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flash bid

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flash bid – a new/old pitch from stansberry

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8 Responses to flash bid

  1. Travis thanks for the reply. I guess that would almost count as finding a co. who’s book value per share is below the current pps.

    Susan, I don’t know what co’s Curzio is talking about, however I found LEDS to be trading at $1.27 and the BV is at $2.20. Book Value Per Share (mrq): 2.20. So to the best of my knowledge this means if a co were to go under the minimum one would get per share (in this case) would be $2.20 No??

    • Robert; If I may add , Travis has long been using what he calls “stink bids” to get right price in variable market, which I think are same as ‘flash bids’. Often in thinly traded/low volume markets opening price may rise then fall sharply [or reverse that] as market decides direction. In case you cite, you buy, per share, at price you set or not at all until next chance, which would be $1.27 if that was your limit. Sometimes you get a partial fill dependent on order size vs. shares being ‘unloaded’.

  2. Re: flash bids, I’ve tried these in the past and based on the requirements as told by the author much DD is required to find them and when you do find them, the spread between the pps and book value per sh. is always large . As I said, I’ve tried this in the past and waited and waited, never to actually catch one. Just my experience. I do however own LEDS.
    One that I found on my own.

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