Laissez Faire Club

By, January 15, 2014

Does anyone have any experience with this. It is currently being teased by Agora Financial.

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I am curious about this also cannot seem find any info about this newsletter


1) Think publisher is Agora
2) Think they often sell sizzle without any steak
3) Not a fan
4) Have not seen anything other than the hype.


I am a subscriber to this letter, the letter is a free subscibtion and you will be in encourage to upgrade like many other subscribetion . I like it because they use down to earth language I understand and have followed some of their advise, they research different areas of the Internet, health, finances, current events, education, politics, more information then I need in day to day living but they try to cover diverse interest. Check it out and form your own opinion.


Laissez Faire
Here’s a list of teaserz to decode on a Sunday afternoon, A few biotechz are included: Best to All-Benjamin


its a lot of hype and reprint of other publication information. I’ve been a subscriber for 3 months. I receive way to may emails from them about other publications to join. If any truly original item that may come in, is not looked at because it seems like a sell job for some one else. I joined the sight for the Tax information they were selling at the time.

It was a reprint with add fluff. Just my personal thoughts.


new tease from Laissez Faire about the power of Bitcoin. Has anyone invested in Bit and if so how is it performing now? So much has been written plus the risks too, hackers and tracerless thefts.


I would never invest simply because I don’t believe governments (anywhere) will tolerate, in the long run, currencies that they don’t create, control, or “approve” – so think this is a very unsafe long-term bet. Though some people made A LOT of money on it in the short term. But over the entire year of 2014, it ended up coming in dead last in the currencies (it did even worse than the ruble). The U.S. topped the list, and gold came in second – that’s if you count gold as money, which of course governments don’t want us to do.

Tom Stanley

If I am correct: any form of currency not minted by the US government cannot legally be use in the US.

Heather Spencer

I have been receiving the Laissez Faire Newletter for about 18 months now. I am a fan of this newsletter and have followed recommendations on investment opportunities on two separate occasions and both times proved to be profitable and free of false claims. On another occasion I shared information reviewed on a private health insurance group with my brother. He joined and is very happy so far with his choice. I like the fact that they seek out innovative ways for the average Joe to invest and grow their wealth off the beaten path. I hope this helps!