23. Dan Thomas
      Jul 21 2015, 03:42:29 pm

      Just like D Smith above says, there are no winners with his picks, always a positive analysis while the stocks keep regressing. I have lost 30% of my portfolio with his stock picks. Today he has two gainers in his portfolio 6 and 10% the other 8 are all losing money hand over fist, biggest loser is at 69%. The service may be cheap but unfortunately you get what you pay for. I am so sorry I took the bait.

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