Ft Knox

By Anonymous Questions, February 7, 2014

Jeff Updyke of Sovereign Society claims in recent broadcast E-Mail that the US Government, ie. Fed has been exporting 5500+ tons of Gold from Ft Knox to China over the past 20 years. He also says when China announces their 5 year Gold Reserve number this April the world will know that Ft Knox now holds less than 2600 tons. The effect would be worldwide and crush the dollar and our economy.
Any opinion or comment?

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I am pretty sure the silver income stream stock is SLW. The gold income stream stock I think is SAND. It was founded by the same guys who started SLW. SAND’s chart is pretty ugly, but SLW looks like a solid company with good fundamentals.


Jeff ; I think it is impossible to find out how much gold govt. holds by any means;best kept govt. secret. Who knew about stockpile below World Trade Center? A recent comment by a gumshoe said Germany asked for gold deposited here & was only given portion & told to wait for rest. Make of that what you will. I must admit great ignorance on subject.

I think the US is it’s own worst enemy when it comes to refusing to disclose the country’s gold reserves. Their refusal to “audit Ft. Knox” only serves to promote greater suspicion and provide conspiracy theorists with more fodder. The government massages the numbers for CPI and unemployment, and everything else it comments on. Why not gold? Just give us a number! In terms of gold reserves, we actually know more about China than the US. China is the worlds largest gold producer, with every ounce produced being required to be sold to the government. Additionally, they are the largest… Read more »