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9 Responses to Magic Calculator

  1. What is the difference between the Magic Calculator and the Trailing Stops Calculator from Tradestops?


  2. It’s odd…….There have been a number of readers who have requested information on Agora’s FDA Trader Magic Calendar system. Nobody has provided a reasonable comment on the service as of yet. This program has a $1500/yr tag with a 60 preview that runs $150.
    Would have expected SGS to have provided a direct comment or slam. Seeing nothing on it from SGS makes me that more interested. Seems that SGS has the reverse philosophy that “If you can say something bad about a newsletter let ’em have it” However, if it actually has merit to it……”Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte”. No comment must mean this FDA Trader Magic Calendar” is a pretty good service then I suppose.


  3. Is magic calendar or trailing stops calculator from trade stops worth investing in?
    Magic calendar offers 3 months subscription for $400?


  4. Some trading platform like that of Fidelity and TD Ameritrade offers trailing % stops already. What is so special with the TradeStops trailing % stops that would justify paying membership fee for it? Please let me know. Thanks.


  5. The one I just subscribed to is “Magic Calculator” $49.50/year Google Dashboard ( what ever that is
    Primer ” The Greatest ETF’s in the world” and ” 2 Best Dividend Payers”
    I have yet to receive anything from them.


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