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“Profit from the Petroplex: The $8 Driller that Will Help America Reach Energy Independence”.

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This spiel is from Keith Kohl’s ”Oil and Gas Trader”. Subscriptions being offered at a discount of only $799. Any ideas? Rick

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9 Responses to “Profit from the Petroplex: The $8 Driller that Will Help America Reach Energy Independence”.

    • Instead of buying this stock with no data and a bunch of hype, why not buy another hot stock that the information is available on the internet. Better price than $8- The stock to buy on any pull back in SD– Sandridge Energy. I think T Boone Pickens also owns a large chunk! i own several K–Good luck

  1. we would like to purchas some stock.the report said it is $8.00 per share.do we have to get a brooker,or what is the protocol-for purchasing this stock?
    let me know-A.S.A.P. [THANKS.]

  2. Seeking Stock Gumshoe’s or Thinkolater’s views on the Below $8 Petroplex Oil & Gas Drilling stock without ponying up $799 for the Oil & Gas Investment Bulletin.
    Tom Lepere

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